Charles Lewallen / Lewelling - combined info

Billie Harris - Aug 13, 2011


Following is a list of all the information on the various Charles Lewallen/Lewelling/Llewellyns that I could find.

Most, as you will note, do not have middle initials, but those that do include the following, although it seems to be no help in identifying them:

1.   Charles B. b 1830, son of Abel and Sarah; wife Lucy.   Norfolk VA
2.   Charles D., son of Charles B.   Norfolk VA
3.   Charles E., Maury Co TN
4.   Charles F., b ca 1837 VA.   Pope AR
5.   Charles G. b ca 1873, son of James (b 1844).   Independence, AR
6.   Charles G. 1888 homesteaded property.   Marion, AR
7.   Charles H., Knox Co. TN
8.   Charles H., d 1872 at age about 25, son of William.   Morgan, TN
9.   Charles L. d 1826 son of Charles Sr.   Wife Mary Akers.   Bro. Greenberry and James.   Campbell TN
10. Charles M. - Anderson TN
11.   Charles R. (b 1866) Scott Co TN
12.   Charles S., son of John, grandson of Anderson.   Morgan, TN
13.   Charles W. (b. 1883) son of William (b 1847 TN)   Sevier Co. TN



1750 - ca and UNDOCUMENTED.   Charles Lewellen was born..   He died 1804 in Campbell County.   He had a son, Greenberry, who married 1809 in Campbell County to Elizabeth Carter.   Greenberry and Elizabeth's daughter, Lucinda T. Lewellen was born 1811 Missouri and married John Standifer Ferguson.   This information was found on a query on the internet and has not been substantiated.   There doesn't seem to be record of Chrles in this county.   See Bedford and Campbell


1814 –  May 13 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Jonathan Cundiff, his 1/7th interest in the lands of his father, CHARLES LEWELLEN, deceased; that will fall to him after the death of his mother, ELIZABETH LEWELLEN; Charles Lewellen’s Will is recorded in Campbell County, Va.   (See Amelia and Campbell Counties)

1835 - Feb. 23 - CHARLES LEWELLEN married Keziah Hall

1846 –  Dec. 27 -   CHARLES LEWELLEN (Keziah) to James K. Sheon, his wife’s interest in Elisha Hall’s land on Rock Castle Creek

1855 –  May 17 -   CHARLES C. LEWELLEN (Keziah C.) to James K. Shoan, 62-1/4 acres, lot #9 in the partition of the lands of Elisha Hall  
(Note:   Charles isn’t shown in the 1850 census for Bedford County)


1803 –  Nov. 14/15 CHARLES LEWELLEN married   Mary Akers (Quaker).   Charles Lewellen (b) and John Akers (b).   M.R. 15 November 1803 by Henry Brown lists the groom as Charles Lewallin. (b = bond and w = witness)

1804 - Charles Lewellen (Sr)   is said to have died.   Charles was the father of Greenberry Lewallen who married Elizabeth A. Carter 1809.   He undoubtedly had other children as well, probably Charles who married Mary Akers 1803, as well as James, and Elizabeth (Sally) who married Richard Thurman 1805)   but a copy of his Will hasn't been obtained.

1810 - Census shows:
   CHARLES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 16-26; 3 females 0-10; 1 male 0-10
   (There’s a James Lewellen 16-26 in the same census)

1820 –  Census shows:
     CHARLES LEWELLEN 45 up; female 26-45; female 16-26; 2 females 10-16; male 10-16; 3 males 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 26-45; female 16-26
   (James Lewellen 26-45 was in the same census.   It appears this was a Quaker family so it’s possible Charles was, too.)

1826 - CHARLES L. LEWALLEN (Jr??) died 4/4/1826 and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg.


Date unknown: - Sarah Lewellyn 1350 real property 200 personal property; Charles Lewellyn 2000 personal property; Clara Lewellyn 2000 personal property.

