FROM THE BEGINNING - Charles City Co., Amelia, Prince Edward, etc

Billie Harris - Aug 30, 2012


First, the county formations:

             Part formed PRINCE GEORGE
                   Part of Prince George formed AMELIA
                         Amelia formed PRINCE EDWARD

         Albemarle and Lunenburg County formed          
             BEDFORD COUNTY
                   Bedford County formed CAMPBELL
                         (Campbell is almost next to PRINCE EDWARD)

If my conclusions below are correct, this would be the genealogy for those in Charles City, Amelia and Prince Edward County, Bedford and Campbell counties, VA  

First into Charles City County died 1663/4
Wife Anne.   Children:

1.   DANIEL   Died 1712.   Married Jane Stith, daughter of Drury Stith.   Had one daughter, no sons.
   (1)   ELIZABETH married Francis Eppes.   They had one son:
           A.   LLEWELLYN EPPES

Married James Crews who was a member of Bacon's Rebellion and was hung.   He made his Will 1676 and by that time, Margaret had passed away.   They had no children.

3.   MARTHA   JONES.   Married Richard Jones.   son:

Daniel left no surviving   male descendants.

Was probably born about 1680-90.   Died prior to 1730.  
Had sons:

1.   THOMAS     died 1752 Amelia County
   Wife Susannah (May have been a Burke but nothing to substantiate it)   .   The
   Amelia County Will book shows the estate settlement of Thomas  
   who died 23 June 1752.   Settled by Samuel Tarry.   Names mentioned:  
   Jesse Lewelling, Charles Burke, Robert Holderness, John Nash, Col Cobbs,
   William Craddock, Richard Burke and Mr. Ligon (for coffin and digging grave).  
   In 1753 William craddock sold 70 acres on Sandy River to Susannah  
   and Jesse   her son.   It was her land during her widowhood and
   after her marriage or death, it went to Jesse.
   On august 3, 1789, Jesse   of the County of Wake, State of North
   Carolina, sells to Richard Phillips of the county of Prince Edward, State of Virginia,
   for L25 70 acres of land in P.E. County adjoining the land of said Richard Phillips,
   etc.     This would indicate Jesse had moved to Wake County, N.C. by 1789 and
   that his mother, Susannah had either died or remarried by that time, probably

   (1)   JESSE   wife's name not known.   See above.   Jesse had
           moved to Wake County, North Carolina, by 1789.   The Will of his son,
         John in 1787 provides the names of his children.
           A.   JOHN died 1787.   His Will appoints his father, Jesse, as
                 executor.   It also gives the names of his siblings.
           B.   JESSE .   Jesse was under age in 1787.   He married
               Delpha Fogarty March 30, 1795; Anderson Lewelling was the bondsman
               and J. Rice the witness..
           C. CLARBORNE   was born prior to 1766 in Amelia or Prince
               Edward County.   Sometime between 1806 and 1810 he moved from
               Wake County, NC where he owned property, to Warren County, KY.   He
               lived there until about 1816 when he moved to Maury County, TN.   He
               died   in Maury County between 1820 and 1825.   The following
               information is from Sue Cooper, a professional researcher:
               Children of CLAIBORNE LEWALLEN and unknown are:
               a.   AARON LEWALLEN born ca 1797 NC, married Sallie Young Jan.
                     1819 Williamson County, TN.
               b.   ELIJAH LEWALLEN born ca 1799 NC
               c.   FEMALE LEWALLEN born between 1790-1800
               d.   REBECCA LEWALLEN born ca 1790.   Married Gideon Mills 29 Dec.
                     1821 Maury co. TN; died 29 Aug 1829 Maury County
               e.   NANCY LEWALLEN born 1801.   Married Nicholas McMillion 27 July
                     1820 Maury County, TN.
               f.   ELENORA LEWALLEN born 1806 NC.   Married William Garrett 5 Aug.
                   1822 Maury County, TN
               g.   ELIZABETH LEWALLEN born 1808 N.C.   Married Alexander Young
                     Dec. 1828
               h.   MALE LEWALLEN born 1811-1819
               i.   MALE LEWALLEN born 1811-1819
               j.   FEMALE LEWALLEN born 1811-1819
               k.   FEMALE LEWALLEN born 1811-1819
               CLAIBORNE married Nancy Hill 1833.   Their children were:
               l.   JOSEPH LEWALLEN born ca 1834 Maury County, TN
               m.   FEMALE LEWALLEN born bet. 1830-1835 Maury County, TN
               n.   FEMALE LEWALLEN born 1830-1835 Maury County, T.
               o.   SUSAN LEWALLEN born ca 1838 Maury County, TN.
           D.   MOSES   Based on the information below, Moses would have
                 been born prior to 1766 and died in Wake County, NC around 1800-1810
                 He married Francis Chumbley 1788.   She continued living in Wake
                 County and probably died there.   There are two deeds for her in Wake
                 County, one in 1819 where she bought 186-1/2 acres from Solomon
                 Roberts and where she sold 50 acres to William   located on
                 Kitts Creek and witnessed by Moses   (her son).   Their children
               a.   MOSES   JR born November 11, 1794 Wake County.   On
                   Oct. 27, 1821 in Wake, he married Matilda Oliver.   (See Lucy Oliver
                   who married a Lewallen below)
               b.   WILLIAM   Was living in Wake County 1820 when he
                     bought   50 acres from Francis, his mother.
               c.   JOHN   possibly.   Was bondsman for the marriage of
                     Rhoda   to John Scogin in 1815 in Wake County.
               d.   RHODA   possibly.   In 1816 she married John Scogin,
                     bondsman John   witness Nath'l J. Pride.   (This marriage is
                     also recorded in Orange County so whether they were married in Wake
                     or in Orange, I'm not sure.)

2   RICHARD died 1752 Amelia County

3   DANIEL   married Mary Burke/Burkes 1736
   He names only one son in his Will - Richard, however, he does mention his and his
   wife's children so there were others.   Richard may have been the youngest.  

   (1)   FREEMAN (Possibly)
         Was in the French Indian War (1754-63) so probably was born around
         1740.   He died by 1806 in Prince Edward county.   His wife was Mary.  
           Her Will is dated in Bedford County   Jan. 16, 1826 and probated May
           22 of that year.   It named a son William A. and Lucy Oliver's children.  
         A.   WILLIAM A.  
             Wife was Frances S..   In Feb. 1826, he sold 50 acres to Thomas R.
             Oliver, (possibly husband of Lucy...see   following) waters of Little
             Otter in Bedford County.
         B.   LUCY OLIVER
             Married Thomas Oliver.   They were in Bedford County, VA 1820 with
             a.   MALE born 1810-20
             b.   MALE born 1810-20
             c.   FEMALE born 1810-20
         C.   SUSANNAH   (Possibly)

   (2)   RICHARD
           If the youngest, he would have been the Richard who was born 1763 and
           died   in   Anderson County, Tennessee.   He was married at least twice,
           however,   we only have the name of his last wife, Paraseda Vowell, whom
           he married in Anderson County 1818.   The 1830 census shows him with
           2 males under 5;   1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30; 1 male 60-70
           (born 1760-70); 1   female under 5; 1 female 5-10; 1 female 10-15; 1
           female 15-20; 1 female   20-30; 1 female 30-40 ( on page 175 of census
           with John)  
           1833 - Per his Revolutionary War records, Richard   died.  
           He owned 200 acres on Cane Creek which he received from being in the
           He was born 1763 in Prince Edward County, Virginia where he served in
           the   militia. Rev. War Pension File National Archives, Washington, D C.  
           His estate   settlement shows he had dealings in Knox County.
           Pension file shows Richard Lewallen   - Anderson -   A.K.A. LUALLEN.
           Private, Virginia Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance $43.56 Amount Received
           June 26 1833     Pension Started Age 71 Died May 8 1833 (1835 Tn Pension
           Roll) Born 1763 in   Prince Edward County, Virginia where he served in the
           militia.   Died 1844,   Anderson County, TN (Rev War Pension File, Snyder E.
           Roberts' Revolutionary   War Soldiers of Anderson County Tennessee.  
           In 1838 there was a guardianship:
           I,   Enoch Foster Guardian of ALEXANDER M. LUALLEN, NANCY LEWALLEN,    
           LEWALLEN, minor heirs of RICHARD LEWALLEN deceased do hereby
           report to your worship on   account of all the Estate of said Minor Heirs
           of said which has come to my hand   or possessions of Guardian
           (to wit)   Received of CHARLES LEWALLEN   administrator of the Estate
           of Richard Lewallen deceased in promissory Notes   payable to Myself
           as Guardian as aforesaid on different individuals Made Same   by Security
           as I believe to be the amount. $1110.18   Sworn to in Open Court
           William Cross, Clk   Enoch Foster
           A.   JOHN       Shown in 1830 census with 2 males 5-10 years,
               1 male 40-50 (born 1780-90); 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15; 2
                 females   15-20, 1 female 30-40 (on page 175 of census, as was
                 Richard, following.     Neighbors included Wm Martin, Michael Clardy,
                 Wm. Severs, Edwards,   Vowell (note Richard's 2nd or 3rd wife was a
                 Vowell)   Webb, Huckabee,   Millican, Smith, Lenard   iIn 1833 he and
                 his wife, Nancy and daughter   Elizabeth joined the Baptist church.
                 a.   ELIZABETH LEWELLING
           B.   ELIZABETH   In 1818 she married Calvin M Slover
           C.   CHARLES   born 1790-1800   shown in the 1830 census with:
               a.   MALE born 1810-15
               b.   MALE born 1825-30
               Also on the census page was Benjamin Weaver, Mary Edwards, Millakin,
               Henry Taylor, Churchwell Jackson.
           D.   PATTON   Born 1797 and died Decatur, Iowa.   He married
               Jemima Smith (born 1800-1810).   In 1830 they were living in Anderson
               County, TN, and moved to Mercer County,Missouri prior to 1840.  
               Decatur, Iowa borders Mercer County.   The names of their children
               comes from the obituary of Mary Ann Cox.   Not sure which of the sons
               was born these years but the 1830 census shows a male born 1815-20,
               a male born 1820-25, a male born 1820-25, a male born 1825-30 and
               another born 1825-30.
                 a.   MARY ANN COX (Mrs. Absolom Cox
                 b.   ELIZABETH TIPTON,
                 c.   DANIEL ,
                 d,   FREEMAN  
                 e.   JOHN  
                 f.   SARAH PATTON,
                 g.   POLLY VOWELL,
                 h.   CYNTHA
                 i.   PEYTON  
                 j.   WILLIAM  
           E.   ALEXANDER M., a minor in 1838
           F.   NANCY , a minor in 1838
           G.   DANIEL   a minor in 1838
           H.   JESSE , a minor in 1838
           I.   LOUISA , a minor in 1838
           J.   FREEMAN , a minor in 1838        

