Anderson Lewellen/Lewelling born 1764 - For Discussion (Prince Edward, VA, Wake NC)

Billie Harris - Jun 3, 2008

Some researchers have given Anderson Lewallen/Lewellen/Lewelling to have been the father of John Lewellen, first sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee, and they've speculated that Alexander was probably Anderson's father but nothing to back that up, so I've decided to see what I could find on Anderson.   Most have felt John Lewellen of Scott County was related somehow to Wiley Lewallen, born 1795 in North Carolina based primarily on similar given names in the families and the locations where they moved and my guess is also that there's a relationship somewhere.  

My question is:   Was John of Scott County the son of Anderson?   Here's what we have:

Anderson L. (spelling varies for the last name):


1784 - Anderson married Lucy Rice on June 8th.  

1785 - Anderson is shown living right next to Jesse Lewellen and William Lewellen as well as Matthew Rice.   Matthew Rice was probably Anderson's brother-in-law since he married a Margaret Llewelly/Lewelling.   Anderson is shown with 3 whites, no other dwelling thee, and no buildings.   William is shown with 4 whites, one other and no buildings.   Jesse has 8 whites, one other and no buildings.

Also in Prince Edward County but living a distance away was Daniel with 4 whites, one other and one building.   Whether related to Anderson, Jesse and William, it isn't known but until we find some evidence, then we can't connect them.  

1786 - Abraham Forrest of Amelia County VA sold to Anderson Lewelling for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses to the transaction were John Smith, Richard Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling.   (In many instances, you'll find those who witness these deeds are related to both the seller and the buyer and obviously Richard and Jesse must have been related to Anderson.)

1788 - Thomas Lewelling died and in his Will named his niece, Liddia Rice, daughter of Matthew and Margaret Rice.

1838 - In Anderson County, Tennessee:
Wills & Settlements 1830-1842 Anderson Co, TN P 184
Report of Enoch Foster Guardian) To the Worshipful County
State of Tennessee, Anderson Co)
Court, October Term 1838
       I Enoch Foster Guardian of Alexander M Luallen, Nancy Lewallen, Daniel Lewallen, Jesse Luallen, Louisa Lewallen, & Freeman Lewallen, minor Heirs of RICHARD LEWALLEN deceased do hereby report to your worship on account of all the Estate of said Minor Heirs of said which has come to my hand or possessions of Guardian (to wit)
Received of Charles Lewallen administrator of the Estate of Richard Lewallen deceased in promissory Notes payable to Myself as Guardian as aforesaid on different individuals Made Same by Security as I believe to be the amount. $1110.18
Sworn to in Open Court
William Cross, Clk
Enoch Foster
(NOTE:   His children were minors and if he was born 1763, then certainly the children would have been grown by


1789 - Jesse Lewelling of Wake County, North Carolina, sold his land in Prince Edward County, Virgnia to Richard Phillips

1793 - Oct. 7 Andrew L. Lewallen born (died Scott County, TN)   Son of Anderson Lewallen

1795 - Jesse Lewelling married Delpha Fogarty, bondsman was Anderson Lewelling

1800 - Hillsborough District, census shows:
   Anderson Llewellyn with 3 males 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 3 females 0-10 and 1 female 16-26   (As with the Surry County, N.C. census, this Anderson could have been the Anderson born 1764).
   Also showing in the census is Francis and Jesse

1821 - Moses Lewelling (born 1794) married Matilda Oliver Oct. 27.   (Moses was probably from the William Lewelling of Randolph County NC line)

1829 - Thomas Jefferson Lewelling born, son of Moses and Matilda

1840-42 - Moses Lewelling family moved to Jennings Co., Indiana


1823 - June 9, Anderson Lewallen married Sally Bain

1830 - Census shows Anderson Luallen with one male under 5, one male 20-30 (born 1800-1810), one female under 5 and one female 20-30

1840 - Census   shows Anderson Luallen

1850 - Census shows Anderson Lewallen age 50 (born 1800) North Carolina, Sarah 46 born Kentucky, Anderson 20 (1830) born Kentucky, Elizabeth 17 born Kentucky, Susan 15 born Kentucky, Rowlet? 13 born Kentucky, Madison 10 born Kentucky, George 6 born KY, Bradley 2 born KY and Josiah Lewallen 22, laborer, born N.C.  

1860 - Anderson is still in the county.


1800 - John Lewellen, (born 1812)   first sheriff of Scott County, had an older brother, Joel, who was born this year.  

1850 - Census shows Anderson Leuallen age 21 or 24 (1826 or 1829) born Tennessee, wife Elizabeth 20 and children.   Living next door is John Luallen age 38 and his family.