1850 -   Census
   Abel Lewelling 76 (1774) farmer with wife Sarah 61, Sarah A. 20, Charles B. 20, Eliza 18, Laura 10, Richard Lee 15, and Ann Kilgore 30.

1866 - Dunstan (J. B.), Lewellyn (C. B.) & Co., blacksmiths, 6 E Wide Water, h 104 N Church [p. 35]     Lee T. R., blacksmith, h 8 N Brewer [p. 53]     Lewellyn, Charles B. (Dunston, L. & Co.), h Norfolk County [p. 54]

1870 - Charles B. Lewelling was head of this household in Tanners Creek Township, Norfolk County, Virginia:
Dwelling 252/ Family 309
LEWELLYN C.B. 40 Male White VA Blacksmith
LEWELLYN Lucy 32 Female White VA Keeping House
LEWELLYN Charles 9 Male White VA
LEWELLYN Lilly 8 Female White VA
LEWELLYN Lucie [sp?] 7 Female White VA
LEWELLYN Lee R. 5 Male White VA
LEWELLYN Sarah 4 Female White VA
LEWELLYN Richard 2 Male White V

1872 - The Norfolk City Directory for 1872 [J. F. Milligan & A. J. Dalton, Solicitors and Advertising Agents, Norfolk, Va.; printed at S. Hodge’s Book and Job Office, Norfolk, Va., 1872] contains these listings:
Lewellen, Charles B., blacksmith Water st., h Jerusalem Armistead’s bridge road [p. 98]   (Note:   There is a Sarah Lewellen who’s listed as a widow in the directory.)

1896 - According to LDS FamilySearch, Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853-1912, Charles B. Lewellyn (66, male, white & married), born in Virginia in 1830, died in Norfolk on 29 April 1896.   His father was Abel Lewellyn.   His mother was Sarah Lewellyn.

1900 - Ward 6, Norfolk City - census
LEWELLYN Lucy D. Head White Female 67 (b. Dec 1832) 9 Children/7 Living VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Charles D. Son White Male 39 (b. Jun 1860) Single VA VA VA Blacksmith
LEWELLYN Lee R. Son White Male 33 (b. Nov 1866) Single VA VA VA R.R. Clerk
LEWELLYN Richard M. Son Male White 31 (b. Feb 1869) VA VA VA Bartender

1903 - 26 January 1903, Norfolk, VA
Groom: Charles Llewellyn 42, White, Single, b. 1861, Norfolk VA
Father:   Chas. B. Llewellyn,   Mother:   Lucy D. Llewellyn
Bride:   Mary Elizabeth West 23, White, Single, b. 1880, Portsmouth, VA
Father:   James A. West, Mother:   Elizabeth We


1787 - 9 November; Richard Lewelling sold to Charles Lewelling the property which he inherited from his father, proven by his statement in the deed, "is the same land by the said Richard Lewelling's father devised to him".   The deed was signed by both Richard and Mary Lewelling (his mother and widow of Daniel Lewelling).  



1850 - Census shows:
Eastern District
Benjamin Lewellin 60 VA, Rachel 55 NJ, Charles 26, Rebecca 20, Mary J. 19, Leean 15
(Also in this census was John Lewellin 71 VA, Jacob 27 VA, Asa 58 VA, Jesse 28, Thomas Lewellin 50 VA and their families.)

1852 - 04/07 Mar Charles Lewellen wed Christena Ann Protzman

1871 - Fred M. Lewellyn was born Mar. 18 Morgantown, son of Charles.   Charles was also born in this county at the Laurel Iron Works



1847 - Lewis C. Lewellyn was born May 17 at Masontown, son of James and Susanna (Wolfe) Lewellyn, and grandson of John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellyn/Lewellen.   Lewis married Sarah Ellen Hague daughter of John and Nancy (Weltner) Hague.   John (born Wales.   He and his wife immigrated to Virginia and had James, William G (born ca 1816 and died 1880 and married Mary Norris).   James and Susanna (Wolfe) had Jacob (moved to Kansas, Jane (moved to Kansas), Susan (Morgantown, Monongalia County, W.V.) and Leroy (Allegheny Co., PA.)     Children of Lewis C. Lewellyn:   Clement Gregg, Elizabeth, Pearl, Almeda, Charles and Dana



