Frank Llewellyn, Sr.

Rick Llewellyn - May 25, 2014

Frank Llewellyn, Sr The Heritage of Morgan County, Tennessee 1817-1999

Frank Llewellyn, politician and businessman, was born December 12, 1898 in the Farragut Community of Knox County. He married Margaret Leona Rodgers of Sneedville, Feb. 6, 1921 in Knox County. Frank lived in Petros, Morgan County from 1941 until 1945 where he served as Deputy Warden of the Brushy Mountain Prison. He was later appointed Warden by Governor Frank Clement and lived on the hill in the Warden's house in Petros from 1953 until 1960.

Frank and Margaret had two children, my father Frank Llewellyn, Jr. and Helen Llewellyn Hammer, now of Andersonville, Anderson County. Franks siblings were Elsie, Elmer, Charles, Janie and Edward who died as an infant. Elmer was also an active politician and friend of Governor Clement. Frank was also Knox County Building Commissioner. In his retirement years, Frank was an active farmer. Frank died December 18, 1985 in Anderson County.

Frank's father John Bell Llewellyn, a school master was born July 25, 1865 and married Elizabeth Reagan. John Bell's siblings were William A., Nancy J., Newton C., Charles S., and Freeman H., all of Farragut in Knox County. John Bell died of tuberculosis April 8, 1903 leaving Frank and the rest of the family in poor finances.

John Bell's father, John Llewellyn was born January 19, 1836 and lived in Morgan County until 1862 before moving to Farragut. John was a farmer and a biographical subject in Goodspeed's History of 1887. John's wife, Elizabeth E. was the daughter of the Irish couple, James and Mary Shannon, also of Morgan County. John and his father, William L. Llewellyn amassed considerable land in Morgan and Knox counties that enabled the family to provide a good education to the children. They also provided liberal support of religious activities, including the donation of land to build area churches. John's siblings were Levisey, Anderson, Rebecca, Charles H., William R., Smith H. and James H. John died February 16, 1910. William L. was the brother of John Llewellyn (first sheriff of Scott Co.), Joel Lewallen, and Andrew Lewallen, all of Morgan Co. Their parents, Anderson Lewallen and Lucy Rice came to this area from Wake Co., NC around 1811. Apparently they settled in and around the area of Burrville, Sunbright and Glen Mary (now in Scott Co.). William died November 6, 1897.

Anderson may have been the brother of Richard Llewellyn (usually spelled Luallen) of Anderson Co. Both Anderson and Richard were born in Prince Edward Co., Virgina.

Together, Anderson and Richard account for most of the Llewellyn/Luallen/Lewallen descendants who lived throughout Morgan, Scott, Anderson and Knox county areas.

Rick Llewellyn, 16506 Ehlers Street, Omaha, NE 68135
Source: Morgan, Knox, Scott and Anderson County records.

Rick Llewellyn - May 25, 2014

Since it was fifteen years ago when i wrote this, I want to make a few comments:

It was William Llewellyn (Anderson Lewallen's son) who changed the spelling to Llewellyn.

I no longer believe that Anderson Lewallen and Richard Luallen may have been brothers. It is more likely they were first cousins.

John Llewellyn, my GGGF was often confused with John Lewallen (who married Delilah Reed and moved to Texas). One relative who has now passed referred to John as "Squire John."

From my GGF, only my dad and his sister had any children. I am the last male to carry the Llewellyn name. There will be no more.

Billie Harris - May 25, 2014

The same has happened in my husband's Harris family.   His dad had one sister and three brothers and he was the only one who had a son.   My husband had three sisters, and we have no sons, all daughters.   He did have a DNA done though, just in case it can help some other family and   make a connection.

At times I tend to agree with you about Richard being Anderson's first cousin, and then at others I think they were brothers.   We may never know but there is a connection somehow.