J. Thomas Lewallen, Edith Rachel Vestal, N.C.

Billie Harris - Sep 25, 2011

A friend researching another line sent this to me.   Anyone know who this is?

ttharpe@netunlimited.net, Terry Tharpe, 11 May 1998

I am looking for information on the ancestors of J. Thomas Lewallen.
J. Thomas Lewallen married Edith Rachel Vestal. He was a planter.
Their known child was Alvis Thad Lewallen, b: Apr 11, 1888 in Asheboro, N.C. He married Nell Estell Shippy, b: Jul 25, 1897 in Greenville Co., S.C. He started Goody's Headache Powders.
Their children were Alvis Thad Lewallen II and Anne Shippy Lewallen
Any help would be appreciated.

Terry Tharpe

Billie Harris - Sep 26, 2011

Incidentally, Ashboro is in Randolph County, N.C.

Cindy Lewallen - Sep 27, 2011


May not be the place to post this, but Carol has asked for contributions to the DNA project, etc.   Could you please provide the instructions for contributing again?   I can't seem to get to that spot and am willing to contribute.

Carol Redd - Sep 28, 2011

You'll probably have to copy/paste this link as I cannot find the "allow html" to make it clickable.


And, I have to apologize for that never-ending paragraph in the letter I wrote.   I clicked on the "allow html" so as to make the link active and that entails entering the language codes for paragraphs.   So, so sorry!   But THANKS MUCH to all who are contributing.   This should help us grow the project even though we did miss the special yesterday.   There will certainly be another coming by Thanksgiving.

I'm hoping those with Ancestry or other online resources will just pick a line and work backwards as far as you can documenting the census or other citations so we can all follow along.   Posting that info on genealogy.com forums and others you may be familiar with might help to generate some interest.

Thanks to all who are helping to grow the Llewellyn (htsi) site!

Barbara Hensley - Sep 28, 2011

Sorry, again, this is just a post but does have to do with Randolph Co., NC Found these today:
McLarin Lewellen administrator   l860 Joshua Newby\Edith Lewelling of daughter of Joshua Newby
Sally Lewellen had child by Martin Chandler 1817 Bond by Thos Ive and Geo Hoover
1858 Bastard children of Rebecca Lewellan to be bound:   Elmira, Noah l4, George Washington l0, William 3.
Delinquent return at court house l809:
Shadrack Lewelling
l803 Shadrack   " made return.
Sheriff to bring Rebecca Lewalling6, daughter of Sarah Lewalling   Feb. l832

Carol Redd - Sep 29, 2011

This is great info, Barbara, so no "sorry" needed.   We need MORE of this kind of posting regardless of where it gets stored on the site.   History seems to be the best place.  

Whenever we find info and want to place it in a category and label it so it's easily referenced, the easiest way is to go to the top of the post you're reading and hit the "Add History".   Then, choose a description that helps to direct the viewer - in this case, "Randolph Co, NC-1803-1860" might be good.

But, I hope no one ever, EVER, lets not knowing where to post keep them from posting!   A clue is a clue and no matter how small may just cause the right person to have an "Ah-HA! moment!

Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

Billie Harris - Sep 30, 2011

Barbara, that's great information.   Thanks for posting it.  

In April of 1859, Rebecca married Isham Upton.   They probably were his children.   Strange that she would be arrested, and how times have changed.

I wonder what the last means ' "sheriff to bring Rebecca Lewalling 6, daughter of Sarah Lewalling. "