1820 - Census shows Charles Lewallen at age 26-45 with children under 10 and some older.   Others living nearby:   Ridge, Hodges, Baker, Calhoon, Cannady (William, James, Robert, John)

1825 - Charles Lewallen married Sarah Mitchell Sept. 20



1860 - Census shows:     Elias Lewellon 39 (1821) KY, nancy 37, Sarah J. 13, James M. 11, John W. 4, Charles 2, Enon Hendren 14
(Also in this census was Pleasant Luallen 45 (1815) KY and his family.



Anderson County Wills shows:
A. G. Luallen, Alexander, Ann, Betsy, Charles, Charles M. Daniel, Elizabeth, Freeman, Jane, Jesse, Louisa, Milly, Parmidda, Richard, Richard B. Samuel C. Samuel S.

1830 Census shows:
     CHARLES LUALLEN –  1 male under 5; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 30-40 (born 1790-1800); 1 female 20-30 (onpage 183 of census with Benjamin Weaver, Mary Edwards, Millakin, Henry Taylor, Churchwell Jackson
(Also in the Census was Patton Luallen, John Lewallen, Richard Luallen)

1838 -
I,   Enoch Foster Guardian of ALEXANDER M. LUALLEN, NANCY LEWALLEN, DANIEL LEWALLEN, JESSE LUALLEN, LOUISA LEWALLEN, & FREEMAN LEWALLEN, minor heirs of RICHARD LEWALLEN deceased do hereby report to your worship on account of all the Estate of said Minor Heirs of said which has come to my hand or possessions of Guardian (to wit)
Received of CHARLES LEWALLEN administrator of the Estate of Richard Lewallen deceased in promissory Notes payable to Myself as Guardian as aforesaid on different individuals Made Same by Security as I believe to be the amount. $1110.18
Sworn to in Open Court
William Cross, Clk
Enoch Foster

1840 - Census shows:
   Charles Luallen age 40-50 (1790-1800), female age 30-40 and children.   Neighbors:   Smith, Miller, Duncan,
(Also on this census is John Luallen 30-40, Prasida Luallen (who would be the widow of Richard Lewallen), Payton Luallen, S. S. Luallen

1850 census:
Charles Luallen 56 (1794) Tennessee,   Charles Luallen- 8 (1842), Mary 11, Milly 14, Richard 17, Susannah 6.   (No wife)
Note:   Also in the census was Paraseda Luallen, Golphin M. Luallen, Susan Luallen, Samuel L. Luellen and their families.   (It’s been written that Charles moved to Arkansas; he isn’t found in the 1850 census)


1845 - Charles Lewallen - A. & J. Moore v. Weir and Smith, from Campbell County. Defendants in an action of covenant were executors of Jacob Queener, deceased on the 22 DEC 1852, in the Circuit Court of Campbell Co. The instrument in discussion was a promissory note written by Jacob Queener to pay Charles LEWALLEN the sum of sixteen hundred and sixty six pounds of merchantable bar iron. On 4 MAY 1845, Lewallen transferred the obligation to the plaintiffs. Charles LEWALLEN also writes note for $84.14 on 3 MAR 1845.

1852 -   A. & J. Moore v. Weir and Smith, from Campbell County. Defendants in an action of covenant were executors of Jacob Queener, deceased on the 22 DEC 1852, in the Circuit Court of Campbell Co. The instrument in discussion was a promissory note written by Jacob Queener to pay Charles LEWALLEN the sum of sixteen hundred and sixty six pounds of merchantable bar iron. On 4 May 1845, Lewallen transferred the obligation to the plaintiffs. Charles LEWALLEN also writes note for $84.14 on 3 MAR 1845.
Source: Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Tennessee During the Years 1855-6, Vol. III, by John L. T. Sneed, published by G. C. Torbett & Co., Printers


1880 - Charles H. Lewellen married Sarah E. Dickey on Mar. 6


1821 - Charles Lewallen married Sarah P. Herndon Jan. 17 by a J.P..   Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin Herdon, an attorney, and his wife Sarah C.   (See Davidson County)
Charles was deceased by 1825 because that year she married William R. Brown.

