William Anderson Llewellyn

Rick Llewellyn - May 4, 2014

William Anderson Llewellyn
The Heritage of Morgan County, Tennessee 1817-1999

Anderson Grant Llewellyn (b. 1764/d. 1822-1830) married Lucy Rice Jun, 8, 1784 in Prince Edward County, VA. In 1811, Anderson, Lucy and their son, William, (b. Aug. 3, 1809, Wake County NC/d. Nov. 16 1897) moved to Morgan County, TN. William was a magistrate for several years and married Nancy Wallace (b. Nov. 3, 1810, Anderson County/d. June 13 1896)

William's son John, (b. Jan 19 1836, Morgan County/d. Feb 16, 1910) was a farmer and married Elizabeth Elmyra Shannon (b. Aug 5, 1831 Morgan County/d. June 14, 1902) Elizabeth was the daughter of James and Mary Shannon of Morgan County, both of 100% Irish descent. John and Elizabeth had seven children, all the boys attended the University of Tennessee. John was a Baptist and ELizabeth a Methodist. John gave land at Kingston Pike and Lovell Road in Know County for Grassy Valley Baptist Church and a cemetery (both still in existence) and the land across the street from Grassy Valley for a Methodist Church which later consolidated with Concord United Methodist.

John's son, William Anderson (b. Jul. 15, 1860/d. Jan 10, 1942), my great grandfather, became a school teacher and was a master mason for more than 50 years. William married Isabel LaRue (b. April 29, 1863/d. Sept. 26, 1937), daughter of Mary Ann Smith and Jacob LaRue, in 1880. William and Isabel lived in the Welsh Community of Knoxville and were active in the Welsh Society; both are buried in the Edgewood Cemetery, Knoxville. They had four children; their only son Walter Carson died at nine months and is buried at Grassy Valley Cemetery

William's eldest daughter, Nora Llewellyn (b. June 19, 1882/d. Oct. 19, 1983) never married, was active in church work and reminisced about being one of four in attendance at Grassy Valley Baptist Church when the "Big Snow" hit the Tri-State area May 19, 1894. Nora is buried in Edgewood Cemetery.

Stella (b. Jan 16, 1893/d. Mar 24, 1983) married Robert Crosby (b. Jul 26 1884/d. Aug. 18, 1961) Mat. 7, 1925. Robert was a WWI and WWII veteran. Major Crosby is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Stella in Edgewood Cemetery. Their only child, Robert Llewellyn Crosby, deceased, received degrees from UT and Harvard. Robert married Margaret Crum of Maryville. They had three children, Robert Llewellyn, Jr., Margaret and Mark.

Mary ELizabeth Llewellyn (b. Jan. 3 1887/d. Nov. 9, 1966) my grandmother, married Henry Dismuke Anderson (b. Dec. 7 1881/d. Jan. 24, 1936) Jan. 8, 1907. Mary attended Girl's Female High School (as did Nora and Stella) and was Knox County Election Commissioner Chief Clerk; Henry attended Holbrook Normal College and was a building contractor. They had five children. Henry was a deacon at First Baptist Church Knoxville of which he and Mary were long time members; they are buried in Edgewood Cemetery.

Their eldest child, William Frederick Anderson (B. Oct. 14, 1909/d. Jul. 14 1957) was a Shriner and a S. SGT. in WWII. He is buried in Edgewood Cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth (b. Mar 5, 1914/d. Nov. 4, 1978) married Robert Macklin Evans in Feb. 1940, and had four children, Mary Elizabeth, Sara (a registered nurse, her husband served 20 years in the Air Force), Jacqueline and Richard Edmund (served four years in the Air Force).

Henry Davis Anderson (b. Jul 8, 1916/d. Oct. 14, 1986) married Maerose Maureen Garnett (b. May 28, 1916/d. Apr. 25, 1985) Sept. 12, 1941. Henry attended UT, was a SGT in WWII and retired from TVA after 42 years.; Maerose was a legal secretary. They are buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga. Henry and Maerose had four children, Rebecca, Janice, Allen (employed by Coca-Cola in Atlanta) and Melanie (assistant librarian at UT-CHattanooga).

Edward Thomas Anderson (b. Mar 22, 1920/d. July 27, 1946) was President of DeMolays and SGT in WWII. He died in an automobile accident while home on leave from the Army and is buried in the Edgewood Cemetery.

Nancy Helen Anderson (b. Jun 4, 1912), my mother, married Charles Fugate Eppes, Jr. (b. Mar. 19, 1911) Nov. 30, 1935, they have two children. Helen studied at Sherwood School of Music in Chicago, Columbia University in New York City and UT; she was a piano teacher and retired in 1996 after 40 years as organist at Faith Lutheran Church, Oak Ridge. Helen is a member of Daughters of Colonial Wars, American Guild of Organists, the Welsh Society, Oak Ridge Woman's Club and active in musical circles. Charles graduated from UT, member of the band and Kappa Alpha Fraternity; he worked as comptroller/Treasurer of Barber Buick, Business Manager & Secretary/Treasurer of Reading Buick, and Office Manager/Treasurer of Valley Pontiac in Oak Ridge. He belongs to the Sons of the Revolution, the Elks, Jamestown Society. Helen and Charles are long time members of First Baptist Church Knoxville and First Families of Tennessee.

William Llewellyn Eppes (b. Apr 20, 1941) attended Western Kentucky State College and UT-Knoxville (member of the band). William was a PN3 in the Navy and was Band Master of the Submarine Force Atlantic Band. He married Ann Fitzgerald (b. Sept. 19, 1947) Oct. 19, 1968; they live in Wake County, NC. William Belongs to Sons of the Revolution and First Families of Tennessee. He is retired from Greyhound Corporation; Ann is employed at Research Triangle Institute. They have two children, Jennifer Christine and William Llewellyn, Jr.

Loucinda Jane Eppes (b. Aug. 5, 1944) lives in her great grandparent's home in the Fort Sanders area, center of Civil War activity in Knoxville. Jane attended Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, Columbia University and is a UT graduate where she was a member of the band. Jane was a member of the Cincinnati, Oak Ridge and Knoxville Symphony Orchestras and long time member of the First Baptist Church Knoxville. Jane belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of COlonial Wars, Daughters of FOunders and Patriots of America, Colonial Dames of the XVII Century, the Jamestown Society, First Families of Tennessee and the Welsh Society.

Submitted by: Loucinda Jane Eppes, 1701 Laurel Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37916- 1903

Billie Harris - May 7, 2014

Could this William be the one referred to as Wiley ?   Maybe it was actually Willie and sounded like Wiley?

Incidentally, Eppes is a very old name.   I've done genealogy on the Randolphs and the two families connected back in the 1600's, early 1700's.

Mary Harris Johnson - May 7, 2014

I have Wiley born about 1768 and William born Aug. 2, 1809 same as in this article

Rick Llewellyn - May 7, 2014

Billie, this William is the grandson of the William that Mary refers to below, b. 1809.

Anderson -> William -> John -> William Anderson Llewellyn

He is my GG-grand uncle.