Shadrach Llewellyn (1740? PA), Meshack Llewellyn (1784-1840) Kentucky, Indiana

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What follows is a tentative scheme of the Kentucky Llewellyns and the pedigree of Elizabeth Llewellyn, the second wife of Eli Whaley Jones.   The difficulty in tracing this family is, as usual, both the loss of records and the number of males with the same Christian names.   Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (the three men thrown into the furnace and saved by the Lord, in the Book of Daniel) are no longer fashionable Biblical names for sons, but among Protestants until the end of the 19th century, they were common.   It is therefore not surprising to find more than one Meshack “Lewallen” in early Kentucky and Indiana records.   The two may, in fact, be related.   But at present it is not possible to document the relationship.

A summary of the relationships is as follows:   Meshack Llewellyn (b. c. 1784 d. c.1840) m. c.1800 Nancy Whitesides, and among their children was Elizabeth (b. 11 Jul 1816 in Kentucky, d. 3 Dec 1887 Kerens TX).   Around 1819, the family moved, perhaps for a short while to Posey Co IN, but eventually to Chariton Co MO.

Elizabeth m. Eli Whaley Jones 28 Nov 1848 in Marion Co IL.   The son of Eli and Elizabeth, Marshall Beach Jones, was born 28 Feb 1853 in Marion Co IL in and died 2 Dec 1935 in San Angelo TX.

Here is a gathering of material on Kentucky Llewellyns who may not be part of of the family that I am tracing:

Shadrach Llewellyn (b. c. 1740 ?) of Washington Co PA, Loudon and Fairfax Cos VA, m. before 1760 ? Deborah Burson (b. c. 1740 ?).

Shadrach Llewellyn (living Buncombe Co NC 1810-1811)

Meschach Llewellyn b. before 1775 (Washington Co PA to Nelson Co KY c. 1795 to Wayne Co IN before 1809;   living in Wayne Co IN in 1810-1811).   m. Hannah Brooks in PA or VA.   This man is probably not father of Elizabeth Llewellyn.

Several researchers believe that the father of our Meshack Llewellyn was Abednego Llewellyn b. c. 1760 ? d. Davidson Co TN 1789 m. Nancy Snow
                     Children:   Abednego Llewellyn (b. c. 1790 d. c. 1866) m. Rebecca Clark
                       Isaac Llewellyn (living Nelson Co KY 1810-1811;   d. before 1820 census?)

At present, I know of no documents that prove the relationship between Abednego and our Meschack Llewellyn.   What is documented about this man and his family here follows:

Meshack Llewellyn (b. c. 1784 d. 1840/9) m. c.1800 Nancy Whitesides
                         Children:   John Llewellyn b. 1805
                                   Laura Keith Llewellyn b. 1807
                                   Evalina Llewellyn
                                   Elizabeth Llewellyn b. 1816

Chronology of documents:

1780:   Abednego Llewellyn signs as witness (with William Joyner) deed of conveyance between Arthur and Mary Moor of Mobile district, West Florida, and Joshua Howard.   In 1798, Joyner deposed that he had witnessed the document in question and that Llewellyn had signed his own name.   Recorded in Adams Co Mississippi book A, pp. 12-15.  

1783:   Abednego L. arrives at a settlement on the Cumberland River in TN in July of 1783.   According to Davidson Co. circuit court minutes, A/14, Mary Framel accused him of fathering her two children.   A witness for Llewellyn, James Haggatt, swore that he and Abednego had arrived at the settlement on July 7, 1783, and that Abednego had not visited the place for one or two months previously and could not be the father.   The case was eventually dismissed (A/30).

1784:   Abednego L. buys lot #23 in Nashville from directors and trustees, for four pounds, on 29 July 1784.   Davidson Co. Deed Book A, p. 21.   Years later, on 30 Aug 1810, Shadrack Llewellyn of Buncombe Co. NC sells his share of this lot as heir of A. Llewellyn (registered 31 Jan 1811. Davidson Co. TN Deed Book, p. 80).   In 1811, on 21 March, Isaac Llewellen of Nelson Co. KY, and, on 4 April, Meshack Lewallenœ of Wayne Co. Indiana Territory also sell. Llewellyn appears in the Nelson Co. KY tax lists for 1800, which substitute for the census, and in the 1810 census.