1822 - Charles Lewellen killed Mr. Branby and his son.   Lewellen escaped and the Governor offered $100 reward  

1827 –  Inventory of Charles E. Lewallen recorded May 15.   Only slaves are listed.   The inventory taken April 16, 1827 was signed by P. J. Voorhis and Sarah P. Williams as administrators.   (Sarah was his widow.)


1836 - Goodspeed Biography for Knox County:
John LLEWELLYN, farmer, was born January 19, 1836, in Morgan County, Tennessee, and is the third of eight children born to William L. and Nancy (Wallace) LLEWELLYN, natives of Virginia and Tennessee respectively.   William L. LLEWELLYN was born August 2,1809, and was brought to Morgan County, Tenn., by his father, Anderson LLEWELLYN, when about two years of age.   He was constable of Morgan County for several years, and since his removal to Knox County in 1862 has served his district as magistrate for several years.   His wife, and the mother of our subject, was born about 1811 in Anderson County, where she grew to womanhood. Our subject was educated by his father, and after assisting on the farm until twenty-four years of age, married Miss Elizabeth E. Shannon, a native of Morgan County, born in 1834, and the daughter of James and Mary Shannon, citizens of Morgan County, and both of purely Irish parentage.   The marriage of our subject resulted in the birth of six children: William A., Nancy Jane, John, B., Newton C., Charles S. and Freeman H. Mr. and Mrs. LLEWELLYN and four children are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, Mr. LLEWELLYN being a deacon at the same.   He was formerly a Whig, but is now a Democrat in politics.   By his own industry and good management he has accumulated considerable property, and now owns in one body a fine farm of 225 acres of land, well cultivated and well improved.   Mr. LLEWELLYN is giving his children good educational advantages, and be is also quite liberal in his support of all religious enterprises.   He donated the land upon which the Methodist Episcopal and Baptist Churches   were built near his farm, and besides gave considerable money.   He is a Master Mason, and an excellent citizen.

1850 - Census shows:
   William Lewallen age 41, Nancy age 40, Anderson age 16, John age 14, Rebecca age 12, Charles age 5, William R. age 3, and Smith age 1

1872 - Lewallen, Charles H. Kicked To Death by a Mule.   (See 1850 census above for his parents and
   We learned from a brother on the deceased that Mr. Charles H. Lewallen, of Morgan County, was kicked in the abdomen by a Mule on Saturday, March 23, receiving injuries from the effects of which he died on the night of the 24th, living only about 36 hours after the accident. Mr. L. went from Morgan to Kansas and being dissatisfied with the West returned to Morgan County and settled down to farm   about a year ago, and was in   comfortable circumstances. He was about 25 years of age and leaves a wife and five children. The deceased was a son of William Lewallen of this County, and his wife is the daughter of David Dickey, Esq., formerly of Beavercreek.


1870 - Census:
District 3:
Andrew R Lewallen 45 (1825)
Polecy A Lewallen 43
Andrew F Lewallen 23
Melvina Lewallen 30
Robert H Lewallen 22
John F Lewallen 19 (1851)
Charlott T Lewallen 17
Sarah Lewallen 15
William B Lewallen 11
Charles R Lewallen 4
Elan W Lewallen 2