   (3)   ANDERSON   (Possibly)
           Born Prince Edward County, VA ca 1764, possibly before
           Died ca 1825 Morgan County, TN.
           Married Lucy Rice in Prince Edward Co. June 8, 1784
           Bought 72 acres of land in P.E. County.   Witnesses to the transaction were
           Richard and Jesse .   His land adjoined John 's which was
           in part in Prince Edward County and in part Amelia County.
           The 1800 census shows:
             FEMALE born 1790-1800
             FEMALE born 1790-1800
             FEMALE born 1790-1800
             MALE born 1790-1800   (this would be Andrew)
             MALE born 1790-1800 (this would be Joel)
             MALE born 1790-1800
           A.   ANDREW   (Lutian given as middle name, no documentation
                 to support it)   Born Oct. 7, 1793 Wake County, NC.   Shown in Wayne
                 County,   KY census for 1860 living next to John (his brother)   and next
                 to Walter Davis Lewelling (his son).   Andrew also known as "Shade."
               Married Malinda Elizabeth Davis ca 1814.   The 1860 census shows him
                 living with Malindaage Lewelling age 29, William Slavin age 17 male Born
                 Ky.; Rebecca Lewallen age 58 female born Tenn.; Marlin Lewallen
                 Age 22 male born Tenn.  
               a.   ELIZABETH   born Aug 11, 1818 Morgan TN.   M. Matthew
                     Young.   Children Malinda Lewallen, Mary Steel, Nancy Bell
               b.   HEROD   born ca 1818 TN.   In 1860 he lived in Fentress
                     County, TN with his wife Phebe (age 41), children Andrew 20, Mira
                     A 18,   William 16, Amanda 13, Refus 6, Velina 3, Farzina 4/12.  
                     In 1870 he lived in Adair   Co.,   KY with is wife Lucy, same age
                     and children Rufus and Vina.   Children:  
                     1.   ANDREW   born 1840
                     2.   MIRA A.   born 1842
                     3.   WILLIAM   born 1844
                     4.   AMANDA   born 1847
                     5.   RUFUS   born 1854.   In 1880 he lived in Adair County, KY
                         with his wife Mary, daughter Phoebe and son William J.   The
                         1910 census has the family in Cleburn county, Arkansas showing
                         him as Rufus B born 1857 TN, wife Mary born 1859.   Children:
                         (1)   SETH, born ca 1893
                         (2)   SIDNEY born , 1896
                         (3)   ELMER born 1999.
                         In the household was also Myrtle and Robert Lusk.
                     6.   VINA   born 1857
               c.   NANCY MALINDA YOUNG
               d.   ANDREW RUSSELL
               e.   WALTER DAVIS
                     Born   1831 TN.   Wife Annie born 1832 TN.   Children:
                     1.   ANDREW R.   born 1849 TN
                     2.   NANCY M.   born 1851 TN
                     3.   MARY ANN   born 1853 TN
                     4.   JOHN G.   born 1854 KY
                     5.   SAMUEL   born 1858 KY
                     6.   RHEDA E. born 1857-8 KY.
           B.   JOEL
               Born ca 1800 Wake County, NC.   Died 1885.   Married Rachel Taylor
           C.   WILLIAM
               Born Aug. 9, 1809
           D.   JOHN
               Born Feb. 12, 1812
               Married Delilah Reed. born ca 1816.   In 1860 they were living in Wayne
               County, Kentucky.   On one side Anderson (their son) lived and on the
               other side his brother Andrew lived and Walter Davis lived
               past Andrew.   John married (2) Emley Reed, his 1st wife's sister; their
               children were numbers h. and I.   Children:
                 a.   ANDERSON S. (CASH-UP)
                     Born 1838.     Married (1) Sarah McDonald (born ca 1834) in 1857 and
                     had eight   children.     (2) Nancy McDonald (Sarah's sister) 1869 and
                     had   four children.   (3) Sallie Jane Boyce 1902.   Anderson died
                     1912   Temple, Bell   County, Texas.   The 1860 shows Anderson and
                     Sarah living in 1860 Wayne Co., Ky. where he was a farm
                     laborer.   Next door was John, his father.
                     1.   COLUMBUS, born 1858
                     2.   JAMES B.
                     3.   NANCY ALMIRA
                     4.   JOHN RILEY
                     5.   ALLEN
                     6.   CAMPBELL
                     7.   SHERMAN
                     8.   EFFIE ARLENA
                     9.   SARAH BALZORA
                     10. EBINEZER
                     11. BALSADA
                     12. GRANT  
                 b.   ANDREW   born 1843 TN
                 c.   NANCY   born 1846 TN
                 d.   COLUMBUS   born 1848 TN
                 e.   ELIZA ANN   born 1849 TN
                 f.   LUCINDA   born   1850
                 g.   WILLIAM   born 1853
                 h.   TEXAS
                 i.   TENNESSEE

   (4)   JOHN   (Possibly)
           In 1786 John purchased 50 acres of land, a portion of which was in Prince
           Edward County and a portion in Amelia County.   The land adjoined that of
           Anderson .   Witnesses to the transaction included Richard,
           Anderson and Moses .

   (5)   THOMAS   (Possibly)
           Thomas died 1788.   His 1787 Will leaves everything to his niece, Liddie
           Rice,   daughter of Matthew and Margaret Rice.   Matthew as made the

   (6)   WILLIAM   (Possibly)
           William's 1790 Will in Prince Edward County names his wife Hannah (he
           married Hannah Smith 1783)   and two sons who would have been born
           A.   ENOCH
           B.   AARON

   (7)   MARGARET RICE (Possibly)
           Margaret married Matthew Rice and had at least one daughter.   The
           Will of Thomas   of 1788 leaves his estate to his niece, Liddie
           Rice, daughter of Matthew and Margaret.   Matthew as named the exeuctor
           of the Will.   From this, we know they had one daughter:
           A.   LYDIA (OR LIDDIE) RICE

   (8)   CHARLES
           Wife was Elizabeth.   They had seven children.   He died 1804 in Campbell
           County.   It appears many of his children were either Quakers or married
           Quakers.   Children were PROBABLY:
           A.   CHARLES
               Born 1765-1784.   Married Mary Akers, a Quaker in Nov. 1803.   She
               was possibly the daughter of John Akers.   Charles died April 4, 1826
               in Campbell County and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in
               Lynchburg.   His wife, Mary, died July 29, 1830 and is buried in the
               same cemetery.   They had children:
               a.   FEMALE born   1800-1810
               b.   FEMALE born 1800-1810
               c.   FEMALE born 1800-1810
               d.   MALE born 1800[1810
               e.   MALE born 1810-1820
                 f.   MALE born 1810-1820
               g.   MALE born 1810-1820
                     NOTE:   One of his sons may have been Charles who married Keziah
                     Hall in 1835, Bedford Co.
           B.   GREENBERRY (or Green Berry)
               Born 1770-1794 per census.
               Married Mary Carter 1809.   In 1814 he sold his 1/7th interest in the
               lands of his father, Charles, deceased, that will fall to him after the
               death of his mother, Elizabeth.   There were other land transactions
               and in 1823 he turned land over to the sheriff because he was
               insolvent.   In 1830 he was sent to prison for passing counterfeit
               money.   He served two years and was released.
               The census shows he had the following children:
               a.   MALE born 1810-1820
               b.   FEMALE   born 1810-1820
               c.   FEMALE born 1810-1820  
           C.   JAMES
                 Married Sally Harrison, a Quaker, in 1805.   James was probably
                 deceased by 1817 because that year Anderson   was bound
                 to James Fizer and in 1818 Asa was bound to John Fizer by the
                 overseer of the poor.   In March of 1821, the oversser of the poor
                 was summoned to show why Asa had not been bound.   Anderson
                 and Asa's mother was listed as Sally, and presumably the Sally was
                 Sally Harrison.   The 1850 census for Bedford shows a
                 Sally   age 80 (1770) with Betsy 30 and Sarah 4.
                 a.   ANDERSON
                     Born 1806.   Wife Elizabeth.   By 1840 lived in Monroe County,
                     Virginia, and was living there 1850.  
                     1.   MARY G. B.   born 1841 Virginia
                     2.   ANDERSON A.   bor 1845 Virginia
                 b.   ASA
                     Born 1807 Bedford County, VA.   Died 1860-70 Cedar, MO.
                     On Dec. 10, 1827, Asa marred Lucinda Parker in Bedford co.   The 1850
                     census shows him living in Roanoke, Virginia with his wife Lucinda
                     and their children.   The 1860 census shows them living in Jefferson,
                     Cedar, Missouri.   In the household was his wife Lucinda, children
                     Sarah, Cornia A., Asa O, Lucinda, Jane, Jacob and Nancy.   The 1870
                     census shows Lucinda in Cedar, MO, living with her son Jacob and
                     his wife Margaret.   Also in the same household were Jacob's sisters,
                     Kerannie, Jane, Nancy, Edith Parker (age 39) and Edith's two children,
                     Alonzo Parker age 7 and Edward Parker age 5.
                     1.   JOHN A. born 1830
                     2.   EDITHA E. born 1832, married a Parker
                     3.   SARAH E.   born 1834
                     4.   CARENIA (or Cornia A.)   born 1837
                     5.   ASA A.   born 1840
                     6.   LUCY J.   born 1844
                     7.   JACOB J.   born 1847 married Margaret ?
                     8.   NANCY F. LEWELLING born 1850
               D.   SALLY
                 In 1805 Sally marrid Richard Thurman.   James   was the
                 surety.   They moved to Missouri around 1811 when their daughter
                 was born.   Children:
                   a.   LUCINDA THURMAN
             E.   POLLY
                 Married Ambrose Gills 1812.   James   was the surety.   Quakers
             F.   BETSY H.
                   Married Richard Baugh 1816