The sale of Abednego's Nashville property indicates that his family consisted of at least the following children:

Shadrach Llewellyn of Buncombe Co NC
Meshach Llewellyn of Wayne Co IN
Abednego Llewellyn of Davidson Co TN
Isaac Llewellyn of Nelson Co KY

Mrs. Lois Chanda   (1921 Leliano Place, Sierra Madre CA 91024) believes that these men were the children of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Llewellyn of Washington Co PA and Loudon and Fairfax Cos VA.   Ref:   ”Henshaw's Quaker Records,” p. 526, otherwise unidentified.   She states that this Meshach moved from Washington Co PA to Nelson Co KY c. 1795.   (This is presumably the same Meshach who later moved to Indiana.)

A Shadrach Llewellyn m. Sarah Hobbs in Randolph Co NC 23 Dec 1802.   Same as Shadrach of Buncombe Co?

1787:   4 Jan, Abednego was charged with living in adultery.   He may have been living with Nancy Snow, who was charged at the same time as having a bastard child. (A/153).

1789:   Abednego Llewellyn killed.   According to Gen. James Robertson's ”History of Middle Tennessee” (Nashville 1859), p. 328, "A hunting party, consisting of Colonel Tenen, Evan Shelby, Jun., Abednego Lewellen, and Hugh F. Bell, were in pursuit of game, and fell into an ambush, when the Indians fired and killed Shelby and Lewellen."   This account apparently comes from John Haywood's ”The Civil and Political history of the State of Tennessee,” published in 1823, entry for the year 1789.   According to an indenture (30 Aug 1810, registered 31 Jan 1811:   Davidson Co TN Deed Book I, p. 80) signed by Shadrack Llewellyn of Buncombe Co. NC, "the said Abednego Llewellyn departed this life without issue and without having made any last will or testament."  

1788/9:   Nancy Llewellyn appointed administratrix of Abednego's estate.   (A/217)   The above information and bastardy records come from Mrs. William T. (Geneva) Mattingly, Rt. 1, Box 206, Marion KY 42064-9729, taken from ”Tennessee Tidbits,” otherwise unidentified, pp. 224-5.

1790:   Davidson Co. TN Will Book 1, p. 136:   "The inventory of Abednego Lewellen returned by Nancy Lewellen viz one negro man named Sam, one gray horse paid L 12, four cows, and calves, three hogs and bed, some household furniture."   The inventory is undated but appears between two pages dated May 1790.

The Abednego Lewellyn of Hopkins and Webster Cos. KY declares in the 1860 census that he was born in TN c.1790 (he was 70 years old in 1860, acc. to the census, but age was not always accurately kept).   He was the son of Nancy Llewellyn Leeper and probably the son of Abednego Llewellyn of Davidson Co. TN.

If this Abednego is the (posthumous ?) son of the Abednego killed by Indians, the question is why his uncles--if such they are—were unaware of his existence.   Shadrack of Buncombe Co NC might well be ignorant of his birth;   but Isaac of Nelson Co KY and Meshack of Wayne Co Indiana, who once lived in KY, should have known this Abednego, if he were the son of their brother.   Perhaps Abednego Jr. was born out of wedlock and could not be a legal heir where no will was left.   It is possible that the Nancy Llewellyn of TN is not the same woman as the Nancy Llewellyn who married Leeper.   Nevertheless, the circumstances of Abednego no. 2's birth in TN c. 1790, the appearance of a woman named Nancy Llewellyn as head of a household on Henderson Co KY tax lists in late Oct 1799 (after which date she does not appear), the marriage of a Nancy Llewellyn to a man (Leeper) whose family and who himself probably had lived in TN and known Abednego no. 1, all suggest that the younger Abednego was son of the elder.   The relationship between the younger Abednego and the younger Meshack, who cannot be brothers if Shadrack of NC's statement is accurate and honest, is not clarified.

