Lewallen's Fackler, Jackson CO, Alabama

Dorothy Campbell - May 5, 2013

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Daniel Lewallen's siblings and his & Elizabeth Layne/Lain's known children.
1830-1860 , Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama

The following sources identify first the siblings of Daniel Lewallen born abt 1786 NC and died abt 1849 near Fackler, Jackson County Alabama and also his children with wife Elizabeth (Lain/Layne) Lewallen born abt 1796 TN and died abt 1880 in Rienzi, Alcorn County, Mississippi

11 children total; 8 sons and 3 daughters, shown thru records, in order of age, as follows:

1.) Charles Lewallen born abt 1816 in TN and died in Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama ? before 1860

2.) Mary Ann Lewallen (Phillip) Hamman born abt 1817 and died 17 Dec 1902 near Hightown, Alcorn County, Mississippi

3.) William Lewallen born abt 1818 and died ? unknown, last shown in Alcorn county, Mississippi in 1860

4.) James Lewallen born abt 1820 and died ? unknown, last shown in Alcorn county, Mississippi in 1873

5.) Madison Lewallen born abt 1823 and died 25 Dec 1882 near Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama

6.) Monroe Washington Lewallen born 24 Mar 1824 and died 27 Aug 1895 near Cave City, Independence County, Arkansas

7.) Martha Jane Lewallen (William Jefferson) Liscomb born about 1826 and died ? unknown, last shown in Missouri in 1870

8.) Nancy Lewallen (John H.) Byrd born about Jan 1828 and died about 1904 in Rienzi, Alcorn County, Mississippi

9.) Preston Lewallen born 7 Jan 1832 and died 13 Feb 1902 in Gumlog, Pope county, Arkansas

10.) Daniel Lewallen born about 1835 and died ? unknown, last shown in 1880 in Rienzi, Alcorn County, Mississippi

11.) Andrew Jackson Lewallen born about 25 Dec 1837 and died 24 Jun 1910 near Gainsville, Cocke, Texas


Will of Elizabeth (Lewallen) Tipton identifies her siblings by name and the known living heirs of those that were deceased:

Elizabeth Lewallen Tipton, wife of William Tipton, died sometime before 26 June 1869. She lived near Fackler, Jackson county, Alabama and is found in census records and the 1823 Jackson County, Alabama plat map under her husbands name living near Daniel, Freeman,William and John Lewallen her siblings, and later next to nephew Madison Lewallen. Another close neighbor was a man named Elisha Stogsdill, who was the administrator of her estate. At the time of her death she was a widow and had no children. Her will is recorded in Will Book P, Jackson County, Alabama, it was finalized on 12 July 1870 it shows her estate was worth less than $600 and was to be divided amongst her siblings or their heirs. Only one sibling was listed as still living: Peyton Lewallen, he received $62.64 as his share of his sisters estate. He was living in Iowa, and had changed the spelling of his name to Peyton Lieuallen. Other brothers and sisters named in the record were Daniel Lewallen, John L!
ewallen, Freeman Lewallen, Sarah Lewallen Patton, Polley Lewallen Vowell, and Cynthia Lewallen. The known living heirs of her deceased siblings in the record are as follows:

Heirs of Daniel Lewallen (born abt 1789 N.C., died abt 1849 near Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama) were Madison Lewallen, Monroe Washington Lewallen, Preston Lewallen, Daniel Lewallen Jr., Andrew Jackson Lewallen, Mary Ann (Polley) Lewallen Hamman and Martha Jane Lewallen Liscomb

Heirs of Freeman Lewallen (born abt 1795 N.C. died ? near Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama) were Margaret Lewallen, Elizabeth Ann Lewallen Johnson, James Lewallen and Isaac C. Lewallen.

