Banks County, Georgia

Billie Harris - Jul 16, 2008

I know that you, Bill Crawford, are from a line of Lewallens from Banks County, GA.   (your web site is posted on here) and I believe there are others on here, too, from there.  

If anyone has information on ANY Lewallen or variation of the surname in and around Banks County, would you please post it.   As I understand, there are more than one and whether they're connected or not isn't known.

Here's something I've found.   Forgive me but I don't know if this came from the book or from things I've found on the internet or from postings here, so I can't give credit for it because I don't know where it came from, but perhaps it will help in some way.   I always try to give credit but I sure slipped up here but I believe it may have come from a GenForum posting.

Be sure to read my bottom comment.


BANKS COUNTY 1870 Federal Census shows:

Washington District, Nails Creek,

page 311 –  James Lewallen, 20, male, white, farm laborer, born in Georgia, living with the Caudle family.

Page 312, dwelling 19, family 17: Nancy Lewallen, age 23, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; John Lewallen, 9, male, white, born Ga.; Floyd Lewallen, 5, male, white, born Ga.; William E. Lewallen, 8/12, male, white, born Oct. 1869, Ga.

Golden Hill District, Hollingsworth Post Office:
Page 326, dwelling 267, family 246: Mary Lewallen, 72, female, white, keeping house, born So. Car.; Mary Lewallen, 29, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; Parmelia Lewallen, 6, female, white, born Ga.; Henry R. Lewallen, 4, male, white, born Ga.; Doctor F., 8 male, white, born Ga.

Page 329, dwelling 328, family 301:   Jesse Lewallen, 21, male, white, farm laborer, born Ga.; Louisa Lewallen, 17, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; Thomas Lewallen, born Oct. 1869, male, white, born Ga.

Page 330, dwelling 342, family 312: Johnathan Lewallen, 76, male, white, farmer, value of real estate $50, value of personal property $100, born So. Car.; Sarah Lewallen, 82, female, white, blind, born No. Car.; Sarah Lewallen, 20, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; Jay L. B. Lewallen, 1, male, white, born Ga.

Poplar Spring District No. 912, Gillsville, P.O.
Page 333, dwelling 398, family 361: Perry Lewallan, 57, male, white, farmer, value real estate $160, value personal property $100, born Ga.; Elizabeth Lewallan, 38, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; wilbern W. Lewallan, 19, male, white, farm laborer, born Ga.; John K. Lewallan, 17, male, white, farm laborer, Ga.; Alvin D. Lewallan, 15, male, white, farm laborer, born Ga.; Manda M. Lewallan, 13, female, white, Ga.; Isaac A. Lewallan, 11, male, white, Ga.; Nancy J. Lewallan, 9, female, white, Ga.; Henry R. Lewallan, 5, male, white, Ga.; Emma U. Lewallan, 1, female, white, Ga.; Cally Lewallan, 1 female, white, Ga.

Washington District, Nails Creek:
Page 313, dwelling 35, family no. 32:   Thomas Lewallen, 20, male, white, farm laborer, born Ga.; Mary Lewallen, 32, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; Enoch B. Lewallen, 2, male, white born Ga.; Nancy C. Lewallen, 1, female, white, born Ga.
Poplar spring District 912, Gillsville, P.O.

Page 333, dwelling 399, family 362:   William Lewallen, 60, male, white, farm laborer, value personal property $100, born Ga.; Terry Lewallen, 46, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.; Fannie C. Lewallen, 19, female, white, born Ga.; Daniel W. Lewallen, 18, male, white, farm laborer, born Ga.; Hala J. Lewallen, 13, female, white, born Ga.; John A. Lewallen, male, white, born Ga.