1850 - Census shows Anderson Lewallen age 16 (1834) born Tennessee living in the household of William Lewallen 40 (1810) born Tennessee.

If Anderson was in the Surry County, North Carolina, census, he wouldn't have been in Scott County, Tennessee.   And, besides, if he married Lucy Rice in 1784, that would have been 16 years before they had Joel and married 9 years before they had Andrew who is given as John's oldest brother and John being born 1812, would have been 28 years before John was born.   That seems to be quite a few years between children.

Do we know where Anderson was in 1810?   He, Jesse and Francis aren't listed on Ancestry's 1810 census.   There's an 1810 census available for Tennessee but not for North Carolina so it's possible they were still in N.C.

Pesonally, I don't believe John was the son of Anderson.   It's possible he was a grandson, but we need to establish the names of Anderson's children before making a connection.   Granted   two of John's grandsons were named Anderson, but could that have been the maiden name of a mother or grandmother?

Those interested, can we discuss this and see if there's something to help resolve the question of who John Lewellen's father was.

Billie Harris - Jun 15, 2008

Found on a GenForum posting that:  

Richard Lewallen was born in Prince Edward Co, VA in 1763. He served in the
Revolutionary War for two/three months enlistment's, April 1781 through June
1781 September 1781 through November 1781. He volunteered in Prince Edward Co>Co, VA where he lived at that time. He fought in the Battle of Yorktown
against Cornwallace. Richard filed for his pension August 29, 1832 in
Anderson Co, TN. He died less than one year later, May 8, 1833.

I believe Richard was married 1st unknown, ( I suspect this because he was
thirty years old could have had a previous marriage, as some of the
children's birth dates are prior to this marriage to:) 2nd Grace Stokley
born ca 1773 in Norfolk Co, VA. (She was about fifteen years old.) They were
married March 30, 1793. in Norfolk Co, VA. (This could be in error she
could be the mother of the 1st 3 children of Richard Lewallen.) She probably
died in Anderson Co, TN about 1817. He married 3rd Parazeda Vowell June 1,
1818, Anderson Co, TN.

From: "Roster of Soldiers, The Tennessee Society of Daughters of the
American Revolution." Complied by: Edythe Rucker Whitley.

"Early TN Tax Records," by Curtis 1805 Anderson Co Petition list:
Richard Lewallen.


Question:   Was Richard a brother of Anderson?

Rick Llewellyn - Jun 19, 2008

According to the Goodspeed Biography for Knox County:
John LLEWELLYN, farmer, was born January 19, 1836, in Morgan County, Tennessee, and is the third of eight children born to William L. and Nancy (Wallace) LLEWELLYN, natives of Virginia and Tennessee respectively.   William L. LLEWELLYN was born August 2,1809, and was brought to Morgan County, Tenn., by his father, Anderson LLEWELLYN, when about two years of age.   He was constable of Morgan County for several years, and since his removal to Knox County in 1862 has served his district as magistrate for several years.   His wife, and the mother of our subject, was born about 1811 in Anderson County, where she grew to womanhood. Our subject was educated by his father, and after assisting on the farm until twenty-four years of age, married Miss Elizabeth E. Shannon, a native of Morgan County, born in 1834, and the daughter of James and Mary Shannon, citizens of Morgan County, and both of purely Irish parentage.   The marriage of our subject resulted in the birth of six children: William A., Nancy Jane, John, B., Newton C., Charles S. and Freeman H. Mr. and Mrs. LLEWELLYN and four children are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, Mr. LLEWELLYN being a deacon at the same.   He was formerly a Whig, but is now a Democrat in politics.   By his own industry and good management he has accumulated considerable property, and now owns in one body a fine farm of 225 acres of land, well cultivated and well improved.   Mr. LLEWELLYN is giving his children good educational advantages, and be is also quite liberal in his support of all religious enterprises.   He donated the land upon which the Methodist Episcopal and Baptist Churches   were built near his farm, and besides gave considerable money.   He is a Master Mason, and an excellent citizen.

Thus, Anderson migrated to Tennessee in 1811. The 1810 census for Wake County is where we should have found Anderson but Wake was a lost census county for 1810.

Billie Harris - Jun 19, 2008

Rick, I'm glad to see you've joined us and I do appreciate your posting on this.   I know you're busy but any and all info will be very helpful.

Billie Harris - Jun 25, 2008

Rick, I just re-read your posting from the biography of Knox County and am now really confused.   This John Llewellyn would not have been the John Lewallen who was sheriff of Scott County because it states he was the son of William L. Llewellyn born August 2, 1809 and that William L. was the son of Anderson   Llewellyn, so I suppose it means he was the nephew of John who was sheriff, but I'm still having difficulty with this.

