Rice Family Information

Billie Harris - May 30, 2013

Here's what I found on the Rice families:

Submitted by JERRY NATHAN RICEtio@aol.com

William RICE first appears on the tax rolls in 1785. Over a period of time, this
property tax roll documents the number (not name) of white male polls over 16,
but under 21 years of age. William RICE had a number of sons. A William RICE
lives on Elkhorn Creek.

David RICE first appears as a tax payer on April 7, 1788. David or his son or
grandson is later referred to as Doctor David RICE. A David RICE lived at Smith's, VA.

Leonard RICE first appears as a tax payer on March 22, 1790.

Joseph RICE first appears as a tax payer on July 25, 1801.

Holman RICE first appears as a taxpayer on July 19, 1802.

Josiah RICE first appears as a tax payer on August 18, 1802.

John RICE first appears as a tax payer on July 8, 1807.

William L. RICE first appears as a tax payer on May 8, 1810.

Charity RICE first appears as a taxpayer on April 28, 1814.

Benjamin RICE first appears as a taxpayer on March 29, 1822.

Samuel B. RICE first appears as a taxpayer on April 10, 1823.

Thomas RICE first appears as a taxpayer on April 8, 1828.

James RICE first appears as a tax payer in 1830.

Azariah RICE first appears as a taxpayer on April 2, 1833.

James B. RICE first appears as a taxpayer on February 16, 1835.

Leroy RICE first appears as a tax payer on April 7, 1835.

Elizabeth RICE first appears as a tax payer on March 2, 1837.

Patsey RICE first appears as a tax payer on February 28, 1844.

Martha RICE first appears as a tax payeron February 12, 1845.

Joseph S. RICE first appears as a taxpayer on February 3, 1846.

That is as far as I ventured with this group of RICEs. I do not know the
relationship between the lot of them. I have not done a bunch of research in that
area, but would advise any researcher to look at the Virginia/North Carolina map.
Pittsylvania Co, VA, sits right on top of Caswell Co., N. C. Most southern Rice
researchers have looked at that gob of RICEs in Caswell Co., NC. I don't think
I've ever read that a researcher has looked at the RICEs on both side of the
state line to see if they are the same clan.


1801: Samuel RICE m. Peggy Strother Elam, November 23, 1801. William Elam, surety.John H. Saunders, witness.
1807: Thomas RICE m. Nancy Taylor, January 25, 1807. David Thomson, Episcopal Priest.
NOTE: Some of the marrying ministers in Powhatan Co., VA, at that time were John H. RICE, Presbyterian, and B. H. RICE (Petersburg), Episcopal Priest.

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, VA. submitted by Jerry Nathan Rice

1664: On April 27, 1664, Mr. Richard Cole did arrest John RICE and "doth not appeare by himselfe nor his atturney to prosecute. Mr. Cole Shalbe non suited."

1671: John Biddle going to Cornelius Murfield and finding Henry Talbott in a condition not for this life, advised him. Talbott said that John RICE was a "poore" man and had many small children. Talbott gave all to RICE. Dated February 28, 1671 or 1672.

1674: Dominick RICE and Thomas Paine had 6 hogshead of tobacco on March 1, 1674 or 1675.

1674: William Thomas, on April 27, 1674, "appoynt my loving friend Dominick RICE my attorney to receive debts." William Thomas was of Northumberland Co., VA.

1675: John RICE of Nomminy, Virginia, planter, left Miss Fran Spencer "one redd heiffer marked with a flower deluce upon each eare and an over keele in the right ear." Dated March 1675 or 1676.

1696: Will of John RICE dated January 26, 1696 and February 24, 1696.
This document states John RICE lives in Nomini, VA. He left 50 acres of land to his son, John RICE, and 50 acres to his grandson, John RICE, and one cow to his son Zorabable RICE and two cows to his daughter Ann RICE. William RICE (doesn't name his relationship with deceased) got one chest, and son (of whom?) Ralph RICE
and daughter (of whom?) Elenor RICE got part of the residue.

NOTE: This Zorabable RICE is interesting. Remember the "Z" named RICEs of Caswell Co., N.C.?

1703: John RICE witnessed a will, March 31, 1703.

1703: William RICE owed a debt.

1703: Zerobabbell RICE gives for his mark of cattle and hogs a flower deluce on the right ear and a crop and underkeele on the left. Dated September 13, 1703.

1703: Hugh RICE is listed as a servant. Date was March 23, 1703 or 1704.

1706: Inventory of John RICE, dated February 22, 1706, returned by Elizabeth RICE.

1706: John RICE's inventory, dated February22, 1706 or 1707 left 5,581pounds of tobacco and one old Negro woman to his wife. Wife was Elizabeth RICE. The note says "Copel Parish." Idon't know if that is a person's name or the name of the parish for the Church of England. The inventory said she inherited land at Machotique Neck.

1724: Daniel McCarty's will dated March 29,1724 and June 9, 1724, gives his land to his son, Thaddeus. The late Daniel McCarty bought the land from Capt. John RICE, and is located in Richmond Co., VA.

1733: William RICE, will dated May 17, 1733, left items to wife, Mary RICE; sons, William, Zerobabel and John RICE; and his daughter, Rebecca Payne.

1739: Elizabeth Rowbothan will dated July 11, 1739 and July 31, 1739. "I give to Mary Payne all of my estate." Administrator: William RICE, husband of Mary Payne.

1744: Elizabeth Footman will dated May 10, 1744 and August 28, 1744. Says she is the widow of John Footman. She left part of her estate to William RICE, SR.

1758: Zerubabel RICE will dated May 19, 1758 and May 30, 1758, names:
Eldest son, Zerubabel RICE, 2nd son, Simon RICE, youngest son, John RICE; daugther Mary RICE. He leaves everything to his wife (unnamed) and kids.

1778: Will for John Brinnon, June 30, 1778. He names his wife Hannah, his daughter, Ann Crenshaw, granddaughters, Hannah RICE and Ann RICE, a daughter Hannah Holland, daughter Elizabeth Brinnon, and sons, John and George Brinnon.

Submited by Jerry Rice:

I viewed and noted the following from the Claiborne Co.,TN, Marriage Book, 1838-1868, and noted only the early marriages.

