Bain (Anderson Lewallen b 1799 NC)

Billie Harris - Dec 18, 2011

I was researching Anderson Lewallen born ca 1799 North Carolina, who married Sarah (Sallie) Bain.   This is a posting on the internet.

Does anyone know who Anderson Lewallen, wife Sarah Bain, was?   There's a post on the internet that says he moved from North Carolina to Knox County, KY in the 1820's.   If that's true, then he wouldn't have been the son of Anderson and Lucy Lewallen because they left for Tennessee about 1810/11 and Anderson (wife Sarah) would have only been about 11 when they left North Carolina.   They wouldn't have left a 11 year old behind.   So, was Anderson (wife Sarah) a son of Anderson and Lucy or was he a son of one of Anderson's brothers perhaps?   Or...did he actually leave for Kentucky from Tennessee instead of North Carolina as has been posted? of Anderson and Sarah's sons was named Rice and Knox County, KY wasn't all that far from Scott County, Tennessee.  

Here's the post online:

Troy, I was wondering if any of our cousins could help me with the names of the grandchildren of Robert Sr. and Martha? Here's what I emailed to you and wanted to share:

Descendants of Robert BAIN Senior
Page 1
25 Feb 2005
1. Robert BAIN Senior (b.1738;d.1801)
sp: Martha MCDONALD (b.1744;m.1760;d.1805)
2. Daniel BAIN (b.1762)
sp: Margaret MCCARINE (m.1788)
3. Andrew BAIN (b.1789)
sp: Jane R. ALEXANDER (m.1821(Div))
3. Peter T. BAIN (b.1791;d.1803)
sp: Jean NEWELL (m.1810)
3. Nancy BAIN (b.1791;d.1825)
sp: John STRUBE (b.1787;m.1813;d.1856)
3. Theresa BAIN (b.1797)
sp: John MCBRIDE (m.1820)
3. Elisabeth BAIN (b.1798)
sp: Archibald MCBRIDE (b.1800;m.1822)
3. John C. BAIN (b.1799;d.1875)
sp: Selina PURVIENCE (b.1803;m.1826;d.1880)
3. Ann BAIN (b.1800)
2. John BAIN (b.1765;d.1839)
sp: Sara E. CARRUTHERS (b.1790;m.1819)
2. Charles BAIN (b.1762)
sp: Martha CAROTHERS (b.1755;m.1791;d.1810)
3. Andrew S. BAIN (b.1792)
sp: Margaret KIMMONS (b.1803;m.1822)
3. female BAIN (b.1790)
3. Robert BAIN (b.1795;d.1870)
sp: Rachel KILLENS (b.1800;m.1818;d.1860)
3. female BAIN (b.1790)
3. male BAIN (b.1794)
3. female BAIN (b.1794)
3. James Neely BAIN (b.1802;d.1868)
sp: Elisabeth B. DOHERTY (b.1800;m.1825;d.1858)
3. female BAIN (b.1802)
sp: Margaret CAROTHERS (b.1774;m.1811;d.1830)
3. male BAIN (b.1812)
3. Sallie BAIN (b.1813;d.1880)
3. female BAIN (b.1815)
3. male BAIN (b.1819;d.1900)
3. female BAIN (b.1815)
3. female BAIN (b.1815)
3. male BAIN (b.1825)
3. male BAIN (b.1825)
3. Mary BAIN (b.1825;d.1880)
2. Robert BAIN Junior (b.1770;d.1860)
sp: Ollie CARRUTHERS (b.1775;m.1798;d.1823)

