TN Land & Tax Records

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Mar 24, 2012

We just returned from Nashville (Davidson County) and Franklin (Williamson County), TN.   While there, we spent a few hours at the Williamson County Public Library researching my husband's Griffin family.   They have a wonderful special collections room for research.   They house the Edythe Rucker Whitley Collection.   Mrs. Whitley, from Nashville,   was a genealogist from 1920-1980 who was hired to do research for others.   She kept handwritten and handtyped notes about everything she did.   Just for fun I read her Lewallen file.   Most of the file had to do with Abednego Llewellen's will and estate which was filed in Davidson County in 1790 by his widow Nancy Llewellen.   I have seen most of that information on the web.   But here is some information that pertains to the Campbell/Morgan/Scott County of TN that many of our ancestors are from.

From the Edythe Rucker Whitley Collection, Williamson County Public Library, Franklin, TN:

John Lewallen was given a grant in 1855 in Scott County, Tenn.

Matthew Lewallen was granted 1000 acres in 1849 in Campbell County, Tenn.

Andrew Lewallen   Grant No. 9753 also 9755 for 20 acres each dated Nov. 27, 1824   Morgan County, Book 9, page 452 and 454   East Tenn. District

Anderson and John Lewallen   Grant No. 27348 for 5000 acres dated August 27, 1849   Morgan County.   Book 28   page 476   East Tenn. District.

A.R. Lewallen   Grant No. 30708 for 5000 acres   dated May 8, 1866 in Morgan County,   Book 31   page 401
East Tenn. Dist.

The Tax list of 1802 for Anderson County, East Tenn. and 1805 for same shows Richard Luellen.

Tax List 1803   Jackson Co., Tenn.   Burk Lewallen.

Tax List 1829-31   McMinn County, Tenn.   Wesley Lewallen

Grainger Co.   Tenn.   tax list 1799   Richard Lewallen.


**If you recall, Scott County was formed in 1849 from Morgan & Campbell Counties   (Campbell County was formed from Anderson County).   More than likely, John, Matthew, William, Andrew, Anderson, and A.R. Lewallen's land holdings were in the same area.