1790:   First KY Census.   No Llewellyn, or related families like Leeper and Guiler, appear in this census in Kentucky.   Perhaps some of them were in Tennessee, like the Leepers.   There are 3 Whitesides listed for Fayette Co.

1792:   John Luallin appears in Washington Co. Tax list, owning 100 acres, 5 cattle.

1796:   Hardin Co.KY Tax Lists, 10 May, shows a Meshack Lewellin (one male over 21, 2 horses, 4 head cattle, no land).   He must therefore have been born in 1775 or earlier.   John Leeper appears in same list.

According to Mrs. Chanda, her ancestor Meshach Lewellin moved from Washington Co. PA to Nelson Co. KY around 1795.   He had brothers named Isaac and Shadrach and perhaps the Abednego mentioned above.   These men were sons of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Llewellyn of Washington Co PA and Fairfax and Loudon Cos VA.   Ref.:   Henshaw's Quaker Records, p. 526. Perhaps the Meshack above is Mrs.Chanda's ancestor.

1797:   Hardin Co. KY Tax Lists, 27 Aug, shows Meshack Lewellyn (over 21, 2 horses).   8 July shows a Jacob Lewellin (over 21, 3 horses); 12 July shows John Leeper. Hardin Co. Tax Lists are missing for 1798; no Llewellyns appear in 1799, 1800.

1799:   John Leeper appears in Henderson Co. Tax Lists.

1800:   Isaac Lewallin appears in the 1800 census.   Same Isaac who appears in Nelson Co. KY Census in 1810 and in 1811 TN indenture as heir of Abednego of Nashville?

1803:   Henderson Co. KY Tax Lists, 4 Oct, shows a Masshac Lieuallin (1 male over 21, 1 male over 16, 1 horse, *).   The * means that he had adult sons.   This man would have been born before c. 1760 to have adult sons.   Is he Mrs. Chanda's ancestor and same man as above?

1804: Henderson Co.KY Tax Lists, 4 Aug, shows Meshac Luallen (200 acres on Deer Creek entered and surveyed by same, 1 male over 21, 1 over 16, 1 horse).

Henderson lists are missing for 1798, 1805-7.   No Llewellyn or Leeper in 1808-10 lists.

1806:   KY Land Grants shows a Meshack Lewallen in Henderson Co. buying 200 acres on the middle fork of Deer Creek.

Early KY land grants appear for other Llewellyns as follows:   1797, Hardin Co., Jacob Lewallen;   1799, Henderson Co., Nancy Lewallen;   1799, Warren Co. for William Lewallen;   1807, 1819, 1820, Hopkins Co., for Abednego Lewallen;   1825, Union Co., for Abednego Lewallen (Ky Land Warrants, p. 624).   Hopkins Co. was formed from Henderson Co. in 1807.

1800/7:   Meshack Llewellyn marries Nancy Whitesides

1807:   Meshack Lewellin (the younger?) an heir (a "year old horse") and executor of William Whitesides' will (Early History of Hopkins Co., p. 70, and Hopkins Co. Will Book I, pp. 2-3).   Hopkins Co. Tax Roll shows that Mashac Lieuallen received 400 acres on Green River, registered by John Whitesides, owning 1 horse;   Abednego received 400 acres on “Tidewater” [for Tradewater] and again 100 acres on Tidewater [Tradewater].

1810:   Hopkins Co. census shows Meshack Lewallyn (1 male 0/10, 2 males 16/26, 1 female 0/10, 1 female 16/26);   Abednego Lewallyn (2 males 0/10, 3 males 16/26, 1 female 0/10, 1 female 16/26).   This Mishack would have been born between 1784 and 1794 in order to be between 16 and 26; Abednego was born in 1790, as the 1860 census shows. This Meshack cannot be the same as the Meshack found in earlier documents because of age differences.

