Henderson and Seth Lewelling

Billie Harris - Nov 30, 2011

In looking at the following, we find Seth and Henderson who descend from William Lewelling apparently differed over the spelling of their last name.   However, in reading his Will, William who died 1799 in Randolph County, N.C., spelled his name Lewelling.


Mrs. Herman Ledding a step-daughter of Seth Lewelling

Oh, as to the various forms of spelling my stepfather's name. His ancestors originally came from Wales, where the family of Lewellyn, as it was then spelled was the head of the clan, with the royal prerogatives of that long ago period. Later, when the faith of the Quakers was embraced, it was considered seemly to adopt a simpler form, and the name was reduced to plain "Lueling," Here in Oregon it was spelled "Luelling," by Henderson. After a misunderstanding between the two brothers, Seth and Henderson, Seth arrived at the spelling of "Lewelling" and that, I think, is the way the name is generally spelled today.