Lewallen obits. in Banks county cemetery book page 26

Debbie Garrett - Jul 30, 2008

Note these are only listed in the book as paritals but gives souces for the obit.

Baby Lewallen   - Parents is listed as Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Lewallen and the baby died 21st. inst.   source   BCG, Thursday 4/1/1891 - believe was error and meant Banks County Journal.

Child Lewallen -   Mr. Aden Lewallen ..... last Thursday   source BJC , Thursday,   7/4/1907

Harriett Hailey Lewallen, age 74 of alto died Monday at the residence following an illness of several months ..... Damascus cemetery - source -   The Commerce News, Thursday, 5/6/1948

Mrs. Betsy Lewallen died last friday, age 80, Mother of Tom Lewallen. source - BCJ, Thursday 4/13/1899

Rebecca Lewallen died Thursday, May 3 source -   BCJ, Thursday 5/10/1906

Billie Harris - Jul 30, 2008

Good info.   That means Betsy would be the oldest one and she was born 1819.   Where does she fit in?

Martha Lewallen - Aug 1, 2008

Betsy or Elizabeth Watson Lewallen was the second and young wife of Joseph Lewallen born 1763 in North Carolina. died about 1855 in Franklin or Habersham County they were married 1842 in Franklin County.  

Their son Thomas A. Lewallen is father of Thursey Lewallen, wife Benjamin Lewallen.


Bill Crawford - Aug 1, 2008

Martha, is Betsy/Elizabeth Watson related to the Sanders and Hannah Watson family?

Martha Lewallen - Aug 3, 2008

Good Question.

No Idea

Bill Crawford - Aug 12, 2008

Well, after looking at this time and again, I think Elizabeth is Nancy's oldest sister.

1840 census shows Sanders Watson family females

1 female-under 5
1 female-5-10
1 female- 15-20
1 female-20-30-Elizabeth-age 21 b. 1819
1 female - 40-50-wife Hannah

In 1860 Nancy   age 19 b. 1841

Seth Watson b/o Elizabeth and Nancy married Charlotte Matilda Lewallen(granddaughter of Joseph Lewallen)and Elias Watson also b/o Elizabeth and Nancy married Dicey Lewallen who happens to be sister to Charlotte.

If this were so, it makes it even more likely that Nancy married relative of Joseph(John L. that we haven't determined yet).