Flewallen, Flewellin Flewelling misc. info

Billie Harris - May 29, 2012

I don't know if the following is in Llewellyn Traces or not; haven't taken time to look.   But this is a page that was received from the L.D. S Genealogical Libary microfiche records many years ago, in the 1970's.

FLEWALLEN, Butler County, Kentucky:

Elizabeth Fluallen married James C. Haws 7 Mary 1863
Mary Fluallen married James Hawes 1 March 1825
Sarah A. Fluallen married Russell G. Brown 31 Mar 1857

FLEWELLIN, Virginia:

David Fluellin, christened 23 Apr 1749 in Surry Co., Albemarle Parish.   Parents:   Richard and Bothia Fluellin
Jonathan Flewellin, christened 24 June 1753 New Kent Co., St. Peter's Parish.   Parents:   John and Elizabeth Flewellin
Jonathan Flewellin married Ann Lawrence 20 Oct 1772 Goochland Co., St. James Northam Parish
Lucy Fluellin born 23 Sept. 1719 in New Kent Co., St. Peter's Parish

Flewallen, Flewellen, Flewellin, Flewelling, Ireland:

Robert Fluellin christened 27 Oct. 1693 in Dublin.   Parents:   Abraham and Susan
Sarah Flewellen christened 15 Oct. 1699 in Dublin Co., and Dublin town. Parents:   Abraham and Shusan
Sarah Flewellin christened 22 May 1726 in Limerick Co., town of Limerick, parish;   Cathedral.   Father:   Phineas Flewellin
John Flewellin christened 20 May 1744 in Limerick, Limerick County, St. John parish.   Father:   John
Katherine Fluellin christened 18 Nov. 1694 in Dublin County, Dublin town.   Parish:   St. John the Evangelist.   Parents:   Abraham and Shusan
Mary Flewallen married John Moreis 6 Aug. 1654 in Dublin
Mary Flewellin married John Blake 17 Feb. 1789 in Limerick
Richard Fleuelling christened 1656 in Cork County.   Parents:   Morgain and Mary.