Alexander Lewelling 1795-1880

Gina Fox - Mar 29, 2012

Alexander Lewelling married Prudence Clark and lived in Sevier County TN. I descend from three of their children: William (1830-1898), Elizabeth (1824-1895), and Susan (1841-aft 1900). Will provide more info at a later date.

Billie Harris - Mar 29, 2012

Gina, welcome!   Couple thoughts.

Since Alexander was born in South Carolina 1795, I’m wondering if he was the son of Shadrach from Union County, South Carolina who moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina.   It looks like in 1810 Shadrack was moving somewhere else and he isn’t found later in Buncombe.  

Do you have any information on Alexander prior to Sevier County?   Are there any male Lewellings in your line who might do a DNA for us?

See the following:  

Created 1794 from Jefferson County

1830 - Census shows:
LEWELLING, Alexander, 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, l female under 10, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30
LEWELLING, James, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30
LEWELLING, Margaret, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40
LEWELLING, Martha, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30, 2 females 50-60

1840 - Census shows John Lewellin

1860 - Census shows
Alexander Lewelling 65 (1795 S.C.), Prudence 55 SC, James 25, Ashley 22, Susan 19, Rawlings 8 months, Joseph Ray 11, Tennessee Tipton 6 (was Ashley actually Atchley?)
Jno Lewelling 35, Martha 35, William 12, Hulda 10, Sarah 8, Alexander 6
William Lewelling 29, Louisa 35, Jane 9, Mary 8, Caroline 6

Created 1798 from District 96

1797 - Shadrack Llewellyn attended a Quaker meeting

1800 - Shederic Luallin on the census, with 2 males in his household 26-44 (he would be about 26 years old if born ca 1774 which according to the way the children are listed in the Quakers records for Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellen, he was born about that time), 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-44 and one female 45 and over.
Others on same page: Brock, Brummitt, Jacobs, Smith, McDaniel, Everhard, Wood (Josias and Isham Wood)

Formed 1791 from Burke and Rutherford

1810 - 30 Aug 1810, Shadrack Llewellyn of Buncombe Co. NC sells his share of this lot as heir of A. Llewellyn (registered 31 Jan 1811. Davidson Co. TN Deed Book, p. 80). In 1811, on 21 March, Isaac Llewellen of Nelson Co. KY, and, on 4 April, Meshack Lewallen of Wayne Co. Indiana Territory also sell. Llewellyn appears in the Nelson Co. KY tax lists for 1800, which substitute for the census, and in the 1810 census. NOTE; This line would be from Shadrach and Deborah Burson Llewellyn's line.

1810 - Shadrach Lew Allen is shown in the census with one white male under 10; one white male 26-thru 44; one white female under 10; one white female 10 through 15; one white female 16 thru 25; one white female 26 thru 44. Also on that census was John Lockhart, Andrew Lockhart, John Justice Sr and Jr, William Justice, John and Samuel Laughlin, George Marshall, Shelton, Smith, Hill

Kay McKinnon - Mar 30, 2012

I surely wish Alexander's records could shed some light on my supposed Hugh Llewellen of South Carolina & his daus. Martha & Mary that married Wofford men of the Spartenburg area.

Gina Fox - Mar 31, 2012

Hi Kay.   There was a man named Ollie Wofford here in Sevierville back in the 70's
when I was growing up.   I heard he traveled around with the Fair and liked it so much here that he stayed on when it left.   I'll see what else I can find out about him and let you know.

Billie Harris - Mar 31, 2012

Kay, have you ever checked Pennsylvania for your Hugh?   According to what we have, Hugh was born 1717 in Pennsylvania.   Where that information came from, I don't know, but he was a Quaker and the Quaker records are still in existence, thankfully, and contain a lot of valuable genealogical information.  

Take a look at the information we have for Pennsylvania, and in particular Lancaster where we find him and Chester which created Lancaster.     You'll note several mentions of individuals with given and surnames of Hugh which makes me wonder if maybe one of those people may have been a friend or relative of Hugh's parents and his given name came from them.   In particular, you might check David Lewallen as a possible father of Hugh.  

