Lewallens buried at Chilton Cemetery, TX

Cindy Lewallen - Jul 17, 2008

The Falls County TX GenWeb project has the names of Lewallens buried at Chilton cemetery:

Lewallen, Homer Lee b 4/9/1907, d 9/23/1970
Lewallen, Jane (Richardson) b 5/9/1850, d 4/11/1908 (Wife of J.W. Lewallen)
Lewallen, Lois P.   (there is no information on the website about her, but she was my grandmother.   b. 2/14/1903, d. Pueblo, Colorado 1/22/1999
Lewallen, S.A. b 10/6/1850, d.12/16/1928 (Wife of J.F. Lewallen) (this could be Sarilda Blair, married to James Franklin)
Lewallen, Shirley Anne, b 1931, d 1933, this was Pauline and William Marvin's youngest daughter who did not survive, and my father's sister
Lewallen, Stephen Calvin, b 5/2/1882, d 11/22/1942
Lewallen, Thomas F. b 4/2/1878, d. 2/23/1940
Lewallen, William M. b. 9/11/1899 d 3/9/68 (this was my grandfather - he and my grandmother, Pauline lived in Waco, TX)
Lewallen, Willie E. b 3/14/1884, d. 1/2/1931   (Willie was the wife of Thomas Franklin Lewallen and mother to Homer L.)

Hope this helps someone.

Billie Harris - Jul 17, 2008

Cindy, thank you.   Among the counties in Texas where my Lewallens lived was Falls County.   I don't know if these fit in with them or not, but I'm going to check the info out.