Billie: Andrew Jackson Lewallen

Renee Nazario - Jul 31, 2012

When I was on findagrave I noticed the Andrew Jackson Lewallen obituary that said his daughter H.A Pearson and his son Albert Lewallen of Lorenzo, Texas as of 1937.   My great-great uncle and his wife are buried at the Lorenzo Cemetery in Lorenzo, Texas.   This is the first time I have run accross another line going to Lorenzo.   Harrison Lewallen 12-08-1851 Tennessee (son of Zachariah) died 12-12-1918 in Lubbock Texas of a brain tumor after one year of being at the Lubbock State Hospital and is buried in Lorenzo and his wife Margaret Harriet Kenney Lewallen 04-26-1822 Tennessee and 12-06-1918 died of the flu one week before Harrison died and is burried in Lorenzo Cemetery.   They did contract farming, which may explain going to Lorenzo.   His daughter Laura Bell Lewallen 1876-1968 married an Aycock and she, he and their family are buried at the Lubbock Cemetery Lubbock, Texas.   Our family keeps crossing paths.   (Kenney family farm is where Michael Lewallen is buried in Temple).   Laura Bell Lewallen Aycock husband Wiley Darden Aycock and family moved to Lubbock around 1930.   Who else in your family is buried around Lorenzo/Ralls/Lubbock area?   Renee

Billie Harris - Jul 31, 2012

Glad you posted that.   Gives me more information for the descendants of Wiley Lewallen.

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I've corresponded with descendants of Andrew Jackson Lewallen and, in fact, one of his sons was Harold Lewallen.   When I first started working on the line, I corresponded with Harold's wife Gladys (Harold had already passed away).   Gladys was a well-known china painting artist in Texas.   At the time, I was doing oil paintings though nothing as good as what she could do.   But to make a long story short, she sent me two of her handpainted charger plates and a sugar dish she had painted.   I still have them and am looking at one of the plates as I write this.   They lived in San Angelo, had three children but one died before she did.   I believe her son still lives in San Angelo.

I also corresponded for years with Clara Pearson and have phoos of all the family in that Lewallen binder I can't seem to find anymore.   If I could, I'd put the photos on here to preserve them somewhere.

I still haven't been able to find out who the father was for Wiley Lewallen and sure wish we could.   He was born somewhere between 1795 and 1805.   The census records vary, but he was born in North Carolina.

Renee Nazario - Jul 31, 2012

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There is quite a bit of information there when you start clicking on the associated names.   More Obits and such.   Glad I could help.   Renee

My uncle Bennie Lewallen who just died in December 2011 lived in Abilene but he also had a farm/ranch in Coleman, too bad he is gone or I could ask him if he knew the familes listed in the obits. If I ever talk to his son again I will ask if his father ever mentioned them.