Andrew Russell Lewallen

Rick Llewellyn - Apr 27, 2014

From The Heritage of Morgan County Tennessee - 1817-1999

Andrew Russell Lewallen was born July 17, 1849 in Morgan County, Tennessee, the son of Walter Davis Lewallen and Anna Davis Lewallen.

Andrew was a county commissioner of Morgan County and an Attorney. He continued to farm as his family before him. Andrew was a 50 year Mason. He was active in Morgan and Scott County community affairs and politics.

Andrew Russell Lewallen married Nancy D. Peters in Wartburg TN October 15 1868 in the home of S.J. Mckethan JP. Witnesses were Solomon Young, E.T. Stonecipher, S.J. Mckethan and A.F. Lewallen (from the family bible of Andrew Russell Lewallen)

Nancy Derick Carpenter Peters was 1st married to Leander Peters who was killed in the Civil War. They had a son Wesley Peters who was raised by Andrew and Nancy. Nancy was born December 24, 1841 in Morgan County, TN, the daughter of Consider and Susannah Guthrie Carpenter.

Andrew Russel Lewallen died May 22, 1937, age 87 years, in Morgan County, TN. Andrew is buried in the Lewallen family cemetery on Nydeck Rd., Morgan County, TN. Nancy Lewallen died December 26, 1918, two days after her 73rd birthday. Nancy is buried withAndrew.

Children of Andrew and Nancy Lewallen:

  1. John Granville, b. July 26, 1869 in Morgan County TN, married Cynthia Jane Greer May 6, 1896 in Fentress County TN John died March 16, 1958 in Lenoir City TN.
  2. Horace Atlley, b. January 22, 1871 in Morgan County TN married Eunice Fairfield. Horace died June 9, 1930 in Morgan County TN.
  3. Linnie Emerine, b. October 16, 1872 in Morgan County TN, married Worchester O. Peters. Linnie died 1925 in Morgan County TN.
  4. Anna Cordilia, b. March 20, 1874, in Morgan County TN married John B. York. Anna died March 29, 1964 in Burrville, Morgan County TN.
  5. Hollis Oscar, b. January 9, 1876 in Morgan County TN, married Minnie FLorence Lancaster in Glen Mary, Scott County, TN. Hollis died January 24, 1962 in Glen Mary TN.
  6. Orlando Holcom, b. September 7, 1877 in Morgan County TN., married #1 Kizzie Zackories, #2 Winnie P. Cook. Orlando died November 19, 1956 in Pine Knot, McCreary County, KY.
  7. Calvin Kingsley, b. March 12, 1879 in Morgan County TN, married #1 Margaret Webb, #2 Emma Galloway. Calvin (CK) died October 10, 1971 in Scott County, TN.
  8. Alonzo Herman, b. Novenber 13, 1880 in Morgan County TN, married #1 Julia Segefield, #2 Gennie Sissom. Herman died September 8, 1950 in Chattanooga, TN.
  9. Lurie Maud, b. July5 1884 in Morgan County, TN, married Ruben Wily Davis March 13, 1901 in Morgan County TN. Lurie died November 18, 1927 in Scott County TN.
  10. Wesley Peters (stepson), b. May 9 1861 in Morgan County TN, married Mary S. York. Wesley died February 21, 1906 in Morgan COunty TN.
  11. Cicero Granville Lewallen, b. July 10, 1881, married #1 Ollie Parker, #2 Beatrice Keeton, #3 Mamie Owens. Cicero died October 31, 1969 in Scott County TN.

Submitted by: Tammy Lewallen Burlingham, 3rd g-granddaughter: 4815 Westchester Drive, Charlotte, NC 28208 and researched and compiled by: Wayne F. Lewallen, Charlotte, TN.

Billie Harris - Apr 28, 2014

If anyone ever does a complete list of descendants of Anderson, this will be good information to have.

Rick Llewellyn - Apr 28, 2014

Sounds like a challenge?

Billie Harris - Apr 29, 2014

Certainly would be.   Care to accept?

Carol Lewallen - May 8, 2014

Rick, that was great. I have a letter here that my grandfather (John W. Lewallen) revived from his Aunt from Tenn. the letter did not have a name or date that I could find, it was getting faded out in some spots.
Andrew Russell Lewallen

Andrew Russell Lewallen was the son of William D. Lewallen who was the son of   Andrew Lewallen who was the son of Anderson Lewallen. Andrew was born in Scott County, Tenn. July 17, 1849. He moved with his father and family to Rock Creek, Wayne Co. Kentucky   and later the family moved back to Scott Co. Tenn.; in 1865.

In 1868 he married Nancy (at time of writing this didn't know her last name)   He and his wife raised eleven children of their own and took in seven other children at different times making the sun total of eighteen children in all.

Andrew served as Justice of Peace in Morgan County Tenn. for 20 years and four years as Justice of Peace in Scott County Tenn.. He filled othe office of Chairman of the County Court of Morgan County for two and one half years.   He also practiced law before the lower courts of Scott, Morgan, Fentress County for about 20 years.

Andrew joined the free Masons in 1873 and was affilliated with them ever since. He seved as Master   of the Lodge for ten or tweleve years. He was a master   Mason for nearly 56 years.

Andrew obtain his schooling from two books, Arithmetic and Spelling. The remainder of his education he obtained at home and from outside sources. He was a member of the Methodist Church from 1867 on.   He served as a member of the committer who built the Court House at Wartburg and his name is engraved in gold letters on a slab at the Court House.
This was a letter to my grandfather from his Aunt.

Andrew was known as "Andy", he was a brother to my greatgrandfather William J. Lewallen.

Uncle Andy, was a leading figure in law and order of that section of Tenn.
I found a few things at my dad place when I was back home.
Carol Lewallen

Rick Llewellyn - May 10, 2014

Great background Carol. We all value the family letters and tidbits. This is a great family!