Clinton Y. RICE m. Nancy Hurst, July 26, 1854.
(From other notes I have: Clinton Y. RICE m. Minerva Rogers, children unknown and marriage date unknown, but it was early)
Harper RICE m. Eliza Hurst, December 31, 1848.
Alyra RICE m. Isaac Walker, March 9, 1848.
C. F.(?) RICE m. Dicey (?) M. Rogers, January 28, 1847.
Cintha A. RICE m. Thomas N. Lay, March 28, 1856.
James L. RICE m. Nancy Whitaker, January 10, 1859.
James S.(?) RICE m. Bartheny Nunn, June 20, 1842.
James RICE m. Susan Arnold, October 15, 1854.
John L. RICE m. Mary Bingham, September 28, 1854.
Lucinda RICE m. Elisha Kirby, November 3, 1849.
Nancy Ann RICE m. D. I. Gilbert, January 17, 1845.
Elbert RICE (?) m. Emily L. Taker, February 14, 1850.

By Jerry Nathan Rice.

Robert R. RICE m. Mary Ann Shirly, October 11, 1836, J.T. Edgar, Minister.
David RICE m. Ann Hayes, June 22,1800.
Elijah RICE m. Mary Ann Cox, June 8,1821.
Sallie T. RICE m. Isaac Mason, October11, 1806
Thomas RICE m. Polly Bradshaw, November 26, 1817.
Elisha RECE (RICE) m. Anna Collier, May 20, 1791.


Levi RICE m. Jane Simmons, December 4,1801, Jeremiah Chamberlain, bond.
Elizabeth RICE m. David Smith, December 23,1801, Henry RICE, bond.
Clarine RICE m. James Ball, February 8, 1821,John Ball, bond.
Daniel RICE m. Anny Ray, July 18, 1821,Edward Chesser, bond.
Henry RICE m. Elizabeth K. Senter, July 15,1833, Samuel B. Tate, bond.
Joel RICE m. Mary Powell, November 23, 1833,Edward Chesser, bond.
John RICE m. Wineyford Stubblefield, March 24, 1828, Young L. Long, bond.
Netty RICE m. Selburn Mefford, March 2, 1835.

A John RICE was named as executor on an estate on May 19, 1849.

The Grainger Co., TN Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions shows:
Levi RICE was in the county, November 17,1813 and August 1, 1816.
Levi RECE (RICE) was in the county, August 1, 1816.
Henry RICE bought 210 acres of land from Levi RICE, May 16, 1814.

I saw pages and pages of the name RICE, andpresume them to be attorneys. I did not copy them, but made myself a note to go back formore. I did write down, in the margin, Charles RICE and Orvil RICE, June 30, 1840.

Greene Co., TN and these men with the name RICE
spelled in various ways.

Submitted by Jerry Rice

1783: William RIECE

1805: David RICE
Soloman REESE
William REECE

1812: David RICE (two of them)
Henry REES
Moses REES
William REES
William REES, Sr.

Submitted by Jerry Rice

David RICE and his family first appear in the 1850
census for Henderson County, Tennessee.

David RICE 50 VA
Martha 42 VA
David 18 VA
Francis 16 VA
Joel 14 VA
Sarah 10 VA
Mary 8 VA
Louisa 5 TN
William 2 TN

John B. Bell 32 TN
Amanda A. (RICE) 22 VA wife of John Bell)

John J. RICE 20 VA (teacher) (
I also found a note that said that John J. RICE, age 20, born VA was a resident of Haywood CO, TN)

The 1850 Census for Madison Co., TN has the
Ann Murchison 50 NC
Thomas H. RICE 25 TN (merchant)
Andrew Weatherly 20 NC

Apparently, David RICE and his brood moved from Henderson to the
adjoining county of Madison. The Madison County Will Book shows:
David RICE, will dated September 21, 1874. Leaves all to his wife and kids.
Elizabeth F. Wilson
Amanda A. Bell
John J. Rice
David W. Rice
Mary C. Craven
William A. Rice
Richard B. Rice
James Witherspoon (David's grandson)
Francis T. Rice

Additional research shows the following:
David RICE, born November 8, 1799, Virginia, and died January 1, 1877, Madison Co., TN. Martha H. (Brooks) Rice, born @ 1808, Virginia, and died April 14, 1863,
Madison Co., TN. They came to TN in 1843. They had eleven children:
Elizabeth F. (Wilson)
Amanda A. (Bell)
John J. RICE
David W. RICE
Francis T. RICE (male)
Sarah RICE
Mary C. (Craven)
Louisa (Witherspoon?)
William A. RICE
Richard B. RICE

John J. RICE left a will dated October 22, 1878.He died November 7, 1879.
Sarah A. Rice: wife: died December 6, 1883.
They had five children, but one, not named,apparently died between the time that mom and dad died.
Martha E. Rice (also called Mattie)
Annie C. Rice
Eliza G. Rice (also called Lyda Gracey RICE)
Sallie Rice
John J. RICE left the entire estate of 1,300 acres to wife and kids.
His brother, William A. RICE was designated to manage the estate.

John J. RICE was the Captain of Co. C., 21st TN Cav. It appears as
tho' William A. RICE served under his brother, John J. RICE. Capt. John J.
RICE was wounded at Brice's Crossroads and again at Harrisburg. Capt. John J. RICE fought at battles of Harrisburg, Springhill and Franklin.

William A. RICE was a farmer in Henderson Co., TN. He was born February 6, 1848, TN. He was the 10th of eleven children of David and Martha RICE.
William A. RICE had four brothers in the army. One was a brigade surgeon who died in Missouri in Price's army. David W. RICE was wounded at Harrisburg. He sustained multiple gunshot wounds. William was in the 21st TN Cav., Col. Wilson.
William surrendered at Bolivar, TN. William A. RICE married Lizzie Halton, January
15, 1880. They had   three sons. Lizzie was born August 2, 1856, Madison Co., TN. Her father was William Halton. Their sons were named as:William D. RICE, Herman RICE and John Preston RICE.

MAURY COUNTY, TN. by Jerry Rice

Maury Co., TN, land transactions are interesting, and tell some of the kinship between the various RICES of this county. Obviously, a closer study of
Williamson Co., TN, must be done in order to fully understand the players at Maury Co. Williamson Co. was the mother county for Maury Co.

Maury County, Tennessee, Deed Abstracts Volume 1, Book G. page 541
Thomas Gill sold 59 acres to ROBERT RICE. Both men residents of Maury Co. The land was located on the South side of Fountain Creek. Witnesses: Lemuel
Prewet and Charles V. Brown. Dated: January 19, 1818, and registered January 2, 1819.

Volume 1, Book M, page 505
NICHOLAS RICE sold 150 acres to Johnston Winstead.Land located on the East
fork of Fountain Creek. Wit: John Campbell andThomas Gill. Date: December 26, 1827.