There's documentation that Anderson married Lucy Rice 1784.   From the genealogy pieced together for the family, the first son was Andrew L born 1795, followed by Joel born 1800, then William (your William) born 1809, then John (the sheriff) 1812.

Why I'm having problems is because it's 11 years before Anderson and Lucy had their first son (Andrew), 25 years before they had your William,   and 28 years before they had John (sheriff).   It just doesn't seem logical that there were that many years between the date they married and the date they had their children.  

Help me understand this genealogy better please.   Weren't there other Anderson Lewallens from the more northern states?  

(For the records and reference in the future, William Lewallen is shown in the Morgan County, TN. 1850 census as being age 41 (1809), wife Nancy age 40, Anderson age 16, John age 14, Rebecca 12, Charles 5, William R. 3, Smith 1.   Living in the same area were Henderson, Hall, Garrett, Ward.)

Rick Llewellyn - Jun 25, 2008

Yes, this John Llewellyn was the nephew of the John Lewallen of Scott Co., first Sheriff.   Maybe I misposted because I thought I replied to a question of when Anderson Llewellyn came to Tennessee from North Carolina. Otherwise, I think it has been established that the sons of Anderson that most agree with were Andrew, Joel, WIlliam and John.

Billie Harris - Jun 26, 2008

No, you didn't mispost and I do appreciate your reply on the question of when Anderson came to Tennessee from North Carolina.

One thing you'll learn about me is that I ask if I have a question, especially with genealogy and I would hope others do the same.  

I wasn't aware the sons of Anderson had necessarily been established.   I know many, including myself, have assumed we knew who they were based primarily on where they lived and the fact that descendants' given names were also Anderson, but if there's something documenting them, it would certainly put my questions to rest.  

What I find especially difficult to understand after going over everything   is the fact that Anderson and Lucy were married 1784 (documented.)   Their first son was born eleven years after they were married which is entirely possible, but it was 25 years before your William was born and another three years before sheriff John was born.   It seems to me like long periods of time between having children and   I just wonder if there isn't a generation missing in there somewhere.   I'm not doubting they descend from Anderson, but I'm only questioning whether or not we're certain they were his sons and not his grandsons, that's all.   Is there something to substantiate them as sons?

Note that I've edited my very first post because it appears there were two Anderson Lewallens and both born about the same time.

It's only through dialog that questions can be resolved and obviously I do have a question.

Billie Harris - Jul 23, 2008

There have been postings that Anderson Lewallen's father was Daniel and I've questioned this.   There is definitely a connection but Anderson was not a son; he may have been a nephew, I still don't know.     I've pieced together genealogies for the families in Prince Edward County and am making it a separate post..   They will include Daniel, his son Richard,   and Anderson, Jesse, William and Thomas.

Billie Harris - Oct 31, 2008

Something I've wondered is where Anderson Lewallen received his given name and after some research tonight, came to the conclusion it was probably from the Rice family.   There was a Charles Rice who died about 1779 in Prince Edward County, VA, wife Frances ? .   Their children were Anderson, Matthew, Susannah, Rowlette, Charles and Frances Rice.   Anderson Lewallen married Lucy Rice and one of the neighbors was Matthew and Margaret (Llewellyn) Rice (Margaret was sister of Anderson).   Thomas Lewallen, Anderson's brother, made a bequest to Lyddia Rice, his niece and she was the daughter of Matthew and Margaret.

Was Susannah or Frances Rice Anderson Lewallen's mother?

Billie Harris - Nov 17, 2008

Where did the given name of Anderson come from?   It may be a clue to helping find who his father was.   Could his mother have been an Anderson?

There's a good site on the colonial Andersons on the internet (which shows among others an Alexander Anderson - and remember, there's an Alexander Lewallen as well as an Anderson Lewallen) but if you have a volume control on your computer, you might want to turn it down because the music seems rather loud to me - and I have a hearing problem:

[NOTE: broken link]

Dawn Ross - Mar 30, 2009

Quite impressive work!   I have an alphabetized, all inclusive list of the results of the searches I have performed on records found in North Carolina, as well as various other searches I have long forgotton, back in the early 1980's.   It may be found at:

Billie Harris - Mar 30, 2009

Lu Dawn:   You have a great site.   I love all the photos of the old cemetery markers.   Great job !

By any chance do you have a male Louallen who might do a DNA test?   It might tell if your line connects with one of the others who've tested.