I don't know if this could be the case or not but we also find the Bursons (quakers) in the same area as David and it makes me wonder if Shadrach Lewelling who married Deborah Burson might have been a son of David's.  

As said below, I'm just throwing out "stuff" to think about.

Here's what we have on Pennsylvania: [NOTE: broken link]

Gina Fox - Mar 31, 2012

Billie, I would give anything to know where Alexander came from.   I believe the
Martha listed in the Sevier County 1830/40 Census was his mother.   Don't
know why.   It's just a feeling, but then I could be wrong.   Did you see the Allen
who was here at the same time?   He seems to have disappeared after 1840.
I also think the James here in 1830/40 was Alexander's brother.   Again, it's
just a feeling.   I've never been able to figure out how a man born in South
Carolina could meet/marry a woman from North Carolina.   What do you
know about a woman named Rebecca Lewelling?   I think she was a sister
of Anderson (Grant) of Scott County.   Someone who used to work at the
Sevier County Public Library told Don Gibson, whose wife Pat is a Lewelling
descendant, that Alexander was illegitimate and that Rebecca was his
mother.   I'd be surprised if that was true.   I think all those Lewellings
mentioned in the 1830/40 Sevier County Census were related.   What do
you think?   I only check my email when I'm in Sevierville as I don't have a personal
computer, so stay in touch through my Yahoo email address.   Would like to
know what others think regarding this as well.

Billie Harris - Mar 31, 2012

Gina, it would appear that yes, Martha was his mother.   She was probably also the mother of James.

On page 98 of the Sevier County census, it shows at the bottom of the page, the people living next to each other.   The last names are:
John McCarty
John Evans
Anthony Lawson

Then on page 99 of the census we have:
Philip Seaton
Robert Nichols
William Nichols
Andrew Lawson
William Montgomery
Robert montgomery
Benjamin Holland
Cyom? Compton
Robert Shields Sr,     etc

The other Lewelling in Sevier County 1830 was on page 106 -Allen Lewelling.   The neighbors go like this:   Middleton Whealy, Thomas Manning, Nancy Riece?, Polly Jenkins, Judia Shahan?, Edward Lovely, John Smallwood, ALLEN LEWELLING, John Thomas and Honor Maning.

Now, something else.   The 1830 census for Wake County, N.C. also shows a couple of Lewellings - John and Moses.   Were they related to Alexander?   Also, note the names of Lawson as neighbors in Sevier County.   There were Lawsons connected to Lewallens in Tennessee.   I don't know if people researching the Lawson surname have anything for Andrew or Anthony or not, but that might help if they do.

I know I'm probably not making sense here, but in Johnson County, N.C. 1810 there was a Richard and a ? Flewellen.   These people were apparently from Charles City and St. George County, Virginia, originally.     In 1810 John, son of Richard, died in Johnson County NC.   The names of his sons were Howell, James, William, Taylor, Alexander and Abner.   It doesn't give his wife's name.   Since we believe Alexander and James in the 1830 census were brothers, then it's possible they were the sons of John and grandsons of Richard.

Just throwing a lot of "stuff" out there.

Sue Cooper - Apr 2, 2012

Don't mean to interrupt your discussion, but you mentioned the Wake Co., NC Lewallens and if I remember correctly, they are descendants of the Prince Edward Co., VA Lewallens.   I don't know if this helps in your search or not.   You can correct me, if I am wrong, Billie..   Keep up the good work!!

Billie Harris - Apr 2, 2012

You're right, Sue.   After all the research you've done, you know these Lewallens as well, if not better, than anyone.

Sue Cooper - Apr 3, 2012

You are too kind.   I just want to wish everyone much success as they research this very complex - challenging - interesting family!   :)

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Apr 2, 2012

Billie, I just remembered that in your research that you did so many years ago, you had my Matthew & Sarah Lewallen/Louallen as being from Sevier County (1850 census I think).   I found them, however, on the Scott County, TN 1850 census along with Sarah's father & mother.   The fact that both Lewallens & Lawsons are in Sevier County make me even more certain that my Matthew is connected to these Lewallen families (and yes, the DNA says Davis).   This is why I check this website everyday...I might have missed this entire discussion.   It is just another little piece to solving my ancestry puzzle.