Volume 1, Book M, page 501
NICHOLAS RICE bought 113 acres on the East fork of Fountain Creek from Johnston Winstead. Land joined that of Robert Ramsey and John Averett. Wit: John
Campbell and Thomas Gill. Date: December 27, 1827. Reg: August 19, 1828.

Volume 1, Book M, page 504
NICHOLAS RICE bought 135 acres of land from Johnston Winstead on December 27, 1827. Land located on the Adam's Fork of Fountain Creek. Wit John Campbell and Thomas Gill.

Volume 1, Book 0, page 495
NICHOLAS RICE, heir of DAVID RICE of Maury Co., TN, sold land to Angus McDonald. This land was east of the Congressional Reservation line on the waters of
the Adam's Fork of Fountain Creek. This 135 acres had been granted to DAVID RICE, and was located on   line with McDonald's land. Date: September 19, 1831.

Volume 1, Book W, page 94
THOMAS I. or L. or J. RICE sold household goods and attle to satisfy debts. Sale to Thomas H. Priest. ebts owed to James B. Chilaness(sp.). Wit: William. Taylor and Thomas Cayce. Date: April 16, 1839.

Volume 2, Book A, page 628
William B. Rice of Itawamba County, Mississippi, sold land to James M. Richardson of Maury Co., TN. The land was 1/7th part of his father, ROBERT RICE, SR's
land on Fountain Creek, adjoining James M.Richardson, William Coffee, and Joseph Dugger. This land was originally owned by ROBERT RICE, SR,deceased. Date: May 23, 1844. Registered: May 2, 1845.

Volume 2, Book A, page 630
ROBERT RICE, JR., sold his 1/7th share of land, part of 59 acres previously owned by ROBERT RICE, SR., to James M. Richardson. Both men live in Maury Co., TN.
Wit: Goldman Biffel. Signed by ROBERT RICE in Franklin Co., Alabama, April 15, 1844. (This deed says 1/7th of the total land is from the "dower" in the life estate of the widow of ROBERT RICE, SR.)

Volume 2, Book C, page 300
NICHOLAS RICE sold to Robert Ramsey, 7 and 1/2 acres on Fountain Creek. This property is on line with that of Ramsey's land. Wit: Robert G. Ramsey and
Thomas W. Patrick. Date: October 13, 1847.Registered: March 4, 1848

Volume 2, Book C, page 251
JAMES M. RICE sold to Charles A. Tomlinson, 1/7th of a part of a tract of land on Fountain Creek, being 59 acres. Both men live in Maury Co., TN.
Wit: Nicholas Rice, Jane Rice, Thomas W. Patrick. Date: August 26, 1847.

Volume 2, Book C. page 347
NICHOLAS RICE sold to Jordan Hobbs, land on Fountain Creek, 6th District,part of the tract whereon NICHOLAS RICE now lives. Wit: G. W. Right and William H. Hobbs. Date: December 28, 1847.Registered: February 2, 1852.

Volume 2, Book K, page 578
JOSEPH B. RICE of Blount Co., Alabama, sold to C. A Tomlinson of Maury Co.,TN, his 1/7th interest in land on the head waters of Fountain Creek, District 6.
Dated: January 3, 1857. Registered: June 10, 1857.

Volume 2, Book M, page 85
ROBERT RICE of Pontotoc Co., Mississippi, sold to C.A. Tomlinson of Maury Co., TN, 1/7th interest in land on the headwaters of Fountain Creek in District 6, the
estate of ROBERT RICE, SR., deceased. I, the said ROBERT RICE, as attorney in fact and deed for Martin Thomas and Elizabeth Thomas, his wife, and by these
presents sell and convey the said 1/7th interest of said land. Wit: William W. Richardson and Allen Richardson. Dated: November 27, 1838.

The 1820 Census for Maury County, Tennessee
shows: ROBBIN RISE (actually ROBERT RICE, SR.)

(The above two men are not listed in any index I checked, but a hand search will reveal them in the census. )


By Jerry Rice


You can use all of this document, which willcome to you in several installments. It is the work of Maude RICE Goorabian. It is well done and quite detailed. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the researcher, but I was directed to her for help with my RICEs by Turner RICE and other serious RICE researchers. So, I presume her work is
rated as excellent. She gave me, for whatever use I wanted, this document regarding Isaac RICE.

Family of Isaac RICE, b. April 28, 1776, & 1st wife, Susan SENTER. Isaac RICE died August 4, 1823, McMinn Co., TN. Two children of Isaac and usan (Senter) RICE: not necessarily in order of their birth, but, as explained, believed to be so.

1. James S. (S for Senter?) RICE dob is unknown...no date re marriage, but since there is no record of any children, he is generally regarded as having never married. November 23, 1824, is the lone entry in the Isaac Robert RICE family bible,
but it must refer to this James S. and his death. In McMinn Co., Court Minute Book, 1820 -1829, p. 115, James S. RICE is appointed guardian of Tandy RICE and Isaac RICE, minor heirs of Isaac RICE, dec'd. From this record, we reason that James S.
must have been the oldest son, and most likely the oldest child of Isaac and Susan.

2. Susan RICE There is no data re dob...but reportedly married a merchant and minister, Reubin WALKER...no death data. From McMinn Co., Deed Books A and B, p. 48: "...Reubin Walker and his wife, Susan (RICE) Walker, daughter of
Isaac RICE, deceased...." and "May 1, 1824 - Deed between Reubin Walker and Susan Walker, his wife, late Susan RICE, daughter of Isaac RICE, late of McMinn Co., dec'd."

From $350.00 land in Roane Co., on the South side of the Tenn River, being Lot No. 7 in the division of the real estate of Isaac RICE, dec'd. All rights of Susan Walker as an heir and distributed of the estate of Isaac RICE. Also, her undivided 1/12th part of a tract of land on Estanalle Creek consisting of 180 acres, being land laid off as a
dower out of real estate of Isaac RICE and being a part of the SE quarter of Sec. 9 and part of the SW quarter of Sec. 8, Township 4, Range 1 east of the meridian, which 12th part would come to Susan at death of Martha RICE. Signed, Reubin Walker, Susan Walker (by mark) (see page 2)
Witnesses: Charles Matlock, John Matlock, James S. RICE

This purchase by Martha (Matlock) RICE, 2nd wife of Isaac, would be part of the home place east of Athens, McMinn Co., TN., on the Madisonville Road, which Isaac purchased on Feb. 4, 1817, from Hugh Dunlap. Roane Co., Deed Book
E, p. 1221, dated Feb 4, 1817.

