Jeremiah , John, Jacob, Mary Lewellen, Monongalia County, VA

Billie Harris - Oct 6, 2012

Tonight Ii found some more old documents in a box.   I'll type a portion of this, but not all because the type is very small.

From the following it appears John and Jane Lewallen were probably the parents of Jeremiah and Jacob and they were deeding property to George Beals to care for John and Jane.   Maybe they were leaving the area???   George Beals was married to one of John and Jane's daughters, per a subsequent posting.

This would be John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellen.   John was born VA ca 1779 and Jane (his second wife)   born SC ca 1792.   Jacob was born 1823 and Jeremiah a couple years after that.   Jane's marker shows:   Jane, wife of John Lewellen born March ?, 1791 died Feb. , 1852, the year after the following deed was made.   She's buried in the Zion Cemetery (probably Monongalia County.)

Monongalia county in the clerk's office duly certified and admitted to record.   Geo S. Darling.---------


"THIS INDENTURE made this 29th day of November in the year 1851 between Jeremiah Lewellen and Jacob Lewellen & Mary Lewellen his wife of Monongalia County of the one part and George Beals of Preston County of the other part both of the State of Virginia WITNESSETH that the said Jeremiah Lewellen   Jacob Lewellen & mary his wife, for and in consideration of, that is the said George Beals is to support and decently to maintain John Lewellen and Jane Lewellen his wife in Virginia and clothes and other necessary suitable for their maintenance of the said John Lewellen & jane his wife during their life times and with the provision of a decent Burial agreeable to the deed of the conveyance made by John Lewellen & Jane his wife to the said Jeremiah Lewellen baring date the 6th day of December 1849, to the same tract of land for the express purpose of their maintenance and burial and by the said Bealls performing these covenants the receipt is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained and sold and these presents do grant, bargain and sell, allign, ___, release and confirm unto the said George Beals his heirs and assigns forever all that peace parcel or tract of land situate and being in the county of Monongalia aforesaid and on the East side of Cheat River and bounded by the following viz:

"BEGINNING At a Sugar tree....surveyed for Jacob Corzad & corner of Wm Costolows ...crossing Morgans run to a fallen dogwood....lands of Evan T. Elliott...corner to John Lewallens survey & with it...containing 38 1/2 acres.   Also a lot or peace of land that was conveyed to Jacob Lewellen by John Lewellen & Jane Lewallen his wife by deed bearing date the thirteenth day of August in the year 1846 which peace or lot of land the said Jacob Lewellen & Mary Lewellen his wife has hereby conveyed to the said George Beals the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged it being part of th within described land that was pattened by the Commonwealth of Virginia to John Lewellen by dead bearing date the 25th day of April 1840 and bounders as follows:

"BEGINNING ...   the said George Beals his heirs and assigns forever it being the same land that John Lewellen now lives on and the said Jeremiah Lewellen and Jacob M. Lewellen and Mary his wife for themselves and their heirs do covenant to and with the said George Beals... (basicaly the same as the above.)

s/s Jeremiah Lewellen (Seal)
Jacob M. Lewellen (Seal
Mary (her x mark) Lewellen
George Beals"