Descendants of Robert BAIN Senior
Page 2
25 Feb 2005
3. Phoebe BAIN (b.1799)
sp: William ELLIOTT (b.1799;m.1820)
3. Edward BAIN (b.1801)
3. Sarah Lucy BAIN (b.1803;d.1870)
sp: Anderson LEWALLEN (b.1800;m.1823;d.1870)
3. Levi BAIN (b.1805;d.1820)
3. Hannah BAIN (b.1807;d.1870)
sp: Blakely LOGAN (b.1797;m.1828;d.1861)
3. Hiram BAIN (b.1809;d.1872)
sp: Mahala TERRILL (b.1810;m.1830;d.1870)
3. Alma BAIN (b.1812;d.1834)
sp: Calvin PRICHARD (b.1806;m.1825;d.1868)
3. Elizabeth BAIN (b.1814;d.1850)
sp: John COX (b.1810;m.1833;d.1850)
sp: Sarah LEE (b.1800;m.1823;d.1860)
3. Jane BAIN (b.1824)
sp: John DAVIS (b.1806;m.1843)
3. Robert BAIN Junior (b.1825;d.1920)
sp: Nancy PARKER (b.1823;m.1848;d.1870)
sp: Mary Jane WELLS (b.1838;m.1873;d.1880)
3. Cyrenus BAIN (b.1828;d.1915)
sp: Tebitha COX (b.1834;m.1848)
sp: Armina COX (b.1825;m.1854)
3. Katherine BAIN (b.1829)
sp: Solomon NEWMAN (b.1822;m.1850;d.1850)
3. Nancy J. BAIN (b.1832)
sp: Micajiah PRUITT (m.1853)
3. Martin V. BAIN (b.1833;d.1870)
sp: Nancy Eliza BUCKNER (b.1847;m.1865)
3. Minerva Ann BAIN (b.1837;d.1923)
sp: Joseph Eve HAYES (b.1834;m.1858)
3. Anderson C. BAIN (b.1835;d.1899)
sp: Elenor J. RAINS (b.1862;m.1862;d.1903)
2. Margaret BAIN (b.1773;d.1828)
sp: Henry PHARR (b.1768;m.1794;d.1844)
3. Walter Smyily PHARR (b.1794;d.1864)
sp: Jane HUIE (b.1793;m.1817;d.1860)
3. Robert PHARR (b.1796;d.1857)
sp: Agnes F. ALLEN (b.1801;m.1825;d.1850)
3. Henry N. PHARR (b.1798;d.1862)
sp: Amanda Dovey KING (b.1802;m.1828)
3. James B. PHARR (b.1800;d.1847)
sp: Martha C. RUSS (b.1800;m.1823)
3. Elias PHARR (b.1802;d.1872)

Descendants of Robert BAIN Senior
Page 3
25 Feb 2005
sp: Jeanette MCGINNIS (b.1805;m.1824;d.1826)
sp: Martha Caroline ORR (b.1805;m.1827;d.1847)
sp: Ursulla M. ALEXANDER (b.1815;m.1847;d.1850)
3. William PHARR (b.1803;d.1831)
3. Margaret Mathilda PHARR (b.1806;d.1831)
sp: William BEAVER (b.1805;m.1830;d.1889)
3. Sarah Caroline PHARR (b.1807;d.1836)
sp: Samuel McMurray ALLEN (b.1805;m.1826)
3. John Hampton PHARR (b.1809;d.1848)
sp: Catherine MORRISON (b.1811;m.1830(Div);d.1839)
sp: Mary Ann C. FARR
3. Isaac N. PHARR (b.1814;d.1834)
3. Smiley Samuel PHARR (b.1816)
3. John Morrison PHARR (b.1818)
2. William BAIN (b.1770;d.1841)
sp: Teane ANDREW(S) (b.1770;m.1796)
3. boy BAIN (b.1796)
3. Allen BAIN (b.1799;d.1887)
sp: Mrs. Allen BAIN (b.1800;d.1850)
sp: Elizabeth (b.1825;m.1854;d.1870)
3. girl BAIN (b.1800)
3. girl BAIN (b.1800;d.1810)
3. girl BAIN (b.1800;d.1810)
3. Matthew Nelson BAIN (b.1804)
3. Nancy Elizabeth BAIN (b.1811;d.1890)
sp: Bryant F. J. THORNHILL (b.1804;m.1833;d.1861)
3. James BAIN (b.1817;d.1872)
sp: Margaret ANDREWS (b.1821;m.1837)
3. John BAIN (b.1802;d.1850)
sp: Elizabeth (b.1818;d.1846)
2. James BAIN (b.1779)
sp: Katherine Lewis ERWIN (m.1811)
2. Alexander E. BAIN (b.1775;d.1841)
sp: Margreth Patterson ANDREW (b.1775;m.1801;d.1841)
3. girl BAIN (b.1801)
3. Moses A. BAIN (b.1802;d.1849)
sp: Mary BAILEY (b.1812;m.1828;d.1860)
3. Martha BAIN (b.1806;d.1870)
sp: Lawson NICHOLS (b.1814;m.1841;d.1870)
3. Robert Lee BAIN (b.1809;d.1850)
sp: Elizabeth SMITH (b.1814;m.1832;d.1850)
sp: Elizabeth (SMITH?)
3. boy BAIN (b.1810)
3. Alexander BAIN Junior (b.1813;d.1830)

Descendants of Robert BAIN Senior
Page 4
25 Feb 2005
3. James Simpson BAIN (b.1813;d.1886)
sp: Sinah HARPER (b.1820;d.1845)
sp: Martha Ann RICH (b.1828;m.1849;d.1874)
sp: Hannah HOWARD (b.1842;m.1875;d.1903)
2. Matthew BAIN (b.1781;d.1856)
sp: Sophia Josephine MCGINTY (b.1791;m.1809;d.1858)
3. Alexander C. BAIN (b.1812)
3. Margaret Bernice BAIN (b.1815;d.1868)
sp: Charles BOYD (b.1820;m.1839)
sp: Rice S. ADAMS (b.1815;m.1844;d.1860)
3. Mary Elizabeth BAIN (b.1813;d.1877)
sp: Andrew ADDKINSON (b.1801;m.1835;d.1882)
3. girl BAIN (b.1809)
3. Robert R. BAIN (b.1820;d.1880)
sp: Catherine MCKINNON (b.1824;m.1844;d.1880)
3. Charles BAIN (b.1824)
3. Hannah S. BAIN (b.1825;d.1850)
3. Harriet M. BAIN (b.1827;d.1889)
sp: Andrew S. MCKINNON (b.1832;d.1880)
3. Josephine C. BAIN (b.1827;d.1860)
3. Cicero BAIN (b.1829)
3. James Sydney BAIN (b.1834;d.1892)
sp: Mary Elizabeth DOTSON (b.1846;m.1872;d.1880)
2. Nancy BAIN (b.1784;d.1863)
sp: John WILSON (b.1784;d.1850)
3. Male WILSON (b.1809)
3. Female WILSON (b.1809)
3. Male WILSON (b.1814)
3. Female WILSON (b.1814)
3. Robert WILSON (b.1814)
3. Amzi ? WILSON (b.1823;d.1850)
3. John WILSON (b.1824;d.1850)
3. Newton WILSON (b.1827;d.1850)
3. William H. WILSON (b.1829;d.1850)
3. Elizabeth WILSON (b.1831;d.1850)
3. Jane WILSON (b.1834;d.1850)

Billie Harris - Dec 30, 2011

Okay, another question.   Who was the Martha McDonald born 1744 and died 1805 that married John Bain Sr.   The McDonalds are found in Anderson Lewallen Sr's family.   Is Martha connected to them?

Here's a brief summary for the Bains.   Anyone recognize these names:

JOHN BAIN SR born 1738 and died 1801.   In 1760 he married Martha McDonald.

Their children were:

1.   Daniel married Margaret McCarine
2.   John married Sara Carruthers
3.   Charles married Martha Carruthers
4.   Robert Jr. married Ollie Carruthers and had
   (1)   Phoebe married William Elliot
   (2)   Edward
   (3)   Sara Lucy married ANDERSON LEWALLEN
   (4)   Levi
   (5)   Hannah
   (6)   Hiram married Mahala Terrill
   (7)   Alma married Calvin Pritchard
   (8)   Elizabeth married John Cox
   (9)   Jane married John Davis
   (10) Robert married Nancy Parker and Mary Wells
   (11)   Cyrenus married Tabitha Cox and Armenta Cox
   (12)   Katherine married Soloman Newman
   (13)   Martin married Nancy Buckner
   (14)   Minerva married Joseph Hayes
   (15)   Anderson married Elenor Rains
5.   Margaret married Henry Pharr.
6.   William married Teane Andrews
7.   James married Katherine irwin
8.   Alexander married Margaret Andrews
9.   Matthew married Sophia McGinty
10.   Nancy married John Wilson

BIG FAMILY.   But what about McDonald?

Nancy McDonald, born Feb. 1818 in Tennessee died March 27, 1896.   She was the daughter of Sarah Cox McDonald and James McDonald (1758-1848).   She was the wife of Zachariah David Lewallen (1822-1910)

[NOTE: broken link]

John Lewallen married Delilah Reed.   She was the daughter of Isaac and Phariba (Hatfield) Reed.   They were the parents of, among others, Anderson S. (Cash-Up) Lewallen born June 1836 in Tn and died 1912 Texas.   Cash-Up married 1857 Sarah (Sally) McDonald (1833-1869).   Her parents were Allen McDonald and Lakie Jeffers and Allen's parents were James and Sarah McDonald.   On Nov. 14, 1869, Anderson married Nancy McDonald, sister of Sarah.   In 1902 he married Sallie Boyce.

So James (1758-1848)   and Sarah McDonald had:
1.   Allen McDonald who married Lakie Jeffers.   They had:
   A.   Sarah (Sally) McDonald (1833-1869)   She married ANDERSON (Cash-Up) LEWALLEN
2.   Nancy McDonald (1818-1896) who married ZACHARIAH DAVID LEWALLEN (1822-1910).   Zach was the son of JOEL and Rachel (Taylor) LEWALLEN and Joel was the son of Anderson and Lucy (Rice) Lewallen.

Does anyone know where James and Sarah McDonald were from?

Debora Leisenring - May 23, 2014

Billie I am very interested in Robert Bain Jr and his wife Ollie Carruthers.   The only place that I have found any record of Ollie is in a Carruthers/Pilcher family book by Margaret Campbell Pilcher.   I would love documentation about this for a DAR application.   Ollie's father, Andrew, fought in the battle of King's Mountain in South Carolina.