According to the notes of Rev. Henry, Susan and her family moved away, presumably to Missouri.

3. Nancy RICE born circa 1798 (deduced from age stated in 1850 McMinn Co., census...and Sept. 24, 1798, from data supplied by Mrs. Wesley Wright. She was married on Nov. 5, 1814 to Henry Matlock., Roane Co., Marriage Records. Henry
Matlock was a brother of Martha Matlock, who became Isaac's second wife. Thus, Nancy was both sister-in-law and step-daughter to Martha From the notes of Rev. Henry, they raised 8 children.

1. John Matlock 2. Sarah 3. Martha 4. Betsy
5. Charles 6. Henry 7. Jane 8. George Matlock.

Nancy died June 24, 1857 (data supplied by Mrs. Wesley Wright)

4. John RICE He was born December 21, 1800 (Isaac Robert RICE family Bible). POB not established, but believed to be in TN rather than VA because his father, Isaac, supposedly came into TN Territory just prior to 1800. He was married August 19, 1819 at Bean Station, Grainger Co., TN, to Tabitha Jane Dodson, Wm. Matlock,
cousin to Martha, bondsman. Roane Co. Marriage Records. John and Tabitha had 11 children (Isaac Robert RICE Bible)

1. Isaac Robert RICE, b. June 10, 1820.
2. Letha Francis RICE, b. October 11, 1821.
3. William Jefferson RICE, b. May 7, 1823.
4. Jessee RICE, b. October 27, 1824.
5. Tandy Senter RICE, b. December 6, 1826.
6. Nancy Palestine RICE, b. November 8, 1828.
7. John RICE, b. Feb. 16, 1831.
8. Henry RICE, b. Nov. 11, 1832.
9. Charles RICE, b. July 5, 1834.
10. Sarah Tabitha RICE, b. March 23, 1836.
11. James RICE, b. June 13, 1838.

Tabitha Jane Dodson RICE died Nov. 11, 1839, in childbirth of 12th child. John RICE apparently died of "fever", as that is noted beside his name in the Isaac RICE family bible and dated July 25, 1854.
Both John and Tabitha are buried in the family plot on their farm, Riceville, McMinn Co., TN.

Ms. Goorabian also includes detailed information regarding families related to the RICEs. In the interest of brevity, I'll omit those family histories, but will supply them to anyone interested.

Submitted by Jerry Rice

Polly RICE is in the will of Samuel Bayles as his daughter, See page 21, will dated August 5, 1825.

David RICE m. Jane R. Doak, July 8, 1815, David Deadrick, surety.

Isaac R. RICE m. Nancy C. Martin, March 3, 1853.

David RICE bought land from Michael Parker on ??, 25, 1797, Greene Co., in town of Leesburg.

John RICE, October 27, 1805, participated in some sort of land deal that showed him having 491 acres in the name of John RICE.

Reahel (?) RICE, November 24, 1804, bought 98 acres on Sinking Creek.

David RICE of Green Co., TN, sold land on December 25, 1806.

John RICE or RECE bought land from George House at Jonesborough, August 30, 1801.

John RICE bought 74 acres for 50 shillings per 100 acres, Grant #327,
North Carolina, dated October 24, 1782.

WILL OF ANN LUTTRELL (sister of Isaac Rice)

WILL OF ANN LITTRELL Date: January 10, 1794

Northumberland County, Virginia Will - Ann Littrell (Rice), Dated: January 10, 1794, Probated:   April 14, 1795

In the name of God Amen. I Ann LITTRELL; of the County of Northumberland being sick and weak of body but of perfect sense and memory, I thank God for the same do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, in manner and form as followth. First I give and bequeath my soul to God my maker to dispose of at his blessed will and pleasure and my body to be decently buried; and for my worldly goods which it hath pleased to my brother John RICE, the bed and furniture that was left to me by my father and my largest iron pot and hooks to him and his heirs for ever.

Item - I give to Susanah HILL, my best calico gound and black handkerchief.

Item - I give to my two sisters Winneyfred WAY, and Sarahan RICE, the remainder part of my cloths to be equally divided between them.

Item - I give my side saddle to my sister Sarahan RICE.

Item - I give to my sister Winneyfred WAY, my pine chest.

Item - I give to Susanah HILL, my box iron and heters.

Item - I give to brother Isaac RICE, my large puter dish.

It is my will and desire that after my just debts are paid that all the remainder part of my estate that is not already given to be equally divided amongst all my brothers and sisters namely; Isaac RICE, John RICE, Winnyfred WAY, Sarahan RICE, to them and their heirs lawfully begotten of their body and if either of them should die without lawful heirs begotten of their body it is my will and desire that their part be equally divided between the surviving brothers and sisters and their heirs. Lastly I do nominate and appoint my two brothers Isaac RICE and John RICE to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last will and testament revoking and denying all other will or wills heretofore made by me or any other. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10th day of January, 1794.
George RICE  

Submitted by Jerry Nathan Rice

Albemarle Land Taxes 1782
William RICE 400 acres 1782 - 1791
George RICE 277 acres 1784 - 1787

Albemarle Co., State Land Office Patents #26.
1747 -1748 Vol. 1, pages 1 - 358 Vol. 2, pages 359 -723
Henry RICE 230 acres page 365

Albemarle Co., General Index to Deeds
1768 Edward RICE, Jr., bought land from Benjamin Harrison, Book 5, page 19.
1776 Edward RICE, Jr., bought land from Sarah Harrison, Book 5, page 268, release of dower.
1763 Hezekiah RICE sold land to John Michie, Book 3, page 101.
1765 Hezekiah RICE sold land to James Walker, Book 4, page 39.
1770 Nicholas RICE sold land to Alex Baine, Book 5, page 244.
1772 Tandy RICE bought land from Charles Moorman, Jr., Book 5, page 440.
1750 William RICE sold land to Joseph Adcock, Book 1, page 212.
1812 William RICE sold land to James Lindsay, Book 18, page 166.

Albemarle Land Taxes do not have a RICE family paying taxes after 1791.

In 1783, a Hugh RICE Morris was shown involving a bad land deal.

1805 Joseph RICE, Inventory Book 4, page 184.
1836 Charles E. RICE1805 Inventory

Marriages of Albemarle Co., VA
Charles E. RICE m. Julia Carr, June 18, 1813.
Holeman RICE m. Susan Hamner, May 21, 1813
Jacob RICE m. Elizabeth Moore, December 1, 1813
Claiborne RICE m. Malinda F. Spencer, March 2, 1840

I believe this gang of RICEs to be kin to those in Buckingham and Fluvanna Cos.,
Virginia. Many families never moved a stick of furniture, but lived in several counties as a result of political partitioning and realignment of county lines.