Billie Harris - Apr 2, 2012

Darlene, I have no idea where I came up with Sevier County for your Matthew in 1850, but obviously it was wrong.   That book was done before the internet and was from research at libraries and what other individuals submitted. I probably just put it under Sevier rather than Scott by mistake.   But it is possible your Mathew had connections in Sevier.   And I'm glad you check the website every day.   Never know what will show up in one of these threads.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Mar 31, 2012

I think Rebecca Lewelling (Lewallen) could also be the mother of my Matthew Lewallen.   She had another son much younger than Matthew named Martin Lewallen.   My Matthew married Sarah Lawson in 1841 in Campbell County, TN.   They are recorded in the 1850 Scott County, TN with all the other Lewallen/Louallens.   Sarah's Lawson family is also in Scott County by that time.

Billie Harris - Mar 31, 2012

Darlene, I tend to agree with you.   Maybe you've answered this question, or someone has, and it slips my memory, but do we have the Lawson genealogy?   I'm wondering of Sarah is related to Andrew or Anthony mentioned above?

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Mar 31, 2012

Sarah's father was Thomas Lawson; his father was Randolph Lawson.   There is a lot of information on the Lawsons.   They can be traced back to Scotland.   I will have to check if Andrew or Anthony appear on any of the Lawson Trees.

Gina Fox - Mar 31, 2012

More about my line.   William married Louisa McMurray.   Elizabeth wed Laban
Jenkins.   Susan had three sons by three different men and married a bigamist named Madison (Matt) Maney.   One of her sons was sired by Laban Jenkins.   My Mom & I
descend from the first son, Malvias, whose father was Thomas Pickens.   Now
there's a story for another time!!

Don Gibson - Mar 31, 2012

On the question of who were the parents of Alexander Leuwallin (Lewelling) I keep going back to the notes of Pat's Aunt Frank Letitia Lewelling who was the great grandaughter of Alexander.   She says that Helen Sharp (sister of Ester Sharp Sanderson) came to Sevierville years ago and became the nurse of Dr. Roberts.   Helen and Pat's Aunt were good friends.   In her notes she says that Helen's Sharp ancestor was a brother to Alexander.   Helen's ancestor was John Lewelling first Sheriff of Scott Co.   Also a descendent of Alexander has Alexander being born Oct. 7, 1793 and Andrew L. Lewelling being born the same day Oct. 7. 1793. Dorothy and I think that her ggg grandfather and my wife's ggg grandfather were twins.

Billie Harris - Mar 31, 2012

If that's true, Don, then Alexander would have been born in Wake County, North Carolina, because Anderson Lewallen, father of Andrew L. was in Wake County at the time Andrewr was born.   However, the census records all show Alexander born South Carolina.   Do you know the documentation that supports Alexander's date of birth the same as Andrew's?

Don Gibson - Apr 1, 2012

Pat has a cousin that had all the siblings Anderson and Lucy long before this site.   She had Andrew and Alexander being born on Oct. 7, 1793. She was in Criminal Justice System and was an excellent researcher. She had his name Edmund Anderson "Grant" Lewelling.   She had Grant as a nickname.   For some reason she has dropped out of site, and I have not been able to contact her.   Dorothy Campbell had an explanation of how the Census has shown Alexander being born in SC and Andrew being born in NC.   You know that Alexander married in NC. I have been trying to find his birth date but I have not been able to find even a death certificate.   The only thing that keeps me clinging on to the connection is the notes of Pat's aunt. She and Pat's mother were great genealogists.   They loved it.   When Helen Sharp said that her ancestor was a brother to Alexander Lewelling that has really gotten   my attention. You know that Helen's Sharp's ancestor was John Lewelling son of Anderson. Pat's brother and her Grandfather really looked like John Lewelling.   I know there is a connection but how I cannot prove as of now.

Billie Harris - Apr 1, 2012

This doesn't answer the question of who Alexander's parents were but his 1880 Will in Sevier County gives Susan Maney "all lands except one tract known as the Maney tract or Pickens tract, the title calls for one hundred acres more or less, the title made to me by J. A. Pickens, administrator of Samuel Pickens, dec.   after the death of said Susan Maney this tract shall fall to John and Calvin Lewelling heirs of said Susan Maney.   This are the home tract that Susan Maney and John and Calvin Lewelling are to have."