Habersham County –  Jonathan Luellin and Joseph Luellen

JOHN LEWALLEN married Polly Andrews.   Children:
1.   WILLIAM LEWALLEN born 1810.   Died Aug. 11, 1900 Banks Co., Ga.   Married Terry Shore.   Children (listed as A,B,C,D,E)
A.   Jessie G. Lewallen born 12/30/1847 Banks County, Ga.   Died 2/18/1932.   Married Eli


JOHN LEWALLEN married Polly Andrews.   Children:
1.   WILLIAM LEWALLEN born 1810.   Died Aug. 11, 1900 Banks Co., Ga.   Married Terry Shore.   Children (listed as A,B,C,D,E)
A.   Jessie G. Lewallen born 12/30/1847 Banks County, Ga.   Died 2/18/1932.   Married Eli Miles.   Children:   Thomas, Mary, Martha, William Riley, Lizzie, Walter Brafford, Dock, Noah, Maudie, May, Maggie.
B.   John A. Lewallen born 12/30/1847; died 2/18/1932
C.   Nealie Cheek
D.   Mary Horton
E. Sallie Lewallen
3.   TURSEY WADE, married Bill Wade
(Anyone wishing to check this genealogy should review the previous census information as well as the previous Banks County genealogies given.   These could all possibly be connected with a small amount of research.)


JOHN WOFFORD LEWALLEN born and died in Banks County, Ga.   Wife:   Mary Connally, also born and died in Banks County, Ga.   Children:
4.   CARRIE COFFEE married Jim Coffee
5.   MARTHA POOLE married John Poole
7.   LIZZIE RAY married Jeff Ray
9.   HARVEY DANIEL LEWALLEN born 10/24/1890 Banks Co., Ga.; died 1/30/1960, Macon, Ga.   Married Fannie Lee Crump born 4/24/1894 Banks Co., Ga.   Children:   (1) Ruth Rebecca Aaron (born 12/8/1911 Banks Co., Ga; (2) Donny Lee Horton (born 7/29/1913 Banks Co., Ga) (3) Ola Belle Dye (born 11/19/1917 Winder, Ga; died 4/25/1941 Macon, Ga); (4) Clyde Vasco Llewallyn (born 1/15/1915 Banks Co. Ga.   Married Hazel Trawick and had children Norma June Cochran, Gary Kenneth Llewallyn and Deborah Susan Llewallyn)  
(The spelling was from “Luallen” to “Lewallen” after John Wooford.   It was changed to “Llewallyn” after moving to Macon Ga. in the 1930’s.)

Bill Crawford - Jul 17, 2008

Thanks Billie for posting this interesting info...A lot of the north Ga. families listed are from our line and others I may have seen but haven't made proof of connections as yet.

What I've been working on for some time is searching for all Lewallens(all spellings) that migrated into Ga. in late 1700's-early to mid 1800's and from what state they came.

Billie Harris - Jul 17, 2008

Bill, have you found any from Maryland yet?

Bill Crawford - Jul 17, 2008

Not as of yet but I've only been trying to find those coming through neighboring states to Ga. It might be possible our line came through Maryland.

Billie Harris - Jul 17, 2008

I asked that because of the Wooford connection above.   Personally, I haven't done a lot of research in states other than Virginia and North Carolina but obviously I should start looking at the others as well.

Billie Harris - Jul 18, 2008

Although this was posted in another section, I'm also including it here for reference if needed:
 Billie Harris - Jul 18, 2008   Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item     So we'll have the information, Bill Crawford found this Lewallen death certificate on the site:

[NOTE: broken link]

It shows JOHN WOFFORD LEWALLEN born July 12, 1847.  
Died at the age of 73 years 4 months 15 days on November 30, 1920.  
Father was JACKSON LEWALLEN, mother's name was Acrey

Does anyone know who Jackson Lewallen was?   Could Acrey have been a surname or was it a given name?

Note one of the previous postings about Wofford and a Wofford/Lewallen connection in Maryland in the 1700's.      


 Billie Harris - Jul 18, 2008   Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item     Her maiden name was Acree and that wasn't a given name.   Here's a posting on GenForum by Dennis Lewallen.   Bill has invited Dennis to this site but he hasn't joined; hopefully he will.