Submitted by JERRY NATHAN RICE tio@aol.com

Betsey RICE married John Tungett (or Tungate) on December 5, 1791, page 70,
her father was Edward RICE.

Submitted by JERRY NATHAN RICE tio@aol.com

William RICE married Rebeckah Ellington, August 13, 1781, William Newsom, surety.
Frances RICE married James Mitchell (clerk), December 19, 1782. John Mitchell, surety. Consent of David RICE, father of Frances RICE.
Edith White RICE married Gabriel Minor, March 11, 1793 or 1783. Ben RICE, surety.
Susanna RICE married George Hardwick, December 26, 1785.John Wheat, surety. Consent of Charles RICE, SR, father of Susanna RICE
Benjamin RICE married Mary Henry, December 9, 1790, William Burton, surety. Married by Andrew Hunter.
John RICE married Fanny Snelson, October 11, 1792, Charles Stephen Hubbard, surety. Married by Jeremiah Hatcher. Charles Snelson was her father.
David RICE married Jane Holt, June 18, 1794. Consent of Betty Holt, Jane's mother. Mary RICE ,surety. Married by James Mitchell.
Benjamin RICE married Polley Wilson, January 9, 1796. George Wilson, surety. Consent of Joseph Wilson. Married by Alderson Weeks.
William RICE married Alley Goodrich, May 15, 1796. Thomas Goodrich, surety. Consent of James Goodrich and Charles RICE, SR. Married by Jeremiah Hatcher.
Samuel RICE married Sally Milam, February 3, 1808. Philip Reynolds, surety.
Jonathan Alexis RICE married Susan Graham, October 1, 1812.Thomas P. Mitchell, surety. Consent of M. Graham, uncle of usan. Married by James Mitchell
Thomas J. RICE married Sarah Parsons, January 17, 1816.Daughter of Samuel Bennett Parsons, surety.
Samuel D. D. RICE married Sarah D. Mitchell, August 19, 1817. She was the daughter of James Mitchell. Anderson C. Fariss, surety.
Thomas RICE married Nancy Swain, February 10, 1819.Jeremiah Swain,surety.
Reuben RICE married Anny Shavers, November 29, 1821 William Morse, surety. Consent of Rebecca Shavous.
William RICE married Nancy Whorley, November 14, 1826. Henry Whorley, surety.
Samuel B. RICE married Lucinda W. Leftwich, May 22, 1827 Thomas L. Leftwich, surety. Married by James Mitchell.
Bailey RICE married Elizabeth R. Overstreet, December 17, 1827. She was the daughter of John Overstreet. Henry J. Overstreet, surety. Married by Nicholas H. Cobbs.
William H. RICE married Mary K. Milam, May 23, 1833. Benjamin Milam, surety. Married by William Harris.
Samuel RICE married Paulina D Sanderson, December 24, 1840. She was the daughter of Belinda Sanderson. Edwin J. Reynolds, surety. Married by William Harris.
William James Walker, born 1757, son of David and Deletiah (Jones) Walker of Dinwiddie Co., VA, married secondly, in 1816, Betsey RICE, daughter of
Benjamin and Catherine Holt RICE of Bedford Co., VA. No children.
James Joplin, born October 27, 1769, son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Ware) Joplin, died October 5, 1852. He married, thirdly, Sarah RICE, daughter of Benjamin and
Catherine (Holt) RICE of Bedford Co., VA.

Transcribed by Jerry Nathan Rice

1787: _____ RICE m. Mary Rawlings, daughter of William Rawlings, March 31,1787.
1793: Rebecca RICE m. Robert Harris, November 20, 1793, consent of William and Rebecca RICE.
1796: James RICE m. Lucy West, November 7, 1796. Lewis Holloway, surety.
1806: Capt. William Vaughn m. Peggy RICE, 21 years old, on June 21, 1806. Herbert Hill, surety. William RICE, witness. Married by Rev. William Dossey, Baptist.
1812: Thomas RICE m. Rebecca Chambliss, January 25, 1812.
1823: Mary A. E. RICE m. Robert P. Harris, March 21, 1823.
1832: Margaret RICE m. Henry Trotter, May 4, 1832.
1833: Lucy A. E. RICE m. William P.Buford, May 8, 1833.

Submitted by Jerry Nathan Rice, tiorice@aol.com

Ledger 68, page 118: Julia A. RICE died September 5, 1880, of old age at 88
years old. She was born in Ireland. Patrick RICE was her husband.

A number of RICEs are on the Land Tax Books for Buckingham Co., VA. Some
Richard RICE who was there before 1790 and lived there after that date.
Edwin RICE
Davenport RICE
George RICE
Randolph RICE

Richard and George RICE, on April 14, 1788, voted for the election of delegates to the Virginia General Assembly at Buckingham Co.

Land Tax Book for Buckingham CO, VA Information shows the RICEs live on
Rock Island Creek)

1782 George RICE, 200 acres (Goochland Co.) He is shown in District #1 of Buckingham Co.

1787 George RICE, 300 acres 1788 Ditto for George
1789 Thomas RICE, 200 acres
(George is not shown)
1790 David RICE, 780 acres
1791 George RICE, 277 acres, plus new grant of 400 acres.
1792 George RICE, 677 acres
1793 Ditto for George
1794 Richard RICE 180 acres
Edwin RICE 100 acres
Davenport RICE 100 acres
Randolph RICE 200 acres
1795 ditto
1796 ditto
1797 Richard RICE 180 acres
Edwin RICE 200 acres
Davenport RICE 200 acres
George RICE 300 acres
Randolph RICE 200 acres
1798 thru 1803, same as 1797.
1804 through 1814
Richard RICE 180 acres
Randolph RICE 200 acres

1814 Charles E. RICE 300 acres. This is his first appearance.
1815 through 1817 Richard RICE 200 acres
Randolph RICE 200 acres
Charles RICE 300 acres
1818 through 1821
Richard RICE 180 acres
Charles E. RICE 300 acres
Randolph RICE not listed nymore

I did not search beyond 1828. When I was at Buckingham Co., the Land Tax
book for the period 1783 -1787 was "out" for alterations. I understand it is now

Submitted by Jerry Nathan Rice

1781: John RICE m. Elizabeth Hundley, March 17, 1781, William Matthews,
surety, and Henry Goare, witness.
1784: Joseph RICE m. Mary Cheatham, August 30, 1784. Minister was Nathaniel Hall.
1793: William RICE m. Dorcas Huces (?), October 27, 1793. George Carrington, clerk, witness. The minister's return shows William PRICE.
1793: Polly RICE m. John Martin, November 23, 1793. She was the daughter of James RICE. Austin Martin,surety. William Piles, witness.
1796: Elijah RICE m. Letty Jones, December 3, 1796. She was the daughter of Stephen Jones. Henry Stackes, surety.
1798: William RICE m. Ann Richardson, October 1, 1798. Ann signed her own
consent. James Jones, surety.