Third:   "...give and bequeath to Elizabeth Jenkins and to the heirs of John Lewelling, dec. and to Catherine Rollings and to William Lewelling and to Sarah Tipton and to James Lewelling and to Ashley Lewelling and to Nancy Gibson - one tract of land the title calls for one hundred acres more or less known as the Maney or Pickens tract the title made to me by J. A. Pickens, administrator of Samuel Pickens, dec. the crop that are now on it shall be excepted."

4th "...give all personal property to Susan Maney.

5.   "...Susan Maney to pay all debts out of her part of my estate..."

6.   Appoint susan Maney executrix."

Witnesses were William A. Baker and Joseph Baker.

Does anyone have information on Susan Maney?   The reason I ask is because I see her heirs as John and Calvin Lewelling.   Was Susan a daughter-in-law who was married to one of Alexander's sons and had John and Calvin?   Another reason I ask is because Calvin isn't a common given name and William Lewallen, born ca 1795, N.C. had a son named James Calvin and he went by Calvin.   This is my ancestor and we don't have the names of William's parents yet.   We've guessed, but we don't have anything to confirm it.

Incidentally, there was an earlier Alexander Lewelling although he didn't have a son named Alexander.

[NOTE: broken link]

Billie Harris - Apr 1, 2012

If a male descends from John or Calvin Lewelling (children of Susan Maney) and has a DNA done, it probably will connect with a Barnett or Jenkins.   In checking Ancestry, it shows John Barnett as the father of John Lewelling and Labon Jenkins as the son of James C. Lewelling (Labon Jenkins was married to her sister Martha Elizabeth at the time and fathering children with Martha), and Mathew Maney as a husband, then finally Tom Perkins was the father of the last Lewelling child in 1895 when she was 55.

For the records and since I can't find it anyplace on the site, here are the children of Alexander and Prudence Lewelling:

Martha Elizabeth 1824-1895, married Labon Jenkins

John, born 1825, was deceased before his father

Catherine born 1828, married a Rollings

Sarah born 1831 married a Tipton

James born 1835

Ashley W. born 1838

Susan born 1841 and died 1896 (see above)

Jane born 1843 (not named in Will, probably deceased before 1880)

Nancy (Aug. 1844-1910) married William G. Jasper   Gibson Jan. 6, 1859

William born Dec. 26, 1847.   Married Margaret Flynn.   Children:
   John A. Lewelling born 1869
   James Ashley Lewelling born 1871
   Howard L. Lewelling born 1874
   Martha Jane Lewelling born 1876
   Samuel Lewelling born 1881
   Charles Lewelling born 1883
   Jackson O. Lewelling born 1885
   Cordella E. Lewelling born 1887
   Katy Lewelling born/died 1887
   Oley Lewelling born/died 1887
   Wallace Decater Lewelling born 1890

Don Gibson - Apr 2, 2012

Lea Ann Russell descends from Alexander Lewelling of Sevier County, Tennessee.   So that I won't lose what I've written her, I'm posting it here for future reference.


Lea Ann's line is as she has stated in the News section:
John Lewelling married Martha Haggard
   Wallace Lewelling married Margaret Flynn
         Decater Wallace Lewelling married Minnie Hill
               Ollie Lewelling married Cecil Samuel Beckner

It appears from the following John Lewelling was the son of Alexander Lewelling of Sevier County, Tennessee.

1850 - Sevier County, Tennessee, shows Alexander Lewallen 57 (1793) born South Carolina.   (He was born October 7 and died sometime between 1880 and 1886 in Sevier County.   His wife was Prudence (maiden name Clark) age 45 born N.C.   Their children were Katharine 22 TN, Martha 17, TN (she married Laben Jenkins), James 15, Ashley 12 (which was probably Atchley), Susanna 9, Jane 7 and also in the household was John Clark age 84 born NC who was probably Prudence's father.

Living a couple doors away was William Lewallen age 21 (1829) born TN, his wife Louisa 23 and daughter Margaret 3.   More than likely, he was a son of Alexander and Prudence's.  