Documentation follows.


There was more than one family of Lewellings, Lewallens, Llewellyns, Flewellyns in the colonies and it's a matter of sorting through to see if there's a connection.   So far, it appears one of the branches commenced in Charles City County.  

Here's the way I've pieced the family together.   Below you'll find the documentation
which, hopefully, supports what I'm writing.


The very first Lewellin to arrive in Charles City County was Daniel. in 1633.   He was from Chelmsford, Essex, England and was a headright.   (Headrights were granted to anyone who would pay for the transportation costs of a laborer or indentured servant; they received 50 acres per person).   He married Ann Hallom.     He's listed as a "captain" so must have traveled back and forth to England because there's information that in 1642 he arrived and   and settled near   Shirley Hundred on the river to Dockman's Creek.   On that ship, there was also a   Jno. Lewallin but no information exists on a Jno. Lewallin..    

In 1642, Daniel Lewellyn, "gent" received 856 acres described as: The Northermost part beg. Above Mrs. Heyman, N. on the upper branches of Turkey Island Cr. And S. on the head of Mr. Aston’s land.   The southernmost part extending to Mr. Aston and W. upon Joseph Royall between Dockermans Cr. And Sherley Hundred."   He received this land for transporting 17 people including a Frances Hallome.   In 1645 he received another 270 acres same general area for transporting more people.

1650 there was a survey of the "Rich Level" portion of Shirley Hundred for a James Llewellen.   No further mention of a James Llewellyn in any document.   It's possible neither James nor the Jno. named above stayed in the colonies or if they did, they must have died.

Daniel received land again in 1653 (200 acres), 1655 (270 acres) and he sold 60 acres in 1656.  

In 1663/4 Daniel died, apparently in England.
         Daniel Llewellyn of Chelmsford, Essex, England, Planter of Charles City County, Virginia.   Will dated February 6th 1663/4, proved March 11th 1663/4
“Lands, tenements, heriditaments, in Charles County in upper part of James River in Virginia, to wife Anne for life, then to son Daniel Llewellyn.   Ditto as to goods but to daughter Martha Llewellyn Jones, Daniel’s sister, two seasoned servants.   Also to son Daniel Llewellyn best suite, cloake, coate, and hatt, second best hatt with sivver hatband, all Linnen and my sayle Skinn Truncke, to friend Mary Elsing of Chelmsford, spinster, for care, one of best white rugs and my piece of Dowlas, saving sufficient for a winding sheet to bury mee.   To Mary Deerington of Chelmsford, widow, one of worst white rugs.   To daughter Margaret Llewelyn Cruse 40 shillings for ring and to her husband ditto.   To son-in-law (stepson) Robert Hallam ditto.   To Master Chr. Salter living in Wine Court without Bishipgate and Anne, his wife, 10 shillings each for gloves.   Goods sent over from Virginia this spring and summer to be sold for debts due, rest to son Daniel.”

From this we see he left a wife, Anne, a son Daniel, two daughters, Martha Jones (husband was Richard - also some sources give as Robert - Jones) and Margaret Cruse.   As an aside, Margaret's husband was said to have been James Crews who was involved in Bacon's rebellion and was hanged.   He left his Will in 1676 and didn't name a wife or children which means Margaret had died prior to this time and left no surviving children.

Daniel Lewellen, Jr., son of Daniel, continued acquiring property in Charles City County.   Daniel Jr. must have left a Will because there's an extraction from it of 1710 which says he bequeathed the "Rich Level" plantation to his grandson Llewellin Epses.   There was a provision that if Llewellin Epes died without issue, the property was to go to his nephew, Richard Jones.

Daniel died in 1712.   He lived about an hours ride from Westover where William Byrd lived.     In William Byrd's diary, he writes on June 22, 1712, "I heard this day that Capt. Llewellin died on Thursday last which surprized me because I knew not that he had been sick."   Two days later, Colonel Epes wrote inviting Byrd to Llewellin's funeral on the 26th.   "It was very cool, that my wife and I resolved to go to the funeral of Captain Llewellyn.   About 11 o'clock we sent in the   coach and got there soon after 12.   There were abundance of people.   Mr. Anderson gave us a sermon.   We had wine and biscuits according to custom.   We stayed there till 6 o'clock and then returned and our horses performed very well."

From the extract, Daniel Jr. whose wife was Jane Stith,   left no sons surviving him because his plantation was left to his grandson, Llewellyn Epes/Eppes (son of Francis and Elizabeth Llewellyn Eppes) and if his grandson died without issue, the property was to go to his nephew, Richard Jones.   This would be the son of Martha, his sister.   Since he left nothing to a descendant of Margaret Crews, we can assume she did, in fact, die before her husband was hanged for his involvement with Nathaniel Bacon.   There was no mention of sons.

Then we come to RICHARD LEWELLING.

The earliest document we have for Richard in Charles City County was 1714.   Daniel was somehow related to Daniel Lewelling because that year he received 278 acres adjoining Drury Stith.   Drury Stith was Daniel Lewellen Jr's father-in-law.   It is possible Richard was a son of one of those Lewellings mentioned above - John or James and one of them may have been a brother to Daniel Sr.   We don't know how Richard obtained that property but it would be helpful to find that out.   Because of the odd amount (8 acres), it wouldn't have been for transporting people to the colonies..   But one way or the other, Richard was in Charles City County and was somehow related to Daniel, perhaps a cousin?

Richard was in Prince George County 1713 when he witnessed a Will.   In 1723 he acquired 209 acres on Warwick Swamp and the last mention of him was 1728 when he witnessed a Will.

In 1722 Richard acquired 296 acres adjoining is old land in Charles City County.   He must have died prior to 1730 because that year   "THOMAS FLEWELLIN of Westover Parish, Charles City Co., to Benjamin Harrison of same, for 5 pounds, land on West side of Herring Creek Swamp, being part of a tract   Richard FLEWELLIN, father of said Thomas , etc. signed by Thomas FLEWELLIN, 6 Jan."

There are no more references to any Lewallens or Flewellins in Charles City County nor in Prince George after 1730 which means Thomas had to have moved someplace else.

Fast forward to Prince Edward County, Virginia.

The first record we have in Amelia is the fact in 1752 Richard Lewelling is listed in Wills and Administrations.   When exactly he died, we don't know and so far, no one has found a Will or the administration papers for his estate.    

That same year Thomas died.   The only son listed in the administration of Thomas' estate is Jesse Lewelling.

It's POSSIBLE the Richard of Charles City County had, in addition to a son Thomas, a son Richard who died 1752, and a son Daniel.  

At this point, I'm inclined to put the genealogy as:

       RICHARD LEWELLING of Charles City County who died by 1730
       His sons:
       1.   THOMAS LEWELLING   Died 1752
       2.   RICHARD LEWELLING   Is listed in Wills and Administration 1752
       3.   DANIEL LEWELLING   married Mary Burkes 1736.   See information on Daniel below.

                                               THOMAS LEWELLING

 There's nothing telling us definitely who his father was but by process of elimination, Thomas had to have been the son of Richard mentioned 1730 Charles City County.  

   Thomas died 1752.    
   Will Book 1, Amelia County, Wills 1735-1761, Bonds 1735-1754, by Gibson Jeffers McConnaughey shows:
   William Craddock, administrator for THOMAS LEWELLIN, deceased.   May 28, 1752.
   THOMAS LEWELLING, estate returned June 25, 1752, value 15/5/1, settlement mentions JESSE LEWELLIN, CHARLES BURK, John Nash, William Craddock and RICHARD BURK and Mr. Ligon (for coffin and digging grave) among others.

   Charles Burk is the father of Daniel Lewelling's wife, Daniel being the brother of Thomas - I believe.   And Richard Burk was the son of Charles Burk.   Thomas' wife, Susannah, may have also been a Burk but we haven't uncovered her maiden name to date.   But we do know from the above that Thomas probably had a son Jesse.