By Judy Tullis - judytullis@aol.com

Several tombstone inscriptions from Presbyterian Cemetery, Leesburg, VA:
Elizabeth wife of David J. Rice and daughter of Ezra & Ellen Bolon Died 1873
Aged 24 years 11 mo ___ days

[Elizabeth's parents, Ezra and Ellen, whose name is spelled 'Bolan' elsewhere, are also buried in this cemetery]

Jesse Rice 4-27-1826 Aged 48 yrs 11 mo 27 da
Thirza Rice [his wife] Dec 23, 1789 June 8, 1853

19th Century Property Transactions, Jesse Rice family, Leesburg area

I. D.B.Y. - 148 - 1839: Rebecca Rice of Harrison Co., Ohio, to Robert Gray, house
and lot in Leesburg which was (sic) conveyed to her by James Rice father of said

[James Rice b. c. 1740-1745 in Loudoun Co.; daughter Rebecca b. c. 1790.]

II. D.B.Y. - 275 - October 4, 1847: From Jesse L. Rice of Montgomery County,
Maryland to Thirza Rice all rights title and interest in possession and in remainder after the expiration of his mothers dower estate of him the said Jesse L. Rice (and?) in two tracts of land in Loudoun County which the late Jesse Rice died seized. 35 acres and 49 acres and also all rights and interest in a tract of land containing about 150 acres lying west of Leesburg which was conveyed to Jesse Rice by the executor of David Lacy under decree of the Winchester Chancery Court.
[Jesse Lacy Rice was son of Jesse and Thirza Lacy Rice; David Lacy (also sp. Lacey) was Thirza's father. Jesse Lacy Rice, his wife and children, and his mother, Thirza, had moved to Maryland at some point after the elder Jesse's death in 1826. It looks as though they returned to Virginia c 1847 for this transaction to take
place, but I cannot verify that.]

III. From Leesburg's "The Washingtonian" newspaper, Friday, June 15, 1855:
"Commissioners sale Loudoun Land Case of William H. Rice & others Plaintiffs against George W. H. Smith & others Defendants.Tract of land of which Thirzy
Rice died seized situated about 1-1/2 miles northwest of Leesburg immediately on the Leesburg & Surckersville (?) Turnpike. Home Farm 221 acres on south side of Pike, mountain farm 104-3/4 acres on north side of Pike. Carr farm 66 acres adjoins mountain farm on north."

['Thirzy' is Thirza Lacy Rice, b. 23 December, 1789, d. 8 June, 1853, widow of Jesse
Rice (b. 30 May, 1777, d. 1826). William H. is one of their sons.]


1794: Winiford RICE m. Alexander McIntosh, May 19, 1794, minister, George Eve.
1794: Elizabeth RICE m. Michael Clore, August 21, 1794, minister, William Mason.
She was the daughter of B. RICE.
1804: Sally RICE m. Larkin Sims, January 15, 1804, minister, William Carpenter.
1807: Bensgaf (?) RICE m. William Saunders, June 21, 1807, minister, Isham
1807: Mary RICE m. Thomas Wright, October 27, 1807.
1809: Ann RICE m. Alex Hinton, February 23, 1809, minister, Daniel James.
1809: William RICE m. Sarah Stockdell, October 26, 1809, minister, Daniel James.
1816: Elizabeth RICE m. Jacob Harris, September 23, 1816, minister, M.Myerhoffer.

Hanover CO, VA
Transcribed by Martha Hughes Rice, ricesouthern@aol.com

William Rice being in his Senses thought to make this his last will and Testament. I give and bequeth all my Land to my wife Elisabeth Rice during her life and after her decease I assin it may be equally divided amongst my four sons David Rice, William Rice, Shadrach Rice, Micajah Rice. I desire (they)may have the Plantation.
February 26, 1733 (4 appears above the final 3)

William Rice (Seal)

John Rice, David Rice
At a Court held for Hanover County the Sixth day of December 1734, This will of William Rice deceased was Produced in Court by Robert Clark who lately married Elisabeth the Relict of the said deceased and Proven by the Oaths of John Rice and David Rice the witness of hereto and admitted to record.
John Aug Graham CC


Transcribed by
Norma Rice Gertzman, normagertz@aol.com

Edward Rice's will was probated in Goochland CO, Deed Book 10, page 67-68 in 1770. Will written May 1,1769, Executed October 15, 1770:

In the Name of Amen, I, Edward Rice, Sr. of Goochland County being in perfect sense and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in
manner following, Viz. First, I give my soul to Almighty God and my body to the dust from whence it came, to be buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter
named, and as for what worldly estate the Lord has been pleased to bless me with, I give and dispose of as follows:

First I desire that all that part or parcel of land that my son, Edward settled from his then Spring Branch up to Mr. Zachariah Haden's line may be sold to discharge all
my just debts. Next I desire that my beloved wife, Mary, may have and possess the other part or parcel of my land with the plantation containing by estimation one hundred acres being the same more or less during her natural life and after her decease, I give it to my two grandsons William and Josias Baker to them and
their heirs forever. I likewise lend all the remainder of my estate to my beloved wife, Mary, during her life and at her decease to be equally divided amongst all my
children, except five pounds worth I desire my wife may make out to my granddaughter Susannah Smith in any of the goods she may think most proper to dispose of to that amount or as much under as my wife thinks fit. And lastly, I do appoint my two sons Charles and Edward Rice, Executors of this my Last Will and
Testament in Witness whereof, I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this first Day of May, One thousand Seven hundred and sixty-nine.

