who are Rebecca and Martin Lewallen

Renee Nazario - Jun 23, 2012


Does anyone know who Rebecca Lewallen 1802 and Martin Lewallen 1840 are?   They are listed as living with Andrew Lutien Lewallen and Malinda Davis Lewallen.   In 1850 -1870.   There is a Malinda Davis age 62 also on the 1870 census.   Thanks.   Renee

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jun 23, 2012

Renee, this is my theory....I think Rebecca is a sister to Andrew Lewtien Lewallen (daughter of Anderson & Lucy).   I think Martin is her son.   In 1850 they are in Scott County, TN; in 1860 they are all in Wayne County, KY.   After Andrew's death, Rebecca, Malinda, Martin, & Luvina (perhaps Martin's wife) are found in the Daniel DAVIS household in Fentress County, TN.   If you recall my family 's DNA came back DAVIS instead of Lewallen.   I think that my ancestor Matthew (born 1821) is another of Rebecca's sons.   I believe someone posted last month something about a daughter of Anderson Lewallen having a child out of wedlock while they were in Sevier County, TN.   I thought I made a copy of that post but I cannot find it right now.   I have searched and searched for more information about Rebecca.   I've contacted the Historical Society in Scott County to look for any information they might have (since I am a member, they will do a little bit of searching for me within reason).   I will be going to either Campbell County or Morgan County next month and plan on trying to find out what information might be there about her.   I live in California so I don't get there very often.   I would LOVE to know her story!!

Billie Harris - Jun 24, 2012

If you could find out enough about Rebecca, it might make into a good movie

Renee Nazario - Jun 24, 2012

I lived in Oneida Tennessee back in the 70's but knew nothing about my family history back then, wish I did.   My family is the McDonald/Lewallen line and they are all over that area.   Would you please keep an eye out for anything on Zachariah Davis Lewallen and Nancy McDonald Lewallen.   Good luck and safe trip.   Renee

I found excerpts from a book that is no longer in publication written my a former school teacher and a Lewallen.   It is mentioned on the Scott County book page.   If you do not have it you might look if they have a copy.   It is called "County Scott and It's Mountain Folk" by Esther Sharp Sanderson, published in 1958 and rereleased in 1972 she was the daughter of Caroline Llewaylln and Joseph Sharp.   Esther 1896-1979.   The excerpt reads After the Llewellyn clans, who ruled Wales, were overcome by english rulers, they were banished to North Carolina.   Do not know for sure that is in the book I am only writing what I found on the RootsWeb:   RICE-SOUTHERN-L[Rice-Southern-L] All the Lucys in Thomas and Marcy's Line web page.  

Zachariah was born April 26, 1822 do you have a month of birth for Matthew?   Maybe Zachariah was another son-at this point I am open to any reasonable answer.

Billie Harris - Jun 24, 2012

Renee, you seem to have a great deal on the Rice family.   Some of us thing that it's possible the mother of Anderson Lewallen of Prince Edward County could have been a Rice.   Anderson is a given name for at least one of the earlier Rice fellows.  

If you ever come across a female without a mate who could have possibly been a mother for Anderson (born about 1764 which would make her born ca 1745), would you post it.   It's possible her name was Mary.

Renee Nazario - Jun 25, 2012


You might try looking at this persons Rice history.   The address does not highlight, but if you type it in the address bar it will come up.   The print is really small and it is 19 pages long. http://dickfrench.tripod.com/id7.html

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jun 25, 2012

I have seen the book you mentioned.   At the time I wasn't looking for Rebecca.   I will try to find it again and see what it says about Anderson, Lucy, Rebecca, etc.   It did not mention Matthew.   The only information about Matthew's birth is 1821 in TN....that means it could be 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822.   I find that the records are not always
completely accurate.   One family tree on ancestry.com has Zachariah listed as a son to Anderson & Lucy...not likely...Anderson would have been 58 & Lucy 51.   So it is
possible that he was a grandson.   It is interesting that he has the Davis name.

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Jul 2, 2012

I was contacted by another Lewallen researcher who is a McDonald/Lewallen.   She is also wondering about Zachariah Lewallen & the marriage record that says Zachariah Davis.   She is going to try to find a male relative that would submit DNA.   I will be inviting her to our site as soon as I get the email that she wants to use.   Wouldn't it be great if we could find the Davis/Lewallen DNA connection?   Billie, I will let you know as soon as I send the invitation.   I invited another Luallen researcher two weeks ago but I don't think he has responded yet.

Renee Nazario - Jul 2, 2012


Which child of Zachariah and Nancy is she through?

Darlene Luallen Griffin - Nov 11, 2013

Renee, After years of searching I think I have found the answer to who Rebecca Lewallen was!  
I was searching the web and found "Southern Campaign American Revolution Penson Statements and Rosters".   These are transcripts regarding the pension application for JosephDavis, father of Malinda Davis Lewallen.   Elizabeth Davis is Joseph's widow. "Affiant further declares that said Elizabeth Davis, his mother, died on or about the 16th day of December in the year 1851 and that she left the following named only surviving children, Walter Davis, Rebecca
Lewallen, Milly Lewallen and the affiant in this declaration...S/Robert L. Davis."   So Rebecca Davis Lewallen is a sister to Malinda Davis Lewallen.   She could still be my Matthew's mother,but my theory that she was unmarried was wrong.   If everyone will recall, after DNA testing Renee's Zachariah Davis Lewallen and my Matthew Lewallen (both born in early 1820s and living in Scott Co, TN in 1850) matched each other as well as Davises and Sessions, but no other Lewallens.   Just one more piece of the puzzle!