Billie this is from a post you made on Sept. 7, 2009.   You will note that Alexander Lewallen and Andew L. Lewallen were born on the same date in different states.   Can anyone explain this.   Also on Susan Maney.   Susan Maney was the daughter of Alexander Lewelling and had three children out of wedlock.   She and Maney did not have any children.   The three children were not from the same person.   James Calvin Lewelling was the son of Laben Calvin Jenkins.   Laben Calvin Jenkins was married to Susan's sister at the time. I have 207 pages on Pat's Alexander's line.   I will be happy to answer any questions.

Billie Harris - Apr 2, 2012

Darlene just mentioned the book I did years ago and I checked what she referred to - Sevier County.   But in checking the book, I came across this genealogy for Alexander.   I have no idea which of his descendants provided it, but it might be helpful so I'm posting it.   The genealogy mentions the Rev. Noah Haggard.   I have lots of Haggard information because they're connected with my Randolph line.   I believe I've posted the Haggard genealogy on this site but if not and anyone wants the information, let me know.

ALEXANDER LEWALLEN (the following information was given to me by one of his descendants.   Please see 1850 Sevier County, Tennessee, information for further on him.)
ALEXANDER was born 1793 and came to Tennessee from South Carolina.   He owned 500 acres of land in the new 5th and 10th districts of Sevierville, or rather tha land laid from the divide to the Bluff Mountains and as far as Pleasant Hill and Antioch Churches.   He built Black Oak School and Church.   He was a Methodist minister.   He married Prudence Lewallen who was born in North Carolina in 1805.   Their children:
1.   KATHERINE LEWALLEN born 1828, Tennessee
2. MARTHA LEWALLEN born 1833 Tennessee
3. ASHLEY LEWALLEN born 1838 Tennessee
4. SUSANNAH LEWALLEN born 1841 Tennessee
5. JANE LEWALLEN born 1843 Tennessee
William Lewelling, James and Ashley Lewelling were the same children of Alexander and Prudence Lewelling.   There was also a John Lewelling, Elizabeth, Sarah, nancy and Katherine.   John Lewelling married Martha Haggard of the Alder Branch Community.   No dates on their births.   His wife was a sister of Rev. Noah Haggard.   Sons:   William and Alex.
Daughters:   Sarah Christopher, Huldah Lewelling
William Lewelling was born Dec. 26, 1847.   Wife, Margaret Flynn, born June 6, 1846.   Sons John A., born July 7, 1869, James Ashley born Dec. 24, 1871; Howard L born May 28, 1874; Samuel born Dec   1881; Charles born Apr. 9, 1883; Jackson O. born Sept. 30, 1885; Wallace Decater born July 28, 1890.   Daughters:   Cordella E. Messer born July 6, 1887; Martha Jane Maner born Nov. 21, 1876; Katy and Oley (twins) born and died Nov. 18, 1887.   Howard L. Lewelling (born May 28, 1874) aobe, married Minnie Finchum.   They were first cousins.   William Finchum and wife Tina Flyy were Hubert Lewelling’s grandparents.   Minnie Finchum Lewelling had three sisters, Mary, Kate and Julia Puckett and one brother, Mack.   Howard and Minnie Lewelling’s children were:   Luther, Hubert, Crockett, Victor Matthews, Margaret Davenport, Delia Ingle, Pearlie Moore and Viola Mccarter-Davenport.   Luther Lewelling (just above) married Rona Williams.   Their children were:   June bohanan who had a daughter Billie Ann.   Billy Lewelling who had Joyce, Betty and junior.   Georgia Ann Householder who had Donna and Larry.

Hubert Lewelling, born Aug. 8, 1901, married Lean Williams, born Sept. 6, 1900.  
(Note:   Because some of their children were born after 1930, I’ll only give their names….bh)
Willie Mae Wright, Maudie Louise Arp, Lloyd Hicks Lewelling, Fred Edward Lewelling, Daisy Estalee McGill, Earnest Ray Lewelling, Alford Maynard Lewelling, Elizabeth kate McGill, Harvey Andrew Lewelling, Mary Ann Lewelling


NOTING the name Achley above and the name Haggard...