   William Craddock of the County of Amelia sells to SUSANNAH LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING, her son of the same county, the following.
       This indenture made this County fourth day of May in Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty three between William Craddock of the County of Amelia of the one part and Susannah Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling her Son of the same County of the other part Witnesseth that the said William Craddock for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Susannah Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling her Son __ receipt whereof he the said William Craddock doth hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold aliened released and confirmed and by those presents do grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said Susannah Lewelling for and during her life or widowhood and after her death or marriage to her son Jesse Lewelling and to his heirs and assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Amelia containing seventy acres be the same more or less and is all the land that lies on the South side of a small branch that makes out of a Great Branch of Sandy River and is part of a tract of two hundred and eighteen acres of land granted to the said William Craddock by patent bearing late the tenth day of October one thousand seven hundred and fifty two and all the estate   rite title intrust was ___ property claim and demand of him the said William Craddock on in and to the said land and promises and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders hereofwith there and every of there appurtenance unto the said Jesse Lewelling and his heirs assigns forever after the death or marriage of his mother Susannah Lewelling to the only proper use and ___ of him the said Jesse Lewelling his heirs assigns forever and the said William Craddock for himself his heirs executors and administrators do covenant grant and agree to and with the said Susannah and Jesse Lewelling her Son his heirs and assign in manner and form following that is to say that Mr. William Craddock now is and ___ ___ and ritefully seized of the aforesaid land and promises with the appurtenances and hath good ritefull power and absolute authority to grant and convey the same to the said Susannah and Jesse Lewelling and to his heirs and assigns forever and that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Jesse Lewelling his heirs and assigns and every of them from time to time and at all times forever hereafter. After the death or marriage of his Mother Susannah Lewelling to have __ __ occupy possess and enjoy all and singular the above mentioned land and promises with there and every of her appurtenances free and clear of and from all encumbrances. Whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever by those present defend & witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
     William Craddock
Signed sealed and delivered
in presents of (no names)
         Memorandum that __ and __ of the within granted land and promises was made by the within named William Craddock to the within named Susannah and Jesse Lewelling according to the form and effect of the within deed.
     William Craddock
         Received May 24th 1753 of Susannah and Jesse Lewelling the __ money mentioned in the within Deed.           William Craddock
         At Court held for Amelia County the 24th day of May 1753 William Craddock __ into ___ and presented and acknowledged this his Deed for land and livery and __ and receipt endorsed __ to Susanna and Jessee Lewelling which is ordered to be recorded.
       Samuel Cobbs, Clerk

Assuming Jesse was an adult when that real estate took place and was at least 21 years old, he would have been born about 1730, however, it's possible he was older.  


We have the following documentation in which Jesse is named:

1.     Amelia County
   1786 - Apr 29 Abraham Forrest of Amelia County sells to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING

2.     Amelia County
   1788 - MOSES LEWELLING married Frances Chumbley.   JESSE LEWELLING was the bondsman.  

3.   Prince Edward County
   1785 - ANDERSON LEWELLEN is shown right next to JESSE LEWELLEN and WILLIAM LEWELLEN as well as MATTHEW RICE.   Matthew Rice was probably Anderson's brother-in-law since he married a MARGARET LLEWELLYN/Lewelling.   Anderson is shown with 3 whites 0 dwellings, 0 buildings.   William is shown with 4 whites, 1 dwelling, 0 other buildings.   Jesse is shown with 8 whites, one dwelling 0 other buildings..   Matthew Rice is shown with 6 whites, 2 dwellings, 1 other building.

   We know Anderson and William couldn't have been Thomas' sons because he died 1752 and Anderson   (and probably William) wasn't born until the 1760's .   Neither would have been the sons of Jesse per Jesse's son's Will so we need to consider Daniel and Mary Burke as the parents or grandparents.

4.   Prince Edward County
   1786 - Abraham Forrest of Amelia County VA sold to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses to the transaction were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING.    

5.   Prince Edward County
   1787 - JOHN LEWELLIN –  Will dated 29 Oct. 1787; proved 16 June 1788.  
Brothers:   (1)   JESSE LEWELLIN (under age); (2) CLARBORNE LEWELLIN (3) MOSES LEWELLEN.   Father:   JESSE LEWELLIN. Executor, father JESSE LEWELLIN.   Witnesses:   Edmund Todd, NANCEY LEWELLIN   and NANNY LEWELLIN

6.   Prince Edward County
   1788 - Jan. 14   MOSES LEWELLING married Frances Chumbley, dau of John Chumbley.   Sur.   JESSE LEWELLING  

7.   Wake County, North Carolina
   1789 -   “Deed Book 8 (1788-1790” page 188 shows that on Aug. 3, 1789, JESSE LEWELLING of the County of WAKE, State of NORTH CAROLINA, sells to Richard Phillips of the County of Prince Edward, State of Virginia …”

8.   Wake County, North Carolina
   1790 - Census shows:   MIOSES LUALIN (one male under 16, one male over and one female) and JESSE LOALAN

9.   Wake County
     -   Date unknown but between 1771 and 1796 A deed from JESSE LEWELLEN to MOSES LEWELLEN proved by George Barbee

10.   Wake County
   1795 - JESSE LEWELLEN married Delpha Fogaty (sic) 30 March; bondsman ANDERSON LEWELLEN; witness J. RICE

11.   Wake County
   1797 - December     A deed from JESSE LUELLEN SENR to JESSE LUELLEN JNR was in open Court duly proved by the Oath of Going Barbee a witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered.

12.   Wake County
   1800 - Census shows, Hillsborough District:
JESSE LEWELLINin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 16-26 (1774-1784), 1 female 26-45 (1755-1774)
ANDERSON LEWELLIN, 3 males 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45,(1755-1774)   3 females 0-10, 1 female 16-26
FRANCIS LEWELLIN, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 16-26 (1774-1784)    

NOTE:   Sometime between 1797 and 1800 Jesse Lewelling must have passed away or moved, but most likely passed away since the Jesse in the census was born between 1774-1784.   Jesse Sr. did have a son who was a Jr.

13.   Wake County
   1804 -1807, Book VI   JESSE LUELLEN sold to Joseph Alley some property  

14.   Wake County
     1806 - JESSE LEWALLEN sold 50 acres to Moses Roberts on 3 Sept 1806, Recorded Deed Bk T, pg 393.   This property joined MOSES LEWELLING's corner.   The description mentions Moses' corner but since he isn't named in the census, it would have still been referred to as his even if he was deceased.   And Moses Jr was not old enough in 1806 to be mentioned in a deed.   Property is on Kitts Creek Wake County

There was a Jesse showing in Morgan County, Tennessee, 1827 and 1828, but was it the above Jesse?



Some references to Moses is listed above.   See numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 regarding Thomas.

1.   Wake County, NC
     In 1790's census, there was only one male child in the household.  

2.   Wake County, NC
   1800 census shows: :
Jesse Lewellin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 16-26 (1774-1784), 1 female 26-45 (1755-1774)
Anderson Lewellin, 3 males 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45,(1755-1774)   3 females 0-10, 1 female 16-26
Francis Lewellin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 16-26 (1774-1784)

   If Francis is the   Frances Chumbley, wife of Moses, then the age showing in the census wouldn't be correct.   But at this point, Francis almost has to be his wife, yet where does she get the money to purchase land as you'll note in the following transactions?  

   In 1804 Amelia County, Moses Lewelling married Sally Grant.   Moses Jr., if born 1788/9, wouldn't have been old enough to have been this particular Moses marrying Sally Grant.     In 1840, there was a Moses Lewelling living in Jennings County, Indiana, aged 50-59 (1781-1790).   The 1850 census shows him born North Carolina and   his wife as Matilda.   Noting the spelling of this last name, a guess is that he was from the family of William Lewelling who died in Randolph County, North Carolina 1799.   Their surname seems to have been consistently spelled with the "ing" at the end.

   There doesn't seem to have been a record of another Moses that would have been the son of Jesse in North Carolina, in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, etc. so it would appear he did pass away in North Carolina.  

3.   Wake County NC
   1810 - Francis Lewellin made a purchase at the Estate sale of Aaron Johnston, dec'd on   13 May 1810.  

4.   Wake County NC
   1811 - Francis Lewellin and Aaron Roberts attended an Estate sale on 13 Sept of Edmund Ford and made a purchase.   Note Edmund D. Ford named above.   He is also witness to the Wills of Richard Lewallen 1785 and Thomas Lewallen 1787 in Prince Edward County.   (Note John Lewellen married Nancy Roberts - any connection?)

5.   Wake County NC
   1816 - Rhody Lewellen married John Scogin 5 February; bondsman John Lewellen, witness Nathl J. Pride (This marriage is also recorded in Orange County, N.C.)
   Was Rhody and John children of Moses Sr?   There doesn't appear to have been any other Lewellens in the county at the time.

6.   Wake County, NC
   1819 - Francis Lewallen bought 186 1/2   acres from Solomon Roberts, witnessed by Aaron Roberts.   (A little triangle as his mark.)   This property also joins Aaron Roberts.   Deed Bk 3, pg 195   (Note the mentions of Roberts above.)

7.   Wake County, NC
   1820 - Francis Lewellen sold 50 acres to William Lewellen on 17 May.   Francis signed with an X, MOSES LEWELLEN, one of the witnesses, also signed with an X.   Mitchell Oliver also signed as witness.   The property was located on Kitts Creek.   (Claiborne Lewallen also lived on Kitts Creek)

8.   Wake County, NC
   1821 - MOSES LEWELIN married Matilda Oliver Oct. 27



Clairborne Lewallen would have been born prior to 1766.  