Louisa-Allen Acree in Franklin Co. GA
Posted by: Dennis Lewallen Date: May 18, 2001 at 03:47:46
 of 647  

My ggg-grandfather, Jackson Lewallen of Franklin (later Banks)County, GA married Louisa Acree, daughter of Allen Acree around 1844. An old family history says that Jackson (who served Confederate army in Miss.) and Louisa died in Sand Mountain, Alabama. I am trying to establish the date of death and place of burial for Jackson and Louisa. One family history says Louisa was also born in Sand Mountain, which doesn't make sense, given the Acree family's strong presence in Franklin-Banks County. Any information to solve this mystery would be appreciated

Dennis Lewallen

Billie Harris - Jul 18, 2008

The Acrees connect to the Orrells.   Note in Maryland the Orrells and the Lewallens.  

1.   Here's a posting connecting the Orrells and the Acrees on GenForum:

Orrill- Acree- K&Q VA 1800s
Posted by: Gloria Smith Ramsaur Date: September 19, 1998 at 12:40:42
 of 647  

Robert Thomas ORRILL, b 1805 VA, m Martha Ann Washington ACREE, d 7 May 1891, King & Queen Co, VA. His Father was Gregory or Thomas Orrill (b abt 1750), whose brother was named Joseph Orrill (b abt 1760)
Martha Ann Washington ACREE, b 1811 VA; Her father was John ACREE and mother Frances Washington DUNN

Their children: 1) William J. Orrill, b.1839 K&Q Co, VA, m.1874 to Anna S. BASKETT, d. abt 1898 K&Q VA,Her father Rubin BASKETT; Children: John 1885, Irene 1888, Eilene 1890, William 1894-- Looking for a decendant of Wm. J, named David Orrill- King & Queen Co, VA, 2)Mary Frances Orrill, b. 1841 K&Q Co, VA
3)Irene Isabella Orrill, b. 1846 K&Q Co, VA; m 1865 to John Paulden DUKE; d 1914 Polk Co, GA (My GGParents)
4)John L. Orrill, b 1851K&Q Co, VA; m 1882 to Sarah F. SIMPKINS; d 1917 Richmond, VA Her father Frank SIMPKINS; Children: Robert Franklin 1884, Viola Belle 1886; Philip 1889, Lears Allen 1890, John Edward 1891, Leona 1894

2,   See this connection in Maryland of the Orrells and the Lewallens:

[NOTE: broken link]

Note in the Will of Jane Lewallen that she doesn't mention her son, Richard and only mentions daughter Margaret.   Was Richard deceased, or had he moved to Virginia?

Martha Lewallen - Aug 1, 2008

Jackson Lewallen was John Jackson Lewallen born 1822 in Franklin County, Georgia, he was the son of John Franklin Lewallen bor 1795 in South Carolina and his father was Joseph Lewallen and Unknown, Joseph was born 1763 in North Carolina and my records from other sorces have his father as William born 1740 in Virginia.

This is the other Banks County line that we need to connect with John L. Lewallen.

John Corn - Jul 19, 2008

Billie -
 You have fallen into the same trap that has caught almost all of us.   The Banks Co Lewallens frequently named sons John & Jonathan in the same generation of the same family.   For example, above you refer to:

Habersham County –  Jonathan Luellin and Joseph Luellen

This Jonathan Luellin (Jonathan Lewallen 1795-1872) & Joseph Luellen (Joseph Lewallen Jr. 1798-?) are both sons of Joseph C. Lewallen Sr (1763-Abt 1855). Another son is John Franklin Lewallen (1796-1875). So in one house there were 2 Joseph's, 1 Jonathan, & 1 John all at the same time.

This is my line.   It starts in Randolph County, NC with Joseph C Lewallen Sr.   He moved to Pendleton Dist, SC before the 1790 census.   He was still there in 1800 but moved to Habersham County (later Banks Co) GA about 1805 and the family lived in and around Hollingsworth, (Golden Hill Dist), Banks County, GA up to the 1950's.   They still have a family reunion in Hollingsworth every year.
- - - - - - - - - -
1st Generation:
Joseph C Lewallen Sr (1763-Abt 1855)
1st wife - Martha (Unk.)   (1768-Bef 1842)
6 Children:
 Christine (1792-?)
 Jonathan (1795-1872)
 John Franklin (1796-1875)
 Joseph Jr.   (1798-?)
 Worthy (1803-1883)
 Tabitha (1806-?)

