Four Lewelling Men & Three Baffords

Clete Ramsey - Sep 23, 2012

Many of my genealogical tangents and “wild goose chases” -- mostly searching for connections between Richard Lewallen, born about 1763 in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and my late mother’s Arkansas-born maternal grandmother, Mary Jane (Lewallen) Jackson (1860-1954) -- have gleaned information about members of the Llewellyn (Lewallen, etc.) family to whom they appear to have little or no connection.

First, is anyone tracing Civil War veteran Jefferson W. Lewelling (b. ~1840, IN), a son of Meshack Lewelling and his second wife, Margaret (Williams) Lewelling?   He was living in Malibu, California, as late as 1920.   I have some information on both Jefferson W. Lewelling and his brother, Harrison Greene Lewelling (b. 1838, IN; d. 1936, MO), who died in Buchanan County, Missouri.

Second, is anyone tracing Civil War veteran Levi Benton Lewelling (b. 1843, IN; d. 1917, MO) and his wife, Annie (Marlow) Lewelling (b. 1864, OH; d. 1913, MO)?   I have some information on them as well.   Both died in Buchanan County, Missouri, as did their son, George B. Lewelling (b. 1886, MO; d. 1932, MO).

Third, is anyone tracing John Lewelling (b. 1837, IN; d. 1913, MO), his wife, Miranda (Bowlin) Lewelling (b. 1846, IN; d. --?--), or their daughter, Anna (Lewellen) Pettepier/Pettipier (b. 1860, --?--; d. 1926, MO).   Both John Lewelling and daughter Anna died in Buchanan County, Missouri.

Finally, is anyone tracing the line of Lewellen men with the given name Bafford?   I’ve found at least three Bafford Lewellen men, beginning with one living in 1850 in Preble County, Ohio, where he was head of a household listed immediately after one headed by Anna Burson (its sole resident).   That Bafford Lewellen, who married Nancy Peters, was born in Kentucky in 1820, and died in Missouri in 1899.   The second Bafford, Bafford Simpson Lewellen (1882-1946), was born and died in Andrew County, Missouri.   He was a son of Andrew Lewellen and Anna (Simpson) Lewellen.   A third Bafford was retired US Navy Rear Admiral Bafford Edward Lewellen (1909-2000).   Buried at Arlington National Cemetery, he won two Navy Crosses and a Silver Star as a submarine skipper in the Pacific in World War II.

I’ll assemble the information and post it here, should anyone be interested.

Billie Harris - Sep 23, 2012

Clete, by all means, post what you can.   We do have two postings on here about Bafford Lewallen: [NOTE: broken links]

Every time I see the name of Burson, I think of Shadrach Lewallen and his wife Deborah Burson.   Do you think by any chance there's a connection?   We still haven't found anyone from Shadrach's family to do a DNA for us.   But what gets confusing is the descendants of William Lewelling (died 1799 Randolph County NC) and the descendants of Shadrach and Deborah moved into Indiana.   They were both Quaker families and their children's names were mostly all biblical so sorting through these is really complicated.

Clete Ramsey - Sep 23, 2012


Pat O'Dell (who appears not to be a member of Llewellyn etc) has made a number of posts to the Lewellen Family GenForum at, including a 14 October 2008 post ( with excerpts from an 1881 history of Preble County, Ohio.   This is one excerpt she posted:

[page 300] Phillip Lewellen removed to this township from Kentucky about the year 1810. He was born in Bullet county, Kentucky, in 1795, and died in Dixon township, this county, in 1877. His wife (Anna Runyon) was born in 1793 and died in 1874. They had a family of thirteen children, the following of whom are at this writing living: Julia (wife of Jonathan Burson), Martha (wife of Stephen McWhinney), Bafford, John, Sarah (wife of James Skinner), Dennis, Jane (wife of Daniel Ockerman), James Harvey, Isaac and Jehu. Nancy, Wilson and Catharine are deceased. Wilson died in the service during the late civil war. James H. was born in 1830, and married Frances M. Gavin, who was born two years subsequently.

From this excerpt, it appears that Julia Burson, the immediate neighbor of Bafford Lewellen in Preble County in 1850 I noted, could have been Bafford's sister, Julia (Lewellen) Burson.

I assume the reference to “Bullet county, Kentucky” was actually Bullitt County, Kentucky.   My late father had ancestral kin from there.

Another excerpt in Pat O'Dells 14 October 2008 post was this one:

[page 300] John Lewellen and his wife, Kate DeVall, originally from Virginia, came to Somers township in 1809 from Kentucky, and settled on Paint Creek on the farm now owned by Mrs Julia Burson. They reared a family of ten children, of whom three are living, and Mrs Murray, is the only one in Preble county.

I’ll post the other Bafford Lewellen material (which also includes the two items you cited above) as soon as I make some narrative sense out of it.   I’ll do the same with the information on Jefferson W. Lewelling, Harrison Greene Lewelling, Levi Benton Lewelling, and John Lewelling.

Regards from Virginia,


Clete Ramsey - Sep 23, 2012

I’ve gotten my lines crossed.   Bafford Lewellen’s immediate neighbor in Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio, in 1850 (he in Dwelling 1748; she in Dwelling 1747) was Anna Burson (67, b. VA), not Julia Burson.   Julia Burson (32, b. OH) was living nearby (Dwelling 1756) with her farmer husband Jonathan (31, b. OH) and their son John R. (12, b. OH).   That’s what I get for composing late at night.  

There’s an LDS FamilySearch entry noting that Jonathon Burson (1818-1871) married Julia Ann Lewellen on 2 January 1838, in Preble, Ohio.

I assume there was a kinship connection between Anna Burson and Jonathan Burson.

Billie Harris - Sep 23, 2012

Clete, I get lines crossed all the time.

It would be good if we could connect Phillip to one of the other Lewallen lines.   And I'm thinking (and that's all it is) it would be to Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewallen.

I would think Jonathan Burson was related to Deborah Burson Lewallen somehow since there is a Jonathan Burson in her family.   Take a look at this posting:

[NOTE: broken link]

I really wish we had been able to find a descendant from Shadrach when Martha Abbey was alive.   She contributed so much to our research with her Llewellyn Traces.   She descends from him and didn't know of a male descendant who would test for us, and she wanted one to do it.....however..