1.   Wake County, North Carolina
     1806 - Deed Bk T, pg 370 7 August 1806, Claborne Lewelling sold to Edmund D. Ford 50 acres.   This property adjoins Thomas Johnson.   (Gibson Mainord was one of the witnesses to this deed and he moved to Tennessee)   (Note Edmund D. and Eliza Ford were witnesses to the Will of of a Lewallen in Prince Edward County.

2.     Wake County, North Carolina
   1806 - Deed Bk U, pg 370, 12 September 1806, Claborn Lewelling sold to James Morris, 95 acres.   This deed was recorded at the May Term 1808

3.   Warren County, Kentucky
   1810 - Census shows Clabourn Lewallen and Wm. Lewallin.   William had been a resident of Warren County since 1799.   He died the year after Clabourn arrived and in 1816, Clabourn moved to Tennessee.

4.   Maury County, Tennessee
   1820 - Census shows Claburn Lewallen with three males under 10, one male over 45 (born prior to 1775), two females under 10, one female 10-16, 3 females 16-26 and one female over 45.  

Note prior to 1825 -:   Maury County Cousins" (Bible Records and Other Records) Volume 2; Under Pauper Coffins pg 274, petition for Claiborn Lewallen "an honest industrious good citizen....for more than three years unable to walk or in any way do for himself by the use of his limbs being taken from him by rheumatic pains.......has a wife and two small children property... no date.   One of the signers was John J. Zollicoffer

A posting on GenForum shows Clabourn had a daughter Elizabeth.

5.   Maury County, Tennessee
   1830 - Claborn Lewalin had a store, on 4 October 1830,   some cloth was purchased and 1 pair of socks (maybe to bury Josiah Lewallen   in?), total $4.2o; plus Claborn had also kept the 2 horses for 3 months.   Claborn submitted a bill to the court for these charges.   There is a receipt showing him paid in full 9 March 1833.   Claborn signed with an X.

Question:   Was this the son of Clabourne?   See the notation just prior about the pauper coffins?

6.   Maury County, Tennessee
   1833 - Claybourne Lewallen married Nancy Hill May 2.   (This would have been Claybourne Jr.)

7.   Maury County, Tennessee
   1840 - Census shows:     Clarbourne Lewellen with 1 male under 5, one male 40-50 (1800-1810) and one male 80-90 (1750-1760); one female under 5, one female 5-10 and one female 40-50.   On same census page:   Samuel Hannah, Andrew Hannah, James Hannah, Leech, Barnett



Jesse was under age in 1787 so he could have been born between 1765-1787.

                                       DANIEL LEWELLING

   Daniel was married 1736 to Mary Burke/Burkes in Prince Edward County.   That same year he received a gift of 200 acres from Charles Burkes which was probably a wedding gift.   The deed reads:

   "This Indenture made this ninth day of September 1736 between Charles Burkes of Amelia County of the one part and Daniel Lewellin of the same County of the other part.   Witnesseth that the said Charles Burkes for his Love and affection which he hath and beareth towards his son Daniel Lewellin above named but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds to him in hand paid the rec'd whereof he hereby acknowledges that given granted and by these presents does feely absolutely and clearly give and grant to the said Daniel Lewellin his heirs and assignees forever Two hundred acres of land lying in the County of Amelia on the lower side of Flatt Creek.   Beginning at a Beach on the head line me-- of Charles Burkes Junr.   Thence along Charles Burkes Junr. Joins to a line of ---trees.   Thence along that line to the said Burkes side.   Line thence up the said line to the beginning it being part of one thousand acres of land granted to the said Charles Burkes, patent togther with all appurtenances to the same belonging to have and hold the aforesaid two hundred acres of land with the afore written premises and all its appurtenances unto the said Daniel Lewellin and his heirs forever.   In witness whereof the said Charles Burkes hath hereunto set his and and seal this day and year above written.
   "Signed, Sealed and Delivered. His mark   Charles C. Burkes
   "In presence of Tho Compton, Edw.d Booker junr, Langford Owen
   "At Court held for Amelia County November 12, 1736 Charles Burkes Senr acknowledged this his Deed to Daniel Lewellin which is ordered to be recorded.
   "Samuel Cobb Cl Ct."
(Note that there's a "C" between Charles and Burkes.   This was without a doubt the "mark" that Charles made and stood for the initial of his first name.

   In 1752, Amelia County, both a Thomas Lewelling and a Richard Lewelling died.   We have some information on Thomas (which includes naming the Burkes), nothing on Richard other than he's listed in the Wills and Administrations.   But more on both of these in a separate posting.

   In 1754 Daniel and his wife, Mary (Burke), signed a document which is found in Deed Book 5, pages 132-133 and reads:

         "This indenture made the fourth day of April in the twenty seventh year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second and in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and fifty four Between Daniel Lewelling of the parish of Raleigh in the County of Amelia of the one part and George Burck of the parish and County aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds currant of Virginia to them in hand paid by the said George Burck at or by the first day of April next ensuring the date hereof the receipt whereof he the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and sold alienes[?] enscoffed?] and confirm unto the said George Burck his heirs and assigns forever all that tract of parcel of land situated lying and being in the parrish of Raleigh and County of Amelia aforesaid on the lower side of the beaver pond branch of Flatt Creek containing by estimation one hundred acres more of less being part of two thousand one hundred and twenty acres granted Samuel Cobbs by patent bearing date the third day of June One thousand seven hundred thirty two and is bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at an Elm in the beaver pond branch of the said creek thense along George Burkes line to Col. Harrissons corner hickory thense along the said Harrissons line to a white oak in the first small branch thence down the said branch as it meanders to the Beaver pond branch near the said Creek thence up the said beaver pond branch to the beginning with all woods underwoods swamps low grounds meadows floodings profit.   Commodities advantages involvements[?] hereditaments[?] and appurtenances whatsoever to the said tract or parcel of land belonging or in any wise… appurtaining and also the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders ranks and services of all and singular the said premises above mentioned and of every part and parcel thereof and all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Daniel Lewelling of in or to the premises or any part thereof to have and to hold all and singular the said tract or parcel of land and premisses above mentioned and every part and parcel thereof with the Appurtenances unto the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behalf of the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns forever and the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary for themselves their heirs and assigns doth covenant and grant to and with the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns that he the said Daniel Lewelling his wife Mary and their heirs shall and will warrant and forever defend the above granted premises from the claim and demand of all persons whatsoever in witness wherefore the said Daniel Lewelling hath hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.
             his   Daniel     x       Lewelling       mark
             her   Mary     x Lewelling           mark
In presents of us Test: Thomas Wren, John Roberts. John Bently
           Memorandum That on the day and year within written full peaceable and quiet possession and seissin of the lands and premises within mentioned was had and taken by the within named Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary and by them Delivered unto the within named George Burck to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of the within Deed.
         his     Daniel     X     Lewelling       mark
         her     Mary     X     Lewelling           mark
In presence of us   Test: Thomas Wren         John Roberts"

   The above shows Daniel and Mary selling 100 acres of the 200 acres given to them by Mary's father, to George Burke.   Raleigh Parish and the property was on Flatt Creek.

   In 1785, Daniel is shown on the Prince Edward County   tax list with four whites, one other and one building.

   Daniel also died   in1785.   His Will is dated February 25 and proved July 18.   Summarized:
       Wife, Mary.   Appoints his son, Richard as Executor.   He leaves to his loving wife Mary Lewellen during her natural life the land and Plantation whereon I now live, together with all my Stocks of Horses, Cattle, Hogs & Sheep with all my Household and Kitchen Furniture and all Plantation utensils of every kind and at her decease I give & Bequeath the said land and Plantation to my son Richard Lewellin to him and his heirs forever my will & desire is that my said wife have full power to Dispose of   & give any of the above mentioned things (the land Excepted) to any of her Children or grandChildren that she shall think most needy in her life time and at her death I do give her full power to dispose of them by will to any of my Children or Grand Children she shall Judge most needy and that her gift be accounted good and Valid as tho it had been my own act............
   Witnessed by Edmund Dayrill Ford, Zachariah Rice and John Vaughn.   Daniel signed with his x.   Edmund D. Ford was security on Richard's bond as Executor.   Presented in court 18 July 1785.
   (Edmund Ford is shown in Wake County, N.C. in connection with antoher of the Lewallens there at a later date.)  

   Notice in the will Daniel refers to his wife's children and grandchildren, then he later calls them his children and grand children so in addition to his son Richard (either his oldest or youngest son), he had other children and grandchildren who weren't named.

   Daniel's Inventory is also recorded at the November 1785 court.   Just the usual furniture, stock and tools of a farmer; he did own some books.

                                       THOMAS LEWELLING
Died Amelia County 1752.
Wife Susannah.   She may have been a Burk although nothing to substantiate it.


From Jesse's son's Will of 1787, we know the names of Jesse's children but we don't know who Jesse's wife was.   His children were John, Moses, Clarborne and Jesse (Jr)


                                       FREEMAN LEWELLING

For info:   Was he a son of Daniel's?   One of his descendants, Charles, named a son Green Berry and living right next to Daniel in Prince Edward County was a Berry Green.   Any coincidence?

Prince Edward County 1780 Freeman Lewelling applied for bounty land for his service in the French Indian War (1754-63).   He served under William Byrd, was a private and entitled to 50 acres.   The land was received 1789 and assigned to Robert Goode

Having served in the War (1754-63), he would have probably been born somewhere around the late 1730's which would make him one of the oldest of Daniel and Mary Burke's children since they married 1736.  