Heir of John Lewallen ( born abt 1790 N.C. died near Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama) was Joseph Miner

Daniel Lewallen age-40-49 is listed as head of household in 1830 Jackson County, Alabama census with Elizabeth age-30-39 they have eight children in the home, 5 sons; 1 son is under 5 yrs old, 1 son is age 5-9, 2 sons are age 10-14, and 1 son is age 15-19, and 3 daughters; 1 dau. is under 5 years old, 1 dau. is age 5-9, and 1 dau. is age 10-14.

In the 1840 census Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama, Daniel is age 50-59 and Elizabeth is age 40-49, they have in the home eight children, 6 sons; 1 son is under 5 years old, 3 sons are age 5-9, 1 son is age 15-19, and 1 son is age 20-29, and 2 daughters; 1 dau. is age 10-14, 1 dau. is age 15-19. The family is living next door to sister Elizabeth (William) Tipton, brothers John Lewallen and Freeman Lewallen and Robert Wann. Also several pages over appears Charles Lewallen age 20-29

Daniel died sometime before 1850 as the federal census shows Elizabeth (Lain) Lewallen living in Fackler, Jackson County, Alabama with her 3 youngest sons, Preston age-18, Daniel age-15, Andrew age-13. Also in this record is Nancy (John H) Byrd age-28, Martha J (Jefferson) Liscomb age-24 and a few pages over is Madison Lewallen age-25. Monroe Lewallen age-24 is in Reeds Creek, Arkansas with wife Mary Ann Wann and son Andrew age-1 born in Arkansas. Mary (Phillip) Hamman age-37 is living near Rienzi, Tishomingo County, Mississippi. A record of guardianship shows share of estate of Daniel Lewallen administered to Joseph Miner, guardian of the minor children of Charles Lewallen, deceased, due to said children.

In 1860 Fackler, Jackson County Alabama census is Madison Lewallen age-37 next to Preston Lewallen age-28. Monroe Lewallen age-35 is in Scott, Lawrence county, Arkansas near Martha J (William) Liscomb age-31. In Rienzi, Tishomingo County/Alcorn county, Mississippi is Elizabeth (Lain) Lewallen living with sons William Lewallen age 42, James Lewallen age-40 (land owner) and Daniel Lewallen age-24, living next door is Nancy Lewallen(John H) Byrd age-30, also nearby is Mary Ann (Phillip) Hamman age-44 and also Andrew Lewallen age-23.

In 1873 Alcorn County Mississippi, Daniel Lewallen (Jr.) files a claim for damages in property taken from him during the civil war, he states he lived on his brother's property with his mother. Also, in the record are Elizabeth(Lain) Lewallen, James Lewallen, J.H. Byrd, and a brother named is Andrew.

Billie Harris - May 5, 2013

From Llewellyn Traces re Jackson County, Alabama:

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I'm only guessing (too early to "think") that probably this Charles was a son of Daniel who settled in Anderson County, Tennessee.   Daniel was (again from memory) from Prince Edward County, Virginia, and MAY have been a brother of Anderson's.

And then we have this from an old angelfire website.   However, this was posted years ago and I don't believe he would be a son of Anderson's because Anderson didn't go to Tennessee by 1790.

Jennifer Lewallen - Aug 8, 2013

wrote this post!!   There is a huge amount of misinformation being collected, especially on ancestry.com, I have been researching through records to try and connect Daniel's parents.   I am unsure if Charles was a son of Daniel or of John.   The guardianship records pose further questions, why was Joseph Minor guardian?   He was married to Mary Lewallen daughter of Daniel's brother John Lewallen b 1788 N.C. d. 1860 Fackler, Jackson, Alabama.   I have more to share on this line, I am hoping someone can help.

Billie Harris - Aug 9, 2013

Jennifer, unfortunately, once something's posted on Ancestry or any other genealogical site, it's hard to make corrections.   And generally someone else has read the post and used the same information.   Much of what we believed years ago have been proven to be wrong   through subsequent research and through DNA tests.  

Have you contacted Clete Ramsey?   If I'm not mistaken, he descends from the Jackson County, Alabama, family.

Take a look at this site (scroll down to Jackson County)

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