OREGON - Chronology

Billie Harris - Mar 30, 2013

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1862 - Alice Lewelling died.   Shie was born 1849

1882 - Clarrissa Hosier Lewelling died.   She was born 1826


1955 - Claude Lewelling died.   He was born 1875   (May have been from the Shadrach and Deborah Burson line...bh)


1900 - Census shows Abraham Luelling born Feb. 1861 Oregon, Vena born Oct. 1870 Iowa and their daughter Elizabeth bornc June 1899 Oregon.   Also in that census was John W. LeF?? (evre or urgey?) his nephew and David Miller his second cousin.
Abraham descends from Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewallen.


1900 - Census shows Asa Lewelling born Feb. 1845 Iowa and his wife Mary born June 1860 Oregon.   It does not show where his parents were born but hers were from KY (father) and Iowa (mother)
This family descends from William Lewelling of Randolph County NC

1940 - Census shows Asa Lewelling age 95 (born 1845 Iowa).   living with him was David Rodgers 71 and Ida M. Rodgers 64.   (William Lewelling of Randolph NC line)
1940 - Census shows L. G. Lewelling (a Judge) born 1899 Nebraska, Edna R. age 50, A. Blevins 19, James Henderson 14, Lucius Guy 10.


2007 - In Salem, Asa lorenzo Lewelling (born 1915), a lawyer, died.   (he was the son of Lucius Guy and Edna Rae (Blevins) Lewelling - from the William Lewelling of Randolph County, N.C. line)


1900 - Census shows William Lueling age 46 (Apr. 1854) born Oregon, father born Indiana and mother born PA.   Living with him was his brother, Benjamin Lueling age 42 (Apr. 1854) born Oregon, father born Indiana and mother born PA, and John Lueling age 86 (born Aug. 1813) born Indiana and both parents born Pennsylvania.   John was the father of William and Benjamin.
Descends from Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewallen.


1855 - John Douglass was born in Cumberland, Pennsylvania June 15, 1794. He arrived in Oregon November 10, 1852 and settled this claim in February of 1855 on affidavits from John LAWELLIN, Wm. B. Jones, J. John, and B. Parker
JOHN LEWALLEN/LUELLING was from the Shadrach & Deborah Burson family.

1861 - Abraham Luelling, son of John, was born in Feb.   He married Vina ? and had at least one daughter, Elizabeth B. born June 1899 in Oregon.   He's shown in the 1900 Gilliam County Oregon, census.

1876 - Obit of John Douglass;
   John Douglass, a survivor of the war of 1812, and a resident of Multnomah Co since 1852, died at the home of his son-in-law, Thomas Buoy, in Powell's Valley, on the 25th day of June, aged 88 years. On the 4th of July, 1876, when the soldier’s of the war of 1812 were invited to join the procession in this city, Mr. Douglass alone responded to the invitation. He was upon that occasion clad in a uniform of
his soldier life and driven in a carriage through the streets, the only representative present of a great and victorious struggle.
   Five daughters, Mrs. Jones, Mrs Buoy, of Powell's Valley, Mrs Bulter, Mrs. Phillips, and Mrs. LEWELLING of Eastern Oregon survive him

1940 - Census shows Claude W. Lewelling age 65 (1875) born Iowa, Lulu O. 64.   (Note:   Claude died Columbia County 1955)