It doesn't appear he ever left Prince Edward County because in 1806 Lucy Lewelling, his daughter, married Thomas Oliver, and it shows her to be the daughter of Freeman Lewelling, deceased.  

SEE Bedford County Virginia.   From that county, it appears Freeman had a son Charles, possibly a daughter Susannah, and Freeman's wife died in that county.

The Anderson County, Tennessee list of Wills shows Freeman, but it probably wasn't this Freeman.   A son perhaps?

Peyton and Jemima (Smith) Lewelling had a number of children, including one named Freeman, one named Daniel, plus:   Mary Ann Cox, Elizabeth Tipton, John Lewallen, Sarah Patton, Polly Vowell, Cyntha Lewallen and Peyton Lewallen.


Campbell County, Virginia

1803 –  Nov. 14/15 CHARLES LEWELLEN married   Mary Akers (Quaker).   Charles Lewellen (b) and John Akers (b).   M.R. 15 November 1803 by Henry Brown lists the groom as Charles Lewallin. (b = bond and w = witness)

1804 - Charles Lewellen (Sr)   is said to have died.   Charles was the father of Greenberry Lewallen who married Elizabeth A. Carter 1809.   He undoubtedly had other children as well, probably Charles who married Mary Akers 1803, as well as James, and Elizabeth (Sally) who married Richard Thurman 1805)   but a copy of his Will hasn't been obtained.

1805 –  Dec. 12 - SALLY LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Richard Thurman, surety JAMES LEWELLEN
1805 –  July 26 –  JAMES LEWELLEN married Sally Harrison (Quaker).   Morrison Bryan (b) and James Lewallen (b); Morrison Bryan (w) and James Bryan (w).

1809 –  Dec. 26 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN married Elizabeth A. Carter (Quaker).   Green B. Lewellin (bond) and William George (bond); William Clement (witness) and William George, Jr. (witness)   It's said they were in Missouri by 1811 when their daughter, Lucinda, was born.

1810 - Census shows:
   CHARLES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 16-26; 3 females 0-10; 1 male 0-10
   JAMES LEWELLEN 16-26; female 16-26; female 0-10

1812 –  Mar. 5 - POLLY LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Ambrose Gills, surety JAMES LEWELLEN (Quaker)   (Question:   Was Polly and Sally (1804) the same person?

1816 –  Dec. 31 -   BETSY H. LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Richard Baugh (Quaker)

1820 –  Census shows:
     CHARLES LEWELLEN 45 up; female 26-45; female 16-26; 2 females 10-16; male 10-16; 3 males 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 26-45; female 16-26
   JAMES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 26-45; female 10-16; 3 females 0-10; 2 males 0-10    
   ELIZABETH LEWELLEN 26-45; 2 females 26-45; 2 males 16-26

1823 –  July 14 -   JOHN LEWELLEN married Elizabeth Bryan (John) (Quaker)

1826 - CHARLES L. LEWALLEN (Jr??) died 4/4/1826 and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg.

1831 - Mary Lewallen died July 29 and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg.

1832 –  Sept. 22 -   JOHN LEWELLEN married Sarah Martin (Quaker)

1843 –  Jan. 19 -   ALFRED LEWELLEN married Frances Walker (Elizabeth)   Surety –  MARCUS LEWELLEN

1844 –  June 10 -   ANN E. LEWELLEN married Maurice Hamersley   (Quaker)

1849 –  Dec. 10 CATHERINE LEWELLEN married Simon P. Akers (Quaker)

Bedford County, Virginia

1814 –  May 13 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Jonathan Cundiff, his 1/7th interest in the lands of his father, CHARLES LEWELLEN, deceased; that will fall to him after the death of his mother, ELIZABETH LEWELLEN; Charles Lewellen’s Will is recorded in Campbell County, Va.   (See Amelia and Campbell Counties)

1817 - December - Anderson Lewellin to be bound to John Fizer.   (This would indicate Anderson Lewellin was the son of Charles Lewellen who had passed away).

1818 - December - Asa Lewellin to be bound to John Fizer (the orders are similar for Asa and Anderson) At the motion of John Watt it is ordered that the overseer of the poor bind Asa Lewellin to John Fizer.
1818 –  Dec. 24 - GREEN B. LEWELLEN from William Hopkins, et ux.   Lots 1 abd   #8 in the town of Little York
1818 - J. Ayres vs G. Lewellin.   Judgment in favor of plaintiff.

1819 –  Jan. 30 -   MARY LEWELLEN (of   Pr. Edw. Co) from Hy Campbell’s heir ? acres, head waters of Little Otter River   (NOTE:   Mary would have been the widow of Freeman.   See 1826)
1819 –  Dec. 6 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN (Mortgaged) to Alex Kasey, personal property
1819 - May   Court order that the indentive bindary Asa Lewellin to John Fizer be ammended in this Viz. that the age of the said Asa Lewellin be inserted as of the age of fifteen the 17th of April last, and the John Fizer be bound to give him that education which is usual to apprentices and the law requires.

1820 –  Census shows, among others:
   SALLY LUALLEN, female 45 up, male 16-26 in the Northern District
   GREEN B. LEWELLEN, 26-45; female 26-45; male 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 0-10 in the Southern District

1821 -   WILLIAM LEWELLEN married Frances Hodges
1821 - Aug. 6 -   WILLIAM J. LEWELLEN married   Susanna Tyler (surety –  John Tyler)
1821 - March   Overseer of the poor summoned to show why Asa Lewellin has not been bound.   (To show cause if any they can why they have not bound Asa Lewellin to John Fizer agreeable to an order of this court. )   (Anderson and Asa’s mother was listed as   Sally Lewellin)

1822 –  Sept. 12 - GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Sheriff J. H. Otey 8-1/4 acres, he declared himself an insolvent debtor and assigned his land to the sheriff to get out of debtor’s prise.

1823 –  Jan. 30.   WILLIAM J. LEWELLEN to James McGline, personal property, including a set of shoemaker’s tools
1823 –  May 28 - MARY LEWELLEN from Hy Campbell’s heirs, 70 acres, joining Mrs.Lewellen’s land on headwaters of Little Otter

1825 - Anderson Johnson Lewallen was born March 30.   He died Jan. 1, 1879 in Hancock Co., IL.

1826 -   Will dated Jan. 16 of MARY LEWELLEN, probated May 22, 1826 named son WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN and Lucy Oliver's children   NOTE:   Mary would have been the widow of FREEMAN LEWELLING because in when Lucy married Thomas Oliver in Prince Edward County, it shows Freeman as being deceased.

1826 –  Feb. 27 -   WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN (Frances S.) to Thos. R. Oliver, 50 acres, waters of Little Otter

1827 - Dec. 10 -   ASA LEWELLEN married Lucinda Parker (Ezra)

1830 –  April 3 –  GREEN B. LEWELLEN to William Ore, personal property
1830 –  Census shows:
   GREEN B. LEWELLEN, 30-40; female 30-40; male 15-20; female 15-20; male 10-15; female 10-15; male 5-10; male 0-5; 2 females 0-5 (Neighbors included Holden, Parker, Johnson, Kennell)
   WILLIAM LEWELLEN 20-30; female 30-40; female 5-10; male 5-10; male 0-5; female 0-5
   ASA LEWELLEN 20-30; female 20-30; female 0-5; male 0-5
   SALLY LEWELLEN 1 female 20-30, 1 female50-60

1830 - Green B. Lewellen sent to 10 years prison for passing counterfeit money.   He served two years and was pardoned 1832.

1832 - See 1830 above re Green B. Lewellen

1835 - Feb. 23 - CHARLES LEWELLEN married Keziah Hall

1840 –  Census shows:
   SALLY LEWELLEN 50-60; female 20-30

1841 - At the division of the lands of Elisha Hall, Lot #9, 6-1/4 acres was assigned to KEZIAH LEWELLEN on Feb. 15
1841 - ASA LEWELLIN was witness to a marriage of his sister-in-law.
NOTE:   By 1860 Asa and Lucinda Lewellen were in Cedar County, Missouri

1846 –  Dec. 27 -   CHARLES LEWELLEN (Keziah) to James K. Sheon, his wife’s interest in Elisha Hall’s land on Rock Castle Creek

1850 –  Census shows:

1855 –  May 17 -   CHARLES C. LEWELLEN (Keziah C.) to James K. Shoan, 62-1/4 acres, lot #9 in the partition of the lands of Elisha Hall
1855 - SALLY LEWELLEN died, per Library of Congress

1860 - Sept. 23 - SARAH E. LEWELLEN married William M. Lust
1860 - Census shows A. A. LEWELLEN, Elizabeth, age 57, Virginia, Mary, age 19, Virginia
A.A., Jr. age 15, Virginia

1869 - A.A. Lewellen, Jr., age 24, Virginia, married in September, 1869. To Marry Mollie Burnett.   Monnie E. Burnett was age 18 born Ohio.   By 1880, Mary Lewallen age 28, was living with Hiram Burnett age 69 (born New Jersey) in champaign, Illinois

1870 -   Census shows A.A. Lewellen, Sr., age 67, Virginia, Elizabeth, age 69, Virginia

WHAT WE HAVE ON THOMAS LEWELLIN (believed to be the son of Daniel and brother of Freeman, Anderson, Richard.

