Heritage Book of Morgan County, TN  

Rick Llewellyn - Apr 20, 2014

The Heritage of Morgan County, TN 1817-1999Andrew L. Lewallen 1793-1873

The history of Andrew L. Lewallen begins in Stirrup Iron Creek, Wake County North Carolina where he was born the son of Anderson and Lucy Rice Lewallen, October 7, 1793. In 1811, when Andrew was 18 years old, they relocated to Roane County, Tennessee. The family settled around Wolf Creek, an area that would become part of Morgan County in 1817. These family members were Anderson and wife Lucy Lewallen, sons William L., Joel, Andrew, Wiley, Thomas and one unknown son. Daughter Polly and 3 unknown daughters. The "unknowns" are based on the 1800 Wake County, NC US census.

In the early 1800s, the prospect of free and cheap land in east Tennessee encouraged many settlers to move their families West to the new frontier. Many came from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina to start their new life in Tennessee.

The Appalachian mountains posed a formidable barrier to westward migration. Many came via the Wilderness Road. It is very probable that several families from Wake County NC travelled together with the Lewallens to settle the new frontier of East Tennessee. They would travel in large wagon trains for protection from Indians, highwaymen and to share their skills and supplies. It should be noted that history shows most of the native Americans were normally friendly and helpful to the pioneers. However, there were some who didn't care for the white man taking their homes and hunting grounds and posed a threat to migrating families.

Two of the most important possessions was an ax, for gathering fuel, clearing land and building shelter and a good "gun". A rifle was the most important possession. A good "shooting gun" provided fresh meat, leather clothing and protection and could literally mean the difference between survival or death. Possessions of metal building materials was a luxury. It was not unusual for a family, when leaving for a new settlement, to burn down the old cabin just to retrieve the nails, metal pegs and other metal hardware if they were lucky enough to have them in the first place.

Morgan County Tennessee, Scott County Tennessee and Wayne County Kentucky contain virtually all of the records for Andrew Lewallen. The National Archives war records contain an extensive record of his service in the War of 1812. These records include actual war records, his application for land grants, pension application and the applications of Andrew's wife Malinda Elizabeth Davies Lewallen of her widow's pension.

Andrew L. Lewallen is sometimes referred to as Lucian Lewallen. All of the military, court and land documents found for Andrew only refer to him as "Andrew Luallen/Lewallen". The "L" initial has never been found in any record. There is, however, one reference to Lucias Luallen in a 1825 Morgan County Court record. On JUl 19, 1825, Morgan County TN, "The State vs. Lucias Luallen". The document refers to Lucias Luallen, Robert Davis and Thomas Davis (father-in-law of Andrew Lewallen). This Lucias appears to be the identical person of Andrew L. Lewallen and establishes proof of Andrew L. Lewallen and Lucian Lewallen as being the same individual.

Andrew was a farmer and a circuit Methodist Preacher. John Granville Lewallen (1869- 1958), great grandson of Andrew described him as "being tall and slender fellow that was said to be a very good man." There are no known photographs of Andrew.

Andrew had large land holdings in Morgan County, including some in joint ownership with his brother-in-law, Walter Davis. Andrew and Malinda named one of their sons Walter Davis Lewallen after her brother Walter Davis.

In 1859 Andrew sold most of his holdings in Morgan and Scott County TN and relocated to Wayne County KY. There was a large migration of our family to Wayne County Kentucky around 1860. They included Andrew L. Lewallen, his son Walter Davis Lewallen and his family, Andrew's uncle John Lewallen (b. 1812) and several of his sons and families. By the late 1860s they all had returned to Scott and Morgan County, TN. In the early 1870s John Lewallen (b. 1812) and most of his family relocated to Texas. William L. Lewallen, John's brother relocated to Knox County TN with his family.

Andrew L. Lewallen was born October 7, 1793. At age 21 he married Malinda Elizabeth Davis November 30, 1814 in Roane County Tennessee. Malinda was born April 1, 1792 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Davis of Virginia. Malinda's mother, Elizabeth Davis lived to be 100 years old.

Andrew died November 30, 1873, age 79 years, 11 months, in Scott County Tennessee and is buried in the Carpenter Cemetery on Nydeck Rd., Morgan County, TN. Malinda died April 11, 1876 in Scott County Tennessee and is buried with Andrew.

Andrew's funeral was preached by Rev. A. B. Wright (1826-1893). The sermon was from bible text that Andrew had requested Rev. Absalom B. Wright use should Andrew "out live him". Andrew and Rev. Wright were well acquainted, both being Methodist Ministers. Many members of our family were Baptized, married and buried by Rev. A. B. Wright. The "Autobiography of Rev. A. B. Wright" (c. 1896) by J. C. Wright, his son, is a valuable genealogical resource.

Andrew and Malinda had 3 daughters and 2 known sons, possibly more. 1. Elizabeth, b. August 4, 1814 in Morgan County, YN. Married Matthew Young. 2. Nancy, b. March 1, 1821 in Morgan County TN. Married Solomon Young. 3. Andrew Russel, b. October 28, 1824 in Morgan County TN. Married #1 Perliscia Ann Davis, #2 Susan B. Rose. Andrew died December 27, 1896. 4. Rhoda Ann, b. February 15, 1828 in Morgan County, TN. Married Matthew Young (widower of Rhoda's late sister Elizabeth) 5. Walter Davis, b. April4, 1831 in Morgan COunty, TN. Married Anna Brown October 5, 1848, daughter of John and Nancy Brown. Walter died on his birth date April 4, 1896 at age 65. Anna died August 29 1906.Submitted by: Benjamin F. Lewallen, 3rd g-grandson; 2003 Arden Place, High Point, NC 27265 and Researched and compiled by: Wayne F. Lewallen, Charlotte, NC 4th g-grandson.

Dorothy Campbell - Apr 20, 2014

Here is a link to the book that Wayne Lewallen references here in his next to last paragraph..

Autobiography of Rev. A. B. Wright" (c. 1896) by J. C. Wright. It can be read on line from the Allen County, Ft Wayne, Indiana Library.


There is 447 pages including the appendix. This book also has an audio feature, but takes a while to download due to the size of the book.

I also have The Heritage Morgan County, Tennessee 1817-1999. Margery Ray Morgan gave it to me as a gift a few years ago. It is a wonderful book.