2nd wife - Elizabeth Watson (Abt 1810-1899)
2 Children:
 K W   (Abt 1846-?)
 Thomas L.   (Abt 1850-?)

2nd Generation:
Jonathan Lewallen (1795-1872)
wife - Sarah (Unk.)   (Abt 1788-?)
6 Children:
 William L.   (Abt 1810-1900)
 Samantha Cynthia (1825-1900)
 Perry   (1826-1885)
 Milda Ann (1827-?)
 Sarah Elizabeth (1829-?)
 Thursey Ann   (1836-?)

3rd Generation:
William L. Lewallen   (Abt 1810-1900)
1st wife - Margaret Whorton   (Abt 1828-Bef 1860)
8 Children:
 Lurany M.   (Abt 1846-?)
 Jessie G.   (1848-1932)
 Sarah   (1849-1929)
 Mary E.   (Abt 1850-?)
 Fannie C.   (Abt 1851-?)
 Daniel W.   (Abt 1852-?)
 John A.   (1854-1915)
 Hala J.   (Abt 1857-?)

2nd wife - Terry Shore (Abt 1820-?)
(no children)

4th Generation:
Jessie G. Lewallen   (1848-1932)
wife - Louisa "Lizer" Miles   (1853-1927)
10 Children:
 Thomas Riley   (1869-?)
 Martha W.   (1872-?)
 William Riley   (1876-1951)   -- my G grandfather
 Elizabeth   (1878-?)
 Walter Brofford   (1880-1954)
 Dock Rolleigh   (1884-1950)
 Noah "Dig" Lumpkin   (1886-1966)
 Maudie E.   (1889-?)
 May   (?-?)
 Maggie M.   (1892-?)

Billie Harris - Jul 19, 2008

Thanks.   I did find your posting on GenForum and put it here on here yesterday to see if it would help the others on here whose Lewallen family moved from Tennessee to Banks County and are trying to find out if your line and theirs is connected.  

John L. Lewallen   b. June 26, 1841   d. Dec. 5, 1883   Married Nancy C. Watson.

I don't see John L. Listed.

Since you mentioned your Joseph Lewallen Sr. was from Randolph County, go to the above "Search History" box on the right of this page and type in "Randolph County" and then click "go" to the right of the box.   Read that posting.

If Joseph was connected to the Jonathan and the William listed in Hillsboro District of Randolph County, then you'll find this particular family of interest.   Two of William's grandsons - Seth and Henderson - were horticulturists and brought fruit trees from back east to Oregon and California and started nurseries out here, developing the Bing Cherry and other varities of fruit.   They were Quakers and there's a Lewelling Quaker Shrine which was an undground railroad during slavery years in Iowa which is interesting to read about if you want to do a Google or Yahoo search.

It was with descendants of either Seth or Henderson that I've recently been in touch with to see if we could get a Lewelling descendant from that family to do a DNA.   I had the privilege of visiting with Mabel Johnson and her brother, Ray Lewelling and his wife, in the   late 1970's when I was working on the book.   She was in her 90's and he in his late 80's.   Very gracious people.   Ray was the last of the Lewellings.   He and his wife had no children and neither did Mabel, but their brother had a daughter (Janice) who joined us in our genealogical discussions.   They all lived in the midst of a beautiful winery on several acres of property and Janice and her family started a winery there.   It can be found by also doing a Google search; it's called the Lewelling Winery in St. Helena, California.  

Since this site started, I tried to contact Janice to see if she could find a Lewelling male who would do a DNA for us but unfortunately Janice passed away two years ago.   Her son has been helping me but he hasn't been successful.  