1787 - THOMAS LEWELLING –  Will dated 28 Oct. 1787, proved 20 Oct. 1788.  
leaves to   his niece Liddie Rice, daughter of Matthew & Margaret Rice
my Grey mare with all my money that is due me from my crops, with all that I have in my possession at this time together with my chest and every other thing belonging to me except my wearing apparel.   Matthew Rice appointed Executor.   Witnesses Edmund D. Ford and Eliz Ford (her mark)   (The person who abstracted these wills again used Todd and the surname, it is very plainly Ford)


We find Anderson in Prince Edward County VA, Wake County NC, Morgan and Scott counties, TN.   While his family was in Scott and Morgan, Richard's family were all in Anderson County, TN.

Prince Edward County:

1784 - ANDERSON LEWELLING married Lucy Rice on June 8th. (Note:   Most Rice researchers give her father as Charles Rice (see 1779 when Charles Rice died, however she isn't mentioned as a daughter.)

1786 - Apr 29 Abraham Forrest of Amelia County sells to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING

1786 –  May 13 Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth, his wife, of Prince Edward County, sells to JOHN LEWELLING of the same County for L 50 a tract of land in said county and in Amelia County containing 50 acres, adjoining lands of among others, ANDERSON LEWELLING.   Witnesses were RICHARD LEWELLING, ANDERSON LEWELLING, MOSES LEWELLING

1785 - ANDERSON LEWELLEN is shown living right next to JESSE LEWELLEN and WILLIAM LEWELLEN as well as Matthew Rice.   Matthew Rice was probably Anderson's brother-in-law since he married a MARGARET LLEWELLYN/Lewelling ( -- OR, was Matthew Rice old enough to have been a step-father of Anderson??? bh).   Anderson is shown with 3 whites 0 dwellings, 0 buildings.   William is shown with 4 whites, 1 dwelling, 0 other buildings.   Jesse is shown with 8 whites, one dwelling 0 other buildings..   Matthew Rice is shown with 6 whites, 2 dwellings, 1 other building.   Matthew Rice lived next to Jesse Leelling.   Living next to Matthew was Samuel Pow and Stephen Lockett.     On the other side of William was Page, Howerton, Haskins, Ellington.  
   DANIEL LEWELLING lived in the county, too, but apparently not close to the others.   He had 4 whites, 1 dwelling 1 other building.   Living next to him was Berry Green, Blanton, Wootten, and Benjamin Harrison  

1785 - Tax Toll shows Jordan ANDERSON with 1 white soul one dwelling and 2 other buildings
1785 - James Anderon of Lunenburg Co., gave to his brother Jordan Anderson of Prince Edward, all his land, goods and chattels now being "in my present dwelling house , the Land in the County of Charlotte, the Goods in the County aforesaid of which before the signing of these presents I have delivered him the said Jordan Anderson an Inventory signed with my own hand and bearing even Date. To have and to hold all the said Land and Goods and Chattels in the said premises or dwelling house to him the said Jordan Andeson his heir's Executors or Administrators from henceforth as his and their proper Land, Goods, and Chattels, absolutely without any manner of Condition. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this tenth day of February One thousand seven hundered and eighty five.   /s/Jesse Watson James Anderson   Wit:   Matthew Jackson, Josiah Burton

1786 - Abraham Forrest of Amelia County VA sold to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses to the transaction were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING.     (In many instances, you'll find those who witness these deeds are related to both the seller and the buyer and obviously Richard and Jesse must have been related to Anderson.)
1786 - May 13 Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth, his wife, of Prince Edward County, sells to JOHN LEWELLING of the same County for L 50 a tract of land in said county and in Amelia County containing 50 acres, adjoining lands of among others, ANDERSON LEWELLING.   Witnesses were RICHARD LEWELLING, ANDERSON LEWELLING, MOSES LEWELLING

1809 - WILLIAM L. LLEWELLYN was born August 2. son of ANDERSON LEWELLING.   (Note:   While information shows he was born in Prince Edward County, he was probably born in Wake County NC because Anderson had left P.E. County before this time.)

Wake County North Carolina

? - Date unknown but between 1771 and 1796 a bill of sale # 653-274 from Thomas Brown to Anderson Lewellen was duly proven in open Court by the Oath of John Molley a Witness thereto and ordered to be registered.

1793 - Andrew Leutian Lewellen was born oct. 7.   He died Nov. 30, 1873 Scott County, TN.   (Son of Anderson Lewellen.)

1795 - Jesse Lewellen married Delpha Fogaty (sic) 30 March; bondsman Anderson Lewellen; witness J. Rice

1800 - Census shows, Hillsborough District:
Jesse Lewellin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 16-26 (1774-1784), 1 female 26-45 (1755-1774)
Anderson Lewellin, 3 males 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45,(1755-1774)   3 females 0-10, 1 female 16-26
Francis Lewellin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 16-26 (1774-1784)
   NOTE:   1788 Prince Edward County, VA. Moses Lewallen married Frances Chumbley.   The Francis in this census was probably Moses

1803 - Joel Lewallen born June 10 Stirup, Iron Creek, son of Anderson Lewallen.   He died Mar. 11, 1883 Scott County, TN.   His wife was Rachel Taylor; they married ca 1828 Morgan Co TN.   She was born June 9, 1798.

Roane County, Tennessee

1810 - About this time, Anderson and Lucy (Rice) Lewallen moved from Wake County, N.C. to Roane County, the section that became Morgan County and later Scott County.
According to a document authored by Donald Todd, County Historian, titled Morgan County Bicentennial Committee, "Also in 1810 Anderson Luallen moved his family from Wake County, North Carolina and settled at Mill Creek." From Rick Llewellyn's research, his son William lived on Black Wolf Creek. Knowing the creeks is the best way to estimate where they lived unless you have a deed.   (NOTE:   This transaction could have been in Anderson County, TN because Morgan was formed from Anderson and roane)

1814 - Andrew Lewtian Llewellyn married   Malinda Davis October 7.   They are both buried in Scott County, Tennessee. (Descendant of Anderson and Lucy (Rice) Lewallen)   See Scott and Morgan counties.   (Family historians say he fought in the War of 1812 under Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans - (has this been confirmed?   Malinda was born April 1, 1792 in N.C. daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Davis of Virginia.   Andrew was a farmer and Methodist minister.

1830 - Census shows:
John Lewallen, one boy age 10-15, one male age 50-60 (1770-80), 2 females ages 0-5, one female age 5-10, one female 15-20, one female 20-30, one female 40-50 (1780-90)

1840 - Census shows Margaret Lewallen (haven't checked for additional info to see if she was the wife of John in 1830)

Anderson County, TN

1817 - Wiley Luallen was witness to transfer of land receipt to Anderson Luallen.   (See 1821 Morgan County where Anderson deeded land on Wolf Creek to Andrew Lewallen)

Morgan County, TN

1812 - John Lewellen was born Feb. 12, son of Anderson.   He died Nov. 16 1896 Shep, Taylor Co. Texas

(Haven't gone past 1850)


Prince Edward County, VA  
(Son of Daniel and Mary Burke Lewelling?)

1783 - Feb 17. WILLIAM LEWELLING married   Hanna Smith (Register)

1785 - ANDERSON LEWELLEN is shown living right next to JESSE LEWELLEN and WILLIAM LEWELLEN as well as Matthew Rice

1790 - WILLIAM LEWELLING –  Will dated 10 Feb. 1790.   Proved 19 July 1790.  
Executor:   Wife Hannah.   Witnesses Zachariah RICE, Thomas Howerton and Thomas Rice
NOTE:   William and Hannah (Smith) were married 1783; William lived next to Anderson, Jesse Lewallen and Matthew Rice.)   The Will Leaves everything to Hannah during her natural lifetime as long as she remains a widow.   At her death or remarriage his land is not to be sold but equally divided between his 2 sons Enoch & Aaron.   If Hannah remains a widow she is to have full power to dispose of any part of his Estate for the Benefit of Raising my said two Sons.   He desires no appraisement of his Estate and he appointed Hannah as Executrix.   Signed with an x.   Proven 19 July 1790

Mercer County, Kentucky

1840 - Census shows Enoch Lewellen as age 60-70.   Also on the same page was Ths (Thomas) Lewallen age 20-30 and William H. Rice.   The census also shows James Lewellen and William A. Lewellen.

1850 - Census shows the following in District 2.  
   Enoch Luallen age 70 (1780) NC. farmer, Mary 65   (1785) NC, Daniel Rennels 43, Elizabeth Rennels (age smeared and born KY), James Rennels 14, Thomas Rennels 12, John Rennels 10, Mary Rennels 9, Stith ? Rennels 7, William Rennels 5, Susan Rennels 1
   Next door:
   John Luallen 50 (1800) NC., Edna 40 KY, Thomas 18 KY, John 16 KY, Enoch 14 (1836) KY,       Absolom 10     KY, Benjamin 8 KY, Mary 6 KY, Sarah 2 KY     Living in vicinity was Sanders, Westerfeld, Huff, Washington.
1850 - Census shows under Leenallen, District 56:
Paten age 52 born NC, Gerins? (female) 47 TN, James 28 TN, Josiah 26 TN, Thomas ? 24 TN, John 22 TN, Anna 20 TN, William 17 TN, Rebecca 15 TN, July ? 14 TN, Noah 11 TN, Sarah 9 TN, and Alexander 7 TN
   Stele Lewelling

1860 - Census shows Enoch Liewallen age 83 (1777 North Carolina), Mary age 80 (1780) N.C.
Two houses away:
Enoch Liewallen age 22 (1838) KY, Massey A. H. 19 (1841) KY.   Note:   Enoch Lewallen was on the Union side of the Army (1861-5), 11th Kentucky Cavalry, as a private.

Henderson County, Kentucky:

1868 - Marriage license issued 24th day of ? 1868 to Enoch Llewellyn and Sophronia Sandefur

There's a great deal of discussion on the MyFamily site regarding Aaron Lewelling who married Sally Young in Tennessee and a descendant's DNA matches that of those who have tested for Anderson, etc.     In addition to the documented information for him in Davidson and Williamson Counties, there's another Aaron.

Franklin County, Tennessee

1840 - Census shows Aron (Aaron) Loallen   age 50-60 (1780-90)   in agriculture.   Neighbors:   Taylor (Martha, William and Morgan Taylor), Hunter, Morris, Brown, Rhodes, Ragan.     John Winford, Thomas Ragan, Dan'l Ragan, Sublit Field, Joseph Fagg, Samuel Corn, Charles Grant, James Witt, Peter McDaniel, James McDaniel, John Brown, Dicy Warren, Mrs. Rody Stamps, Mrs. Polly Woods, John McCuchen, Elisha Sims, Charles Grant, Greenberry Austin, Lawrence Austin, John Rhodes were all in the county and living nearby.   (Martha Taylor was aged 50-60 and had one female 15-20 in household, William Taylor was age 20-30, Morgan Taylor was age 60-70.   Morgan Taylor died by 1850 and was said to have been from Rowan or Iradell County, N.C.   )
This would make Aron born 1780-1790

Osage County, Missouri

1852 - Sept. 29 Aaron Luallen married Elizabeth Harper

1860 - census shows in Massey (?) Township   A. Lewellen age 70 NC (1790), Elizabeth Lewallen 45 TN, Walker Kellens 20, E Kellens 19, Chat A. Kellens 12 and H or W Edmn Kellens 8.
NOTE:   Aaron married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) Keeling Harper in Osage 1852.   She was apparently the widow of Henry Harper who was born 1798 NC and died ca 1850 in Missouri.   There was a son Charles Harper who may have been the one who lived in Polk Co. MO.   Henry Harper had a half brother, Elijah Keelings.   Many of the Harpers were from Lincoln Co. NC. and moved to Webster and Greene County MO although it isn't known where Henry and Elizabeth lived just
Neighbors:   James Taylor (65 from NC), James Cooley, Grayson, B. F. Jones, J. H. Wilson, James Sullivan

1862 - James Lewellen died March 22 in Rolla of pneumonia in Sears Rangers Company, Civil War.   He was the son of Zadock Lewellen (b 1785 PA and died Iowa 1878)   His brother, Zadock, died in the Civil War in St. Louis County.   See Iowa.   James was married to Mary Ann Rose.

1864 - Aug. 27.   Aaron Lewallen bought land from Samuel Crain.   See 1871

1868 - Nov. 6.   Aron Lewallen from Squire Young (12 acres)

1871 - Survivors'Pension papers (file #15,726) filed in Rolla, Phelps Co, MO by Aaron Lu Allen (Lewallen) who served in Capt W. Stugiss Tenn Mil. discharged 24 Sept 1818, 2nd US Rifles, Capt B. Johnson. The declaration and identification was filed 17 May 1871.   An affidivat was made in Phelps Co, MO on 16 Sept 1871 by John R. Thomas and Thomas H. Baker who testify to claimants loyalty in the claim of Aaron Lu Allen a survivior of the War of 1812   The papers say he enlisted 8 Nov 1813 and was discharged Sept or Oct 1818. He was adwarded a pension in the amount of $8.00 per month commencing 14 Feb 1871. On 10 May 1871, Aaron LuAllen, aged 76, a resident of Rolla, Phelps Co, MO gave affidavit that in May 1851 he married Elizabeth Harper in Osage Co, MO. He says he is the identical Aaron LuAllen who enlisted in Capt. M. Sturgiss Co, 24 Regt Infantry brigade at Nashville, TN about 24 Sept 1813 and was honorable discharged about 24 Sept 1818.   He also says he served as fife in said Regt and was at the Battle of Macanaw and helped to build Fort Crawford and then went to Rock Island and built a Fort there-----he says he received a regular discharge which is lost and can't now be produced.   It is signed by his mark "X".   Form from the Adjutant General's Office in Washington, DC dated 30 Sept 1871 says that Aaron Lieuallen was enlisted on the eighth day of November 1813 to served five years and was assigned to the Second Regiment of U.S. Rifles.   He is reported served served in Capt. B. Johnsons', O'Fallons', Morgans', McIntosh's' and Lt Col. Seldens' Cos.   Roll dated Ft. Armstrong, Sept & Oct 1818 reports him Furloughed for the remainder of his time and discharged.   He was discharged at Rock Island 24 Sept 1818.
NOTE:   Sallie Lewallen applied for a widow's pension in Tennessee for Aaron Lewallen, her husband, with the same enlistment information.

1871 - Aaron LouAllen's homestead land of 80 acres which he applied for on 9 August 1864 and received 16 March 1871.

Note:   While Aaron received the same papers that the Aaron in Williamson County did, there could have been a mix-up with the Adjutant General's Office documents, however, there was no other Aaron listed as being in service and the Aaron in Williamson County died in an asylum per Sally Young a numer of years before.  

So the question remains about the Aaron Lewallens.


Anderson County, TN:

1829 - Richard Lewallen's Revolutionary War pension file; on 8 April 1833 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Richard gave oath to William McKamy, an acting Justice of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Anderson County,   "he was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, in the year 1763 according to the best information he can get on the subject,   the month and day he is not certain of.   He has no record of his age."   signed Richard "x" Lewallen.   This was part of an amended declaration for pension filed on 29 August 1829.

Mary  Hubbell - Sep 23, 2012

Billie - great start. I only scanned it but did notice :

You dropped a 't' and have Gran Lewelling instead of Grant. (son of Anderson).

And you left out John Lewellen's 2nd wife and family. He married 2nd Emley Reed, his 1st wife's sister and they had two daughters, Texas and Tennessee. (If you don't have the info about that, let us know and we'll send it on.).

I don't think you should do the 'Lewelling' thing. I sometimes do this on my computer to easily see who goes with what family but not in my main file that might be shared with others or used for publishing.

The amount of info you have placed in this work is much too important to just use the single spelling. Please reconsider and use standard genealogy recording.

For example: Gran Lewelling. I looked at that and thought "who in the world is that?" If you had entered him as Gran Lewellen, I would have seen the error immediately. But I had to think and check to see how he fit in the Lewellen scheme of things. "Oh, Grant!"

And it's not just me. Just for fun, I searched for Grant Lewelling and Balzada Lewelling on - It only scanned their records for the one spelling - Lewelling - nothing popped up. However if I typed in the same names using Lewellen, Lewallen, Lewellan etc. - info about the actual people pop up no matter what the spelling.

Genealogy classes teach us to record names as found. I think this would be most helpful if this is done the same way. Of course, I think the opening is great to explain that the name evolved from Lewelling for many into the various spellings but I don't think Lewelling should be carried through - especially for people who were NEVER recorded with that name.

Billie Harris - Sep 23, 2012

Hey, Mary. .

Thanks for the lesson in genealogy.   The purpose of the post was simply to try to piece the families together and make the connections.

Since the surnames are confusing for you and perhaps others, I am removing all the surnames in the genealogies. I'll leave the documented information as is so if anyone wants to know how a name was spelled, they can check that section.     And I'd sure as heck hate to confuse Ancestry with misspellings   although they sure confuse me sometimes.

Yes, I did leave out the "t" on Grant's name.   It was   a typo so I've edited the posting and corrected it.   And John isn't my ancestor and I hadn't searched the site to see what all I could find on him so if I left a marriage out, sorry. I've just edited that information in.

Rick Llewellyn - Sep 30, 2012

Billie, thanks for posting this. It inspired me to take time today and dig around.

Please relook at the 1800 North Carolina   census for Anderson. There are ten members of this family group and you listed six of them. But that is not what troubles me - Where is Lucy Rice in that census?

1. Anderson Lewellin (as appears on the 1800 US Federal Census), born between 1755 and 1774. Matches nicely with the assumption he that an age of 20 years old at his marriage in 1784 would make Anderson’s birth year about 1764. Check!
2. Male under 10 –  Would account for Andrew Lucien Lewallen, b. 7 Oct 1793
3. Male under 10
4. Male under 10
5. Male 10 thru 15
6. Male 10 thru 15
7. Female under 10
8. Female under 10
9. Female under 10
10. Female 16 thru 25: Lucy Rice, born between 1775 and 1784 AND married in 1784 –  NOT LIKELY.

I have Joel as born about 1804, William born 31 Aug 1809 (from gravestone) and John as 12 Feb 1812.

At first, I was thinking that Jesse may have some family members in this family group but he has his own census entry. What are your thoughts about this?

Billie Harris - Sep 30, 2012

Rick, I was hoping you would check this post out and give your thoughts.

Now as to what I think...   I believe Anderson and Lucy have some children that we can't account for and it's pretty hard to tell who they might be.

As far as the 1800 census, you've brought up something I noticed earlier and then forgot... Lucy.   She was probably about Anderson's age.   Anderson and Lucy were married 1784.   If they had a daughter who was 16-25, then she would have been born the year they got married and I doubt that happened.   My thought - and that's all it is - a thought and speculation - is that the census taker marked the wrong box.   Instead of marking a female 26-44, he marked the box for 16-25.

I've edited the original post to show the exact birthdates for William and John.

Now, your thoughts.