The Rev Noah Haggard and his sister, Martha, were the children of Rev. James and Mary (Atchley) Haggard who were married 1801 Sevier County.   James was the son of the Rev. Henry and Dorothy (Randolph) Haggard.   Henry and Dorothy had lived in Albemarle County, Virginia, and moved from there to Jefferson County, N.C. (later TN) with my ancestors James and Sarah (Gentry) Randolph.   James and Dorothy Randolph were brother/sister.  

But seeing Ashley named as one of Alexander's children makes me wonder if the Atchley family and Alexander Lewelling's might have had some sort of relationship.

Don Gibson - Apr 3, 2012

Billie you asked about the connection to the Atchley's.   John Lewelling married Martha Haggard.   Martha Haggard was the daughter of Atchley Haggard and Hulda Hardin.   Atchley Haggard was the son of Rev James Haggard and Mary Atchley.   Mary Atchley was the daughter Thomas Atchley, Sr. and Lydia Richards   Thomas Atchley, Sr. fought in the Revolutionary war and is buried at Alder Branch Cemetery.   Pat (my wife) is off the Atchley line, Haggard, Randolph, Lewelling, Byrd, on her mother's side (Lewellings).   On her father's side it is Lawson's. I am sure she is related to some of the Lawson.s in Scott Co.   Only a brother and his nephew came to Sevier and Knox Co.   The rest remained in Greene and Hancock Co., TN. Billie I was on last night and it is pitiful how wrong the tree's are.   My ggg grandfather was David Gibson.   I have been to his grave in Pisgah Cemetery, Gaston Co., NC.   Last night I did not see one single tree that was close to being right.  
Example:   There is a Stephen Gibson listed as a child.   A friend of mine was told by someone that was supposed to be a researcher that she saw somewhere that he was a child.   I have found deeds, wills, census and other documents and nowhere in any of them is a Stephen Gibson. This friend gave a flopy disk to the genealogist in Sevierville, and he posted it on Rootsweb, and it spread from there. You mentioned the Randolph's. I am confident that what I have to Dorothy Randolph is correct.   I think I have her father and mother correct, but   nothing beyond. You can find on the web where some have traced our Randolph line (Dorothy) back to Thomas Jefferson

Don Gibson - Apr 3, 2012

Billie: I forgot to mention that the person that sent you the information on   Alexander Lewelling (Lewallin) had done their research. I cannot believe how accurate it was. If you ever remember their name I would like to contact them.

Billie Harris - Apr 3, 2012

Don:   When I did that book, I had contacted family members for their genealogical information.   I don't know who sent it to me, but I suspect it was a descendant of Luther Lewelling.  

Dorothy Randolph's father was Henry Randolph of Albemarle County, Virginia.   Henry was married to a woman named Mary but whether or not she was the mother of Dorothy or James and the other older ones, we don't know.   Henry came to the colonies (Maryland) in 1738 (I'm going by memory) as an indentured servant.   With the exception of Henry and his son John, all his family were founding members of the Albemarle Baptist Church.   James Randolph and the Gentrys moved into Jefferson County, Tennessee, and were prominent in that area. James' older brother Thomas moved to the same area after Henry died.   I have so much on this line and, too, started a MyFamily site for the Randolphs.   I'm no longer active on there but if you'd like, I'll send you an invitation to it.   And, too, I believe I've posted some of the genealogical information for the Randolphs here on this site.   I know the Witt information is. (Type "Witt" in the search blank above)   James' daughter married a Witt and their daughter married a Lewallen.   That's my connection.   E-mail me if any questions on the Randolphs -  

I have yet to find the father of my earliest Lewallen although somehow he's connected to the family of Anderson Lewallen because of DNA.   We haven't had a male Lewelling descendant of Alexander's do a DNA but I'll take a wild guess and say I think it, too, may connect to Anderson, however, until we have someone test, we'll never know.

Gina Fox - Apr 5, 2012

Can someone please try to research the immigration records for four brothers named James, John, Ashley & Alexander who sailed from England/Wales?   This info comes from the notes of Frank Letitia Lewelling Hodge, aunt of Pat Lawson Gibson.   If we can prove that, then I think we'll hit the mother lode.