Edward Rice SEAL

Benjamin Harrison
Julias Sanders
David Wade

At a court held for Goochland County, October the 15th, 1770, Benjamin Harrison and Julias Sanders proved this writing to be the last Will and Testament of Edward Rice, deceased which was thereupon admitted to Record. Teste
Val Wood, Clerk of Court


Charles Rice (married to Mary Holman) was the son of Edward Rice who was the son of Thomas and Marcy Rice of Virginia. Following is his will:

Will probated November 22, 1785 in Goochland Co., VA - Page 5 and 6

In the name of God Amen, I Charles Rice of Goochland County being in sound sense and memory at this time, do constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following first I give my soul to God who gave it to me and my body to the dust from whence it came, to be buried at the discretion of my Executors
hereafter named in hopes of a joyful resurrection, through the merits of Jesus Christ, and as to what worldly wealth I possess, I leave it as follows. I lend unto my beloved wife, Mary Rice, all my whole estate except thirty-five acres of the land I now live
on, which thirty-five acres my son Basdel has purchased and paid me for, on account of my son Charles, it being his part or share of the land I live on, sold to his brother Basdel to discharge a debt due from my son Charles to David Hudson of Louisa
County and marked out next to a place called and known by the name of Old Isams' old field now belonging to Col. John Hopkins between the branch that runs through my plantation and Hopkins line and so over the said branch from Hopkin's line
______ to the little spring branch that my daughter MollyTrice lives on till the thirty-five acres is included which thirty-five acres property belongs to my son Basdel and his heirs forever but the whole of my estate besides I lend to my xxxxxx wife
during her natural life, she having a right to dispose of any part thereof to discharge all my just debts and at her decease the rest of my land to be equally divided between my four sons Tandy & William, Holman & Basdel, and all the moveable
estate after my wife's Death that she leaves behind her, I desire may be sold and equally divided amongst my thirteen children to them and their heirs forever, and I desire there may be no appraisement of my estate, but due appoint my beloved wife and as many of her sons as she shall chose to qualify with her to be executors to this my last Will & Testament. In witness whereof I set my hand and seal this sixth day of January, one thousand seven hundred eighty-five.

Seventeen hundred eighty-five
Charles Rice SEAL

Daniel Bowman
William Bowman

At a court cont. held for Goochland County November the 22, 1785, this writing was proved by the oath's of the witnesses thouts to be the last Will and Testament of Charles Rice, deceased, and thereupon admitted to Record.

Transcribed by
Norma Rice Gertzman

Spelling and capitalization are shown
exactly as they appear in the record.


1. Louisa Order Book 1742-1748 - July ? 1745 - Charles Rice this day appeared to answer the Proven ? of the Grand July made against his for willfully absenting himself from divine Service the Space of one month and what he could say in excuse of himself being fully heard; it is Ordered the he be fined five shilling for the said
offence which fined he is Ordered to pay to the Church wardens of the parish of St. Martins in this County; for the use of the Poor of the said parish.

2. A Charles Rice of Louisa sold land to Edward Rice in Goochland in the indenture of February 15, 1750.

3. Will Book #1 in Louisa was so tattered, I could not tell anything, but in a book by Nancy Chappelear and Kate Binford Hatch, Abstracts of Louisa County Wills Books 1743-180l, they stated a Charles Rice was the administrator of the will of William
Rice in 1786.

4. Charles Rice of Louisa had a wife named Sarah. This MAY be the Sarah Rice mentioned in the will of Pettus Ragland proven January 28, 1807 in Hanover County, VA. (The will book in Hanover containing the actual will was destroyed, however William Ronald Cocke III was able to copy it ecause the Chancery files were not
burned. I checked and the will is now missing from the file, so the only record of this will is in Cocke's book.) There were a bunch of Raglands in the will books of Louisa.

5. Will of Charles Rice of Louisa, Will Book 5, pages 365 and 366
In the name of God Amen. I Charles Rice of the County of Louisa, being sick and weak in body, but Sound sense and memory, thanks be to God for the same, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, my soul I surrender unto God who
gave it humbly, hoping through the merits of my dear Redeemer forgiveness of all my sins, my body I commit to the ground to be buried in a christian manner at the discreetion (sic) of my surviving friends, and as to what worldly Estate it has pleased
God to bless me with I dispose of in manner and form as followeth, in the first place I will that all my just debts be paid. Then lend to my loving wife Sarah three negroes namely Dick, Niney, and Stephen, and all my Stock, and household furniture during her natural life, and after her death to go to my two Daughters hereafter named
divided equally Item. I give and bequeth (sic) unto my Daughter Nancy Garland Rice Three negroes named Morning, Tulip, and Fillis, which I give to her and the heirs of her body forever if she has any, but if she dies without an heir I will that my other
Daughter Mary Ann Rice should possess if, Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Ann Rice three negroes named Winney, Eliza and Lewis, which I give to her and the heirs of her body forever if she has any, but if she dies without and heir I will that my Daughter Nancy Garland Rice should possess it, and lastly I appoint my friend Thomas W. Clabrook and my loving wife Sarah Executors to this my last will and Testament. Iwitness where if have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty second day of March one thousand eight hundred eleven.

Signed sealed & pronounced in the
present of Charles Rice (Seal)
us to be his last will Testament

Benjamin Sims, Charles Harris and Samuel Nuckolls

At a Court held for Louisa County on 8th day of July 1811 This will was this day in open Court exhibited and was proved by the oathes of Benjamin Sims, Charles Harris and Samuel Nuckolls the witnesses thereto and by the Court ordered to be recorded.

6. Accounting of the estate of Charles Rice contained in Will Book 5, pages 686-691.

7. Account of the estate of Sarah Rice contained in Will Book 6, pages 13-15, states she died November 22, 1815.

8. Louisa marriages, September 10, 1827, Abraham Perkins & Mary Ann Rice dau of Charles Rice dec'd.


In the name of God Amen- I EDWARD RICE of the state of Georgia Franklin County, being very sick weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory,thanks be given unto
God calling unto mind the " Mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, That is
to say, Principally and first of all I give and renounce my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent christian burial at the discretion of my executors, SARAH RICE and KILLIS WALTON,nothing doubting but at the general Ressurection I shall receive the same again bythe mighty power of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it pleased God to bless me in this life. Igive demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and first I give and bequeath to SARAH mydearly beloved wife, the upper half of my land that I now live upon with all the house hold goods and farming
utentials and all my carpenters and coopers tools, also all my horses, cattle, sheep and hogs to be her property so long as she remains my widow. Also I give to my
beloved son CLABORN RICE one heifer and my wareing cloths and my gun and shotbag and one ax one hoe and one mattock, also I give my beloved son LEONARD RICE the lower part or half of my aforesaid land and a yearling horse colt and a likely two year old heifer and his ax, mattock and hoe. Also I give my beloved son WILLIAM RICE one yearling heifer and the roan filly coult that she is now with foal with and this upper half of my land with the aforesaid utensials to be his when ever my wife SARAH discontinues to be my widow, Also I give my dearly beloved daughter POLLY RICE, a likely two years old heifer and the chance of a coult thats in the mathews mare- Also I give my dearly beloved daughter ELIZABETH RICE one three year old heifer, and the land is not to be divided until WILLIAM is twenty years of age, also my beloved son KILLIS RICE is to be supported by all the others or else take there property by law for his support-and I do hereby tterlyrevoke and disanul all and every other former testament, wills, legacies, bequests and executors by me in any ways before named willed and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no
other to be my last will and testament, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23d day of January and in the year of our lord Eighteen
Hundred and One.


signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the
sd as his last will and testament, in the presence of us who in his
presents and in the presents of each other have hereto
subscribed our names-
RACHEL ENGLAND ] July 9th 1801

of Ebenezer Rice
transcribed by
Jerry Nathan Rice

Ebenezer RICE, Sr., left a will at Maury Co., TN, Will Book E, Volume 1, page 384

Ebenezer RICE, that he is a "Minister of the Gospel by the grace of the God" ...sick, but of sound mine....
He asked that his wife, HENRIETTA, be given provisions to last her 12-months. In dividing his property, he identified: Son: Ebenezer Rice, Jr.
Dau: Sally Mayson (Mason?)
Son: Abel Rice
Dau: Patsy Moore
Son: Joel Rice (also spelled Jowel)
He leaves a share of his property to Sally Rice,
daughter of his (Ebenezer's) son, Rowlan (Roland,
Rowland, etc).
He also states: "I intended to have given an equal share (to Rowland's son, Ebenezer) with sister Sally Rice, but as he was bound to me until age 21, and has
left me upwards of two years before his time was out, I bequeath him $1.00 when he reaches age 21."
He names his son, Ebenezer, JR, sole executor of his estate.
The will was signed by Ebenezer Rice, Senr. resident of Maury Co., TN., January 21, 1831. Witnessed by Richard A. L. Wilkes and Thomas Moore.

Transcribed by Judy Schiffer

Georgia Elbert Co.

In the name of God amen, I LEONARD RICE of the county and state above being
of sound mind memory but infirm in body and knowing that itappointed for all men
to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament. Imprimis it is my will
that my body after death be buried in a descent Christian like manner at the
discretion of my executors, and touching such wordly goods as it has pleased God
to bless me with I do give and bequeath in the following manner. I do give and
bequeath unto my DAUGHTER ANN RICE two cows and calves and two beds and
furniture and an chest to be considered her full share of my estate, I do give and
bequeath unto the CHILDREN OF MY SON ROBERT RICE deceased two dollars to be considered as their full and final share of my estate. I do give and bequeath unto
my beloved wife SALLY RICE all my property of every kind which I may die
possossed of that may not otherwise be disposed of for her own use and support
during her lifetime and at her death to be equally divided between my children
JESSE RICE, AND AARON RICE. The manner of division to be the property to
be sold at public sale and the proceeds to be divided as above directed. And I do
nominate and appoint my son AARON RICE AND JOHN MERIT my executors to
this my last will and testament giving them full power and authority to act and
manage my estate according to the true intent of this my will and testament and I
do further give them power to buy sell or barter any thing which may be for the
peace and comfort of my wife and the advancement of my estate and I do hereby revoke and disannul all former wills ratifying and confirming this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this January 18th, 1840.
Dillard H. White
Essry White JP
Hiram Brown

Elbert Georgia 1848


Will of Ann Rice daughter of Leonard Rice and Sally [Dau. of Henry Duncan] Rice. As far as I can tell Ann never married, but she names the Children of her brother Robert Rice.

In the name of God amen, I ANN RICE of the county and state aforesaid being much afflicted in body but of sound mind and disposing memory and knowing that it is appointed for all mankind to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament. First it is my will that after my death my body be buried in a descent and Christianlike manner and my soul I recommend to God who gave it. Item as touching such worldly goods as it has pleased God to bless me with I give demise and dispose of in the following manner. Item It is my will that all my just debts be paid out of my estate. Item, I do give and bequeath un to my beloved nephew LEONARD RICE my tract of land whereon I now live. Item, I do give and bequeath unto the
CHILDREN OF MY BROTHER ROBERT RICE [towit] WILEY RICE, ELIZABETH STOVALL, WILSON RICE, MARTHA RICE, SARAH ANN RICE fifty dollars each out of my estate. Item I do give and bequeath unto my beloved BROTHER AARON RICE all the remainder of my estate after the above legacies are paid. I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved brother Aaron Rice my executor to this my last will and
testament giving him full power and authority to act and manage my estate as he may think best, and I do hereby revoke and disannul all former wills and bequests, ratifying and confirming this my last will and testament in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 17th day of December 1847

Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of
Essry White
Jepitha Bradley
Asa J. Haynes
Ann Rice Her Mark

Hope some of these names will be a hit for someone. Robert Rice was in Jackson Co Ga. on 1820 census and Walton Co Ga. on 1830 census. He was deceased
before 1842.

Transcribed by Norma Rice Gertzman normagertz@aol.com

Goochland CO, VA 1777 - 1788 Probate Records
This indenture this tenth day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eight-four between Charles Rice of the County of Goochland County of the one part and William Bowman of the other part, witnesseth that the said Charles Rice for and in consideration of the sum of sixty pounds current money of Virginia, to him in hand, paid by the said William Bowman before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and thereof doth acquit and discharge the said William Bowman, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, enfeoffed and confirmed and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, and confirm unto the said William Bowman his heirs and assigns, one certain tract or parcel of land containing
forty acres lying and being the County of Goochland it being forty acres of the hundred and seventy-five which I, the said Charles Rice, now live on, and bounded as followeth (to wit). Beginning at a pine on Col. Hopkins line thence along the said line to pointers, by Isam's old field from thence to a corner white oak on said line thence along a line past Hopkins and past Capt. William Holman's to a white oak where
dividing line between me, the plantation to a red oak thence up the said branch on the West side half way to a spring branch where it empties unto the aforesaid branch known by the name of Molly Trice's Spring Branch, the upper half of said line is to run the East side of said branch on a strait line till corners at or near the mouth of the said branch thence up the said spring to a corner white oak, thence along a new marked line to the first station TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said land or parcel of
land with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging together with the revision and
revisions remainder and remainders issues dowers against just claim or claims of any person or persons whatsoever. In witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above written.
In presents of:
Charles Rice SEAL
John Martin Mary Rice
Mason French
Basdel Rice