I've gone into probably more detail than you want, but what I'm trying to say is that if your Joseph and Jonathan are connected with this line of Lewallens/Lewellings/ etc., then you may have more avenues to research.   A complete genealogy hasn't been done on that family although I've done what I could and it's in the book.   I'd like to expand on it one of these days, however, a few years back a fellow contacted me and said he was going to write a book on this line so I haven't done more.

Bill Crawford - Jul 19, 2008

Thanks John for your post and giving us your family line. Yes, these families liked the names John, Jonathan and Joseph. For some time after researching Joseph C. and his connections, I've had a hunch that our John L. fits in there somewhere. I haven't as of yet found the buriel for John L.

Billie Harris - Jul 29, 2008

So that we'll have much of the Banks County info in one section, I'm posting the following here:

I found on the internet that
(1) LYNN LEWALLEN is the voting registrar.
(2) MAX LEWALLEN was a registered surveyor in Banks County 1994.

This appeared in the newspaper Feb. 2007:

Lewallen Estate
Notice to Debtors
and Creditors
All creditors of the Estate of HORACE D. LEWALLEN, deceased, late of Banks County, Georgia, are hereby notified to render in their demands to the undersigned according to law, and all persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment to us.
This 16th day of February, 2007.
P.O. Box 767
Lula, GA 30554

Then at this web site:
[NOTE: broken link]
the following:
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
Pat Gillespie April 10, 2007, 10:52 pm

Banks County News 11/6/2002
Jeff Lewallen, 84, of Clarkesville, died Sunday, November 3, 2002, at a private
nursing home following an extended illness.   Mr. Lewallen was born February 9,
1918, in Franklin County. He was a son of the late William Russell and Lula
Segars Lewallen.   Mr. Lewallen was a sawmiller and was formerly employed with
Carwood Manufacturing and International Outerwear. He was a member of Macedonia
Baptist Church.
Mr. Lewallen was preceded in death by three brothers, Jess Lewallen, Horace
Lewallen and Carlton Lewallen, and two sisters, Roberta Lewallen and Clara
Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Tuesday, November 5, at Macedonia Baptist
Church with the Revs. Raymond Payne and Brion Williams officiating. Burial was
in the church cemetery with the Rev. John Humphries officiating at graveside.
Mr. Lewallen is survived by his wife, Lucille Segers Lewallen, Clarkesville;
two daughters, Jimmie Ruth Wood and Carol Jane Hollifield, both of
Clarkesville; one son, Tommie Russell Lewallen, Mt. Airy; two sisters, Izora
Stephens, Commerce, and Mary Howington, Monroe; two brothers, Bill Lewallen and
Major Banks Lewallen, both of Homer; nine grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren
and three great-great-grandchildren.
Whitfield Funeral Home, North Chapel, Demorest, was in charge of arrangements.
The Banks County News, November 6, 2002

File at:[NOTE: broken link]
This file has been created by a form at

Then if you want to search more families in Banks County, here's a site:

[NOTE: broken link]

Here are photos of the Harmony Baptist Church tombstones, and these were provided by John Corn:

[NOTE: broken link]


Miscellaneous Banks County Obits - 2002:

Dewey S. Lewallen
Dewey Sewell Lewallen, 74, of Douglasville, died Tuesday, June 4, 2002.
Mr. Lewallen was born January 7, 1928, in Banks County. He was the son of the late Fred and Grace Lewallen.
Mr. Lewallen was self-employed in the automotive business and was a member of Nails Creek Baptist Church.
Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, June 6, in Rosehaven Chapel of Whitley-Garner at Rosehaven Funeral Home, Douglasville, with the Rev. Donald Johnson officiating. Burial will be in Rosehaven Cemetery.
Mr. Lewallen is survived by his wife, Floytee Lewallen, Douglasville; son, Randy Lewallen, Douglasville; sons and daughters-in-law, Timmy and Christy Lewallen and Keith and Nancy Lewallen, all of Douglasville; brothers, Eugene Lewallen, Donald Lewallen and Lamar Lewallen, all of Douglasville; and sister, Geraldine Williams, Douglasville.
The family was to have received friends from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 5, at the funeral home.
Whitley-Garner at Rosehaven Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
The Banks County News, June 5, 2002