1961 - Obit:   Lewallen, Cicero G. - Age 88, of Rt. 2, Oneida, passed away at the Scott County Hospital, Oct 31, 1969. He was the son of the late Andrew Lewallen and the late Polly Stonecipher Lewallen. He professed a hope in Christ and united with the High Point Baptist Church July 8, 1951 and remained a member until his death. Survivors are his wife, Mamie Owens Lewallen of Rt 2, Oneida, seven sons, Olen Lewallen of Oneida, Carl Lewallen of Atlanta, GA, Victor Lewallen of Knoxville, TN, Bruno Lewallen of Brunswick, GA, Andy Lewallen with the US Army in Korea, David Lewallen and Charles Lewallen of Oneida, TN., five daughters, Alma Lawhorn of Bashnell. IL, Violace Choat of Oneida, Mable Sills of Knoxville, TN Fanny Terry of Manchester, Brenda Stanley of Knoxville, TN, one brother C.K. Lewallen of Oneida, TN, fourth (sic) two grandchildren, fifty-six great grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord


1900 - Census shows:   William Lewelling, age 52 (born Dec. 1847 TN).   Wife Margaret born June 1846 TN.   They were maried 1865 (35 years) and had 11 children.   Also in the household was Samuel W. age 18, Charles W age 17, Wallace D age 9 (born July 1890 TN)   On the same census page was Maryann Hill born 1836 Virginia and two sons - Branch Hill born 1859 VA and Robert L. Hill born Aug. 1863 VA.



1860 - Census shows:   Joseph Lewellen 35 (1825) TN, Elizabeth 27 TN, Charles G 7 TN, Ellen 5 TN, Theodric V 4 Ark, Henry C 7/12 Ark.

1880 - Census shows J. H. L. Lewallen age 36 (1844) born Tennessee and both of his parents born Tennessee.   M. M. Lewallen 31 born Tennessee and both parents born TN., Bell Z 13 TN, Thomas C. 11 TN, Charles G. L. 7 Arkansas, John D 3 Arkansas and N. Alice 4 months, Arkansas.   (This would be James Lewallen from Tennessee)


1888 - Feb. 23. Charles G. Lewallen shown with 160 acres Sect. 13 Twp 19N, Range 16W.   Land homesteaded


1870 Census, Gally Rock
Charles F. Lewellyn age 33 born Virginia
Lucinda A. age 18 born Ark.
James A. age 3 born Ark


1900 - Census shows:
Jonathan louallen 44 (Ark), Victoria 36, Charles 18, Eveline 13, Amos F. 8, Hardy 6, Mary 4, Jonathan 73 (1823 Kentucky) with both his mother and father born Virginia


1860 - Charles Lewallen age 67 born TN, died January of "cong of br."

1860 - Census shows Charles Luallen age 18 born TN, Susan 16 born TN
Richano (?) B. Luallen age 27 born TN.
They are shown living with the family of Caless ? Weaver age 28 born Georgia.

1870 - Census shows
   Charles Luallen 28 (1848) Ark, Pernely Luallen 28 Ark and son Charles, living with the Hardee family.



1840 - Census:
       Charles Luallen   (Others in Jackson County:   Freeman, John, Daniel

1848 - Petition for guardianship of mnor children by Daniel Luallen father of Charles (note, Daniel, the father, died 1849)
1848 - Charles luallen (born 1813 TN), son of Daniel and Elizabeth, died.   His wife was Clatha (last name unknown) who was born 1818 Kentucky; she died after 1880 in Arkansas.   Known children:   Almarinda (born 8/5/1835 Alabama and died 1904 in Arkansas, Jordan (born Nov. 29, 1838 Alabama and died Nov. 25, 1905 Canadian, OK, Mary (born Nov. 28, 1842 Alabama and died Jan 13, 1925 Enterprise OK, Charles (born Jan. 1846 Alabama and died after 1910 in Oklahoma.

1849 - Daniel Luallen   (born 1780/90) died.   His wife was Elizabeth Lain (born 1793 TN).   She died in Mississippi after 1860.   Their known children were:   Charles born 1813 Tennessee, William born 1818 Alabama, James born 1820 Alabama, Monroe Wilson born 1823 Alabama, Madison born 1825 Alabama, Preston born 1832 Alabama, Freeman born 1833 Alabama, Daniel born 1834 Alabama, Andrew Jackson born 1835 Alabama, Polly (married ? Hamons) and M. J. (married ? Lipscomb).
   Daniel's siblings were:   John, Peyton, Freeman, Sarah, Polly, Elizabeth, and Cynthia

1855 - From Llewellyn Traces, March and June 1997
"Jackson County, Alabama, guardianship records 1855
   "Joseph Minor, Guardian of Jordan (sic), Charles, Mary E. Lewallen, minor children of Charles Lewallen, deceased, in account current with the Court on final settlement with said wards made this 31st day of July 1955.
   "Dr. To this amount of Money that come into his hands due said wards from the Estate of Daniel Luallen, their guardianfather (grandfather?)
   "Interest on same $179.34, plus $29.83
Lefs by vouchers $209.17 and $32.68
Cr. by vouchers $176.49
No. 1 Joseph Minor, guardian-law (sic) $18.68
No. 2 Judges fees $10
No. 3 RCT Gill Printers fees $4.00 --- $32.68
   "J. G. Dixon, Judge of Probate for said county of Jackson and State of Alabama do hereby certify that the foregoing contains a full and correct statement of the settlement of the guardianship of Joseph Minor, guardian of the above named minors had on this day July 31st 1855.   /s/ J. G. Dixon
   "Received of J. G. Dixon, Judge of Probate for Jackson County one hundred seventy six Dollars and forty nine cents in full of the amount deposited with the Court by Joseph Minor due the minor children of Charles Lewallen from said minor (sic) as their guardian on the 31st...document ends here."
"It is frustrating and unfortunate that this document from the files of Llewellyn Traces ends where it does, leaving to our imagination its conclusion.   Howeverenough of this estate settlement shows to indicated that Daniel Luallen, deceased, was the father of Charles Lewallen, who himself was deceased by 31 july 1855, leaving three minor children:   a child named, as nearly as we can read the record, Jordan, a son Charles and a daughter Mary E. Lewallen.
   "Perhaps the Daniel Luallen of this court record was the Daniel Lewallen for whom we have records from several researchers.   That Daniel Lewallen, seemingly a brother of Peyton Lieuallen, was born ca 1789 in Anderson County, Tennessee, and died ca 1849 in Jackson County, Alabama.
   "Perhaps a researcher of this family has the full account of this settlement record."

1858 - Calthia Lewallen paid taxes on 210 acres in Independence County, Arkansas.   She was the wife of Charles Lewallen.   Their children were Jordan, Mary, Charles, all born in Alabama.   Jordan and Charles served in the 2nd Union Infantry of Arkansas in the Civil War, rank of Private.

1840 -   Census shows Charles Lewellyn


1840 -   Census shows Charles Lewellyn

Sue Cooper - Aug 14, 2011

Independence County, Arkansas:   Both Joseph and J.H.L. (James) Lewallen named above are sons of Aaron and Sallie Young Lewallen who lived in Maury County, Tennessee for a few years.

Billie Harris - Aug 14, 2011

Sue, I just noticed.   Both Joseph and James named a son Charles but what really stands out is both the middle initials for the Charles is G.   Wonder what that G stands for and if there's any significance.   Do you think the Charles G. who homesteaded property in 1888 might have been Joseph's son, Charles?

Sue Cooper - Aug 15, 2011

Billie,   James' son Charles was Charles Green Lee, not sure what the G. stands for in Joseph's son Charles middle name.   I think you are probably right about Joseph's son Charles being the one who homesteaded the property in 1888.

Billie Harris - Aug 15, 2011

It's possible the initial for the middle name of Joseph's son, Charles was also Greenlee.   I notice some Greenlees are spelled altogether.   IF Greenlee is the middle name for both of these, I wonder where it came from - a relative, a friend, a neighbor.

Linda Haas Davenport - Aug 21, 2011

Charles (Charlie) G Lewallen was the son of Joseph Lewallen. None of the surviving family members know what the G stood for. Yes, Charlie Lewallen was the Charles G who applied for a Homestead in Marion Co AR.