Gina Fox - Apr 3, 2012

Whoa!   Just been reading all the postings regarding Alexander and must clarify a few things.   Susan Maney was one of my ggg grandmothers.   Her son, or I should say oldest son, Malvias (where in the Sam Hill did THAT name come from?), was sired by Thomas Pickens, son of Samuel & Jane Cowan Pickens.   Thomas married Sarah Rodgers in 1859, so Mal was probably born around 1858.   In August 1877, ol Grandpa Tom got schwocked and paid a little visit to Grandma Susan.   Lord only knows what his intent was, but in a nutshell he tried to kill Matt Maney and Matt killed him in self defense.   The ironic thing is that Matt & Susan were not legally married.   A year after the "incident", Thomas's brother tried Matt for murder.   J.A. Pickens apparently was a prosecuting attorney, or something to that effect.  

Now on to Alexander's children.   As you can see there was a Martha in Alexander's household in the 1850 Sevier County Census.   This was NOT the one who married Laban Jenkins, as Elizabeth was already out of the house by that time.   So who was she?   Some people believe she was Sarah who married William Tipton.   Personally I don't believe it.   I think she was a daughter who either married before the courthouse burned in March 1856, or died before 1860.   If anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear it.
Alexander & Prudence's son William married Louisa McMurray.   While I have not been able to prove it, I believe she was a daughter of Archibald & Mary Cowan McMurray.
I also believe she was disowned when she married William because he was several
years younger than she.   This is just a hypothesis.   She died sometime between
1870 & 1880.   Actually I think she was already dead when Alexander wrote his will in 1879.   I have reason to believe that William was in Dade County GA in 1880 as there is
a family there with the same names as William's, and he is listed as a widower.   I could be wrong, but I do know that one of his daughters, Serelda, married a Tittle and
is believed to have died in Hamilton County TN.   Her husband was remarried by 1900.
Could someone please check this out for me?   I don't have easy access to a computer
or census records.   Another daughter is alleged to have married a Goodwin.   Can someone please try to verify this?   I believe one daughter may have had an illegitimate
son as there is a Thomas living in the household of Aaron & Margaret Rule, my line,
in the 1900 Sevier County Census.   Margaret was the only one of William & Louisa's
children to remain in Sevier County.   Alexander, James, & Samuel went to AR.
Alexander & Samuel are buried in Faulkner Co AR.   You can find them on FIND A
GRAVE.   William is said to have remarried to a lady named Nancy.   I can't remember her last name at the moment.  

Will be looking in on this site when I get the chance.   Keep up the good work folks!!!

Billie Harris - Apr 3, 2012

Gina, glad for your input.   Certainly an interesting family.   And confusing.  

Hope everyone will chime in and help answering some of the genealogical questions.

Gina Fox - Apr 5, 2012

Does anyone have any info on the Lewellings of Faulkner County AR?   Most of my William's line went there.

Billie Harris - Apr 5, 2012

Gina, all I have is that in 1918 - Alexander Lewelling died in Faulkner   He was born 1857 Tennessee.   The 1900 census shows him married 1881 to Martha (who was 6 years younger).   Their children were Luther 16 born Ark, Margaret L 14, William S. 12, Robert C 10, Wiley T 7, Lizzie 5, Myra L 2.   Also living in the same household was Elizabeth Parsons age 70 (said to be mother but probably mother-in-law) born Alabama May 1830.   Her father was born North Carolina and mother Alabama.

Also living in Faulkner was James H. Lewelling born Sept. 1855 TN, wife Sarah C. 30, Anna M. 9 and Homer 5.  

The other family in Faulkner was Samuel W. Lewelling age 36, Fressie M. 30, Effie A 10, Virgie M. 9 and Velma V. 7.  

It would appear James and Alexander were probably brothers since they're about the same age.

Sue Cooper - Apr 6, 2012

James H. L. Lewallen, son of Aaron and Sallie Young Lewallen, and his family left TN and moved to VanBuren Co., AR which joins Faulkner Co., after the Civil War.   His son, Charles Green Lee Lewallen (b 14 Jan 1873 in VanBuren Co.) and his family lived in Faulkner Co.   Charles died there in 1974 at the age of 101.   May not be significant at all, yet it is interesting.