Banks County cemeteries:

LEWALLEN, Felton W., b. Jul. 9, 1896, d. Oct. 19, 1985
         Ora H., b. Jul. 25, 1900, d. Apr. 10, 1994

LEWALLEN, Cliff W., b. 1906, d. 1970
         Thelma D., b. 1909


Lewallen Reunion:

[NOTE: broken link]

Lewallen family seeking members for reunion

ANDERSON —  The Lewallen family reunion committee is in search of descendants of the first generation of Llewellyn that settled in America and may be residing in the Anderson area. Thomas Llewellyn, born in Wales in 1645, came to the colony of Virginia in 1663. The Llewellyn name has gone through several spellings. Llewellyn became Lewelling, Luallin, Luelling, Lewellin and eventually Lewallen. Today there are family groups around the United States with each of these spelling who can trace their roots back to Thomas Llewellyn. Jospeh C. Lewallen was the fourth generation and direct descendant of Thomas Llewellyn. He immigated to Franklin County, Ga., in 1805.

Descendants of Thomas Llewellyn and Joseph C. Lewallen are invited to join other family members at the Lewallen Family Reunion to be held at Nails Creek Baptist Church on Sept. 16. The historic Northeast Georgia church is located near the intersection of Ga. 63 and Ga. 51 in Banks County.

The covered dish lunch will be served in the church fellowship hall at 1 p.m. Please bring enough food and drink for your family. Plates, cups, utensils, ice, etc. will be provided. A short business meeting and family history update will follow the meal.

For additional information and directions to the church, please contact any of the following Lewallen family reunion committee members: Ruth Lewallen Lawson (706) 677-1994; Annette Lewallen Sewell (706) 677-1121; Mary Ariail Wright (770) 887-2493 or Dennis Lewallen (770) 717-7150.


Claude Lewallen obit 2003:

[NOTE: broken link]

Claude Lewallen

 Claude Lewallen, 61, of 2425 BBB Davis Road, died Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2003.
 A native of Banks County, Mr. Lewallen was a son of the late Jesse Sherman Lewallen and Annie Smith Lewallen Mauldin. He was a former employee of Toccoa Casket Co. and was a member of Masonic Lodge 309. He attended Calvary Baptist Church.
 Services will be at 11 a.m. today at Whitlock Mortuary, Toccoa, with the Rev. Truitt Brawner officiating. Burial will be in Eastanollee Baptist Church cemetery.
 Survivors include a son, Joseph Lewallen, Canon; a brother, Bill Mauldin, Toccoa; and nieces and nephews.
Athens Banner-Herald, Friday, Feb. 21, 2003
Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on Friday, February 21, 2003


Oath of Allegiance of WILLIAM LEWALLEN, provided by John Corn:

[NOTE: broken link]

This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by: John Corn <>

United States of America

I, WILLIAM LEWALLEN, of the county of BANKS, state of
GEORGIA, do solemly swear, or affirm, in presence of
Almighty God, that I will henceforth faithfully support
and defend the Constitution of the United States and
the Union of the States thereunder, and that I will in
like manner, abide by and faithfully support all laws
and proclamations which have been made during the
existing rebellion with refence to the emancipation of
slaves. - So help me God,

                                                                                                                   WILLIAM LEWALLEN

Subscribed and sworn to before me, at HOMER, this 30 day of SEPT, AD 1865.

                                                                                                                       E.P. HEALM (? name not clear)

                                                                                                                       Ordinary of BANKS County.

The above named has DARK complexion, DARK hair, and
GRAY eyes, is 5 feet 8 inches high, aged 55 years; by
profession a FARMER."

NOTE: Line Baptist Church Cemetery
 William LEWALLEN, b. 1812, d. Aug. 11, 1900
This is the father of Jessie G., John A. and Sallie


Obituary Index for Banks County shows a Lewallen: