Descendant of Richard Lewallen

Mary Nordbeck - Feb 22, 2012

Richard Lewallen /Charles William Luallen

1st Generation  
Richard Lewallen b 1763 Prince Edward County, VA, d 5-8-1833 Anderson, TN
Married Grace Stockley b1773 Norfolk, Isle of Wright, VA d1817 Anderson County, TN
1.   Charles Luallen b 1794 TN dies Jan 1860 St. Francis County, AR

2nd Generation
Charles Luallen b 1794 –Jan. 1860
Married unknown
1. Charles William   b 1842   Tennessee   Died 1878 St. Francis County Arkansas
2. Golfin M. 1829 TN   d 12-19-1864 Elmira, Chemung, NY Civil war prison
Married Hannah Demarcus
3. Richard Burton b 1833 TN Married Caroline Unknown
4. Millie b 1836 TN
5. Mary b 1839 TN
Married Caleb Weaver
6. Susanna b 1-14-1845 Anderson, TN d 7-10-1916 Campbell, TN

1830 US Federal Census shows Charles Luallen in Anderson, TN
with 1 male under 5 (possibly Golphin), 1 male 15-19, 1 male 30-39, 1 female 20-29, 1
Slave male 10-23, 1 slave female 10-23, 2 free white persons under 20, 2 free white persons 20-49, total 6

1840 Census Charles Luallen in Anderson, TN 1 Free white male 5-9, 1 free white male,
10-14, 1 free what male 40-49(he would have been 46), 1 free what female under 5, 1
free what females 10-14, 1 free white female 30-39, 2 slave males under 10, 1 slave male 10-23, 1 slave male 24-35, 1 Slave female 10-23, Persons employed in Agriculture 3, 1 white person who cannot read or write, 4 free white persons under 20, 2 free white persons 20-49, total white persons 6, total slaves 5 Since exact ages weren’t given until the 1850 census, and many times the information was incorrect, this is more or less guess work.  

1850 Census Subdivision 16, Anderson, Tennessee shows Charles Sr. with children
Richard, Millie, Mary, Charles, and Susannah

3rd Generation
Charles William 1842 TN   d. 1878 Franks Twp. St. Francis County, AR
Married Perneecy Lamb 1868   Perneecy was born 1847 St. Francis County, Arkansas
Died 1897 daughter of John R. Lamb and Amelia Wylds
1. Charles William Luallen b 1869 Forrest City, Arkansas Died   Jan. 16, 1936
2. Susie Alline Born 10-1-1882 St. Francis, Arkansas died 9-16-1902 Franks, St. Francis
County, Arkansas
3. Margie   b. 12-24-1876 Wylds Place d 3/1/1908 Montgomery County, Arkansas

1860 US Federal Census Union, St. Francis, Arkansas
Charles age 18 Susan age 16 and Richard B. age 27 Living with the Weaver Family

1870 US Federal Census Franks, St. Francis, AR
shows Charles 28, Perneecy age 22 and Charles age 1 living with the Hardee family

4th Generation
Charles William b. Jan. 25,   1869 Forrest City, St. Francis County, Arkansas d. 2-16-1936
St. Francis County, Arkansas
Married Molly Priscilla Leatherwood   2-3-1899 Lee, Arkansas   Molly was b. 6-8-1884
Carlisle Prarie,   Arkansas d 5-13-1962 Canton, Stark, Ohio
1. Margie A. b. 9-2-1901 Forrest City, St. Francis County AR d 2-25-1912 Forrest City AR
2. Mervin Calvin b 9-29-1902 Forrest City, St. Francis County, AR d. 10-10-2001 Union
Twp. Lee County, AR married Dasiy Perry b 2-18-1911 d 8-12-1995
3. Claude William   b 2-27-1905 Forrest City, St. Francis County, AR d 3-14-1979 Forrest
City, AR married Ola Perry b 3-19-1912 d 2-11-1966 Forrest City, AR
4. Edward Daniel b 5-4-1907 Forrest City, AR d 10-13-1909 Forrest City, AR
5. Johnny Clarence b. 9-19-1909 Forrest City, AR d 1-28-1972 Norwalk, LA, CA
Married Sara Bernice Hixon b 7/1/1915 d 3-10-1991 CA
6. Alley Perneecy b11-27-1911 Forrest City, AR d 4/12/2011 Apache Junction, AZ
Married Beecher Johnson b 6-24-1910 d 10-8-2001
7. Delia Frances b10-19-1915 Forrest City, AR
Married Burt Perry b 11-6-1903 d 4/13/1981
8. Martha Louise b10-9-1917 Forrest City, AR
Married Roy Hayden Branan b 5-8-1915 de 2-4-2009
9. Leonard 6-17-1920 Forrest City, AR d 7/30-1944 Forrest City, AR
10. Arnold Francis b. 5-24-1923 Forrest City, AR
Married Gertrude Shaffer b 9-6-1924 Detroit, MI
11. Mary Lucille b. 9-26-1925 Forrest City, AR d 4/22/1982 Hickory Catawba, NC
Married Nathaniel Jones b 7-31-1921 d 7-8-2010 Gastonia, NC

1880 US Federal Census Franks, St. Francis, AR shows Charles age 11, Susie age 9 and
Margie age 4 living with the Turner family.  
1910 Census Union, Lee, AR shows Charles W. wife Mollie and children Margie, Mervin,
Claude W. and Clarence J.
1920 Census Union, Lee, AR shows Charles, Mollie, Mervin, Claude, Clarence, Alley, Delia,
Louise and Leonard
1930 Forrest City, St. Francis, AR
Charles, Mollie, Clarence, Allie, Delia, Martha Louise, James (Leonard), Arnold and Mary
In St. Francis there is the Wylds Cemetery where a lot of the family is buried.   Wyld’s
cemetery is in Forrest City, St. Francis County, AR

My Uncle Mervin and Uncle Claude married sisters.

Much of this was compiled through my Uncle Mervin Luallen, Michelle Cowie Reese, other
family members and Gloria Faye Burris.

Billie Harris - Feb 22, 2012

Mary, thanks for posting that.   We can use all these genealogies.

Unfortunately, the Richard Lewallen who was born Prince Edward County didn't marry Grace Stockley.   Clete Ramsey found information that the Richard who married Grace died 1802 in Norfolk County leaving a Will that names one son, Joshua, and one daughter Nancy.   So far, the Richard who died in Tennessee, may have been married before but we can only find his wife Parazeda Vowell.  

But it's good to have all the info on Charles.   That's a BIG help and thanks for posting it.