(According to Mrs. Chanda, her ancestor Meshach Llewellyn married to Hannah Brooks in PA or VA before coming to KY and moved to Indiana in 1800, already of advanced age, with numerous children.   This line is found on, very complete but lacking documentation.   Mrs. Chanda's grandmother Mary was born in Indiana in 1809. There is also, according to Mrs. Chanda, a NC William Llewellyn who had two sons named Meshach and Shadrach;   this Meshach b. 29 Jan 1787 Randolph Co NC moved to Henry Co IN before 1825.   There is a Meshach Llewellyn listed in Indiana Territory votes for 1809.)

KY Census records for Llewellyns as follows:   1800 Census (actually tax lists, because original census burned):
Samuel Lewallen, Washington Co.
Isaac Lewallen, Nelson Co.
Jacob Lewallen, Ohio Co.
John Lewellen, Bullitt Co.
John Lewelling, Mercer Co.
Stele Lewelling, Mercer Co.
William Lewelling, Warren Co.

Census for 1810 also shows the following Llewellyns:
Abednego Lewallyn, Hopkins Co.
Steely Lewellen, Jessamine Co.
Samuel Lewallen, Ohio Co.
Clabourn Lewallin, Warren Co.
Jacob Lewallin, Ohio Co.
William Lewallin, Warren Co.
Isaac Lewallin, Nelson Co.

John Leeper and three other Leeper households appear in this census.

1812:   Meshack Lewellyn appears as witness at will-probate.   Hopkins Co. Will Book 2, p. 73, 1 Jan 1812, probated July 1812, will of John Leeper, who names as heirs his wife Nancy, her son Abednego Lewallyn (22 yrs. old in 1812), four Leeper children Samuel, James, Casia [Cassandry in other documents], Rachel.   Meshack Lewellyn and Samuel Guiler are witnesses.   This will does not clarify the relationship of Nancy Lewallyn Leeper and Meshack.   It is possible—likely--that she is his mother and that Abednego is a younger brother who joined the Leeper family as a child, when his mother remarried.   She could be an ex-sister-in-law of Meshack's.   She disappears from the records after this date, probably because she moved in with Abednego and died intestate before the next census of 1820, where she is not in Abednego's household.   According to Mrs. Mary S. Williams, 8243 Lydia, Kansas City MO 64131, Nancy Snow Llewellyn Leeper died at Vanderburg KY (in modern Webster Co) 8 Feb 1819.

Hopkins Co. Will Book 1, p. 68, records the will of Samuel Guyler, Sr., written 18 Sept 1811, probated Feb 1812.   Guyler names as heir, among others, his daughter Nancy Leeper.   Jane Leeper, who died shortly after her husband, also names as an heir Nancy Guiler, "now Nancy Leeper" (Hopkins Co. Will Book 1, 85; inventory, 97.   Mishech Lewallyn and James Leeper were witnesses for the will and the probate.)   Hopkins Co. Will Book 2, p. 237, records will of Samuel Guiler, Jr., who names Nancy Leeper as his sister.   This Nancy is--in all probability--the wife of Samuel Leeper, Jr., and sister-in-law of James Leeper, who married Sarah Ashby in 1813.

1815-1816-1817:   Hopkins Co. Tax Lists show Meshack Llewallyn, after which dates he disappears from lists.

1819:   Hopkins Co. Deed Book 3, p. 90.   27 Aug 1819, Meshack Llewellyn and Nancy (Whitesides) Llewellyn of Henderson Co. KY sell 200 acres on Deer Creek, in Hopkins Co., for $800.   Witnesses John B. Ruby and Sam(uel) Leeper.

Hopkins Co. Deed Book 2, p. 435.   23 Oct 1819, Meshack and Nancy Llewellyn of Henderson Co. KY, and James Leeper and his wife, sell 179 acres on Deer Creek to James Armstrong.                

1820:   Hopkins Co. Order Book 3, 1818-1822, p. ?, 27 March 1820, in a suit over a debt, declares that Meshack Llewellyn and James Leeper are no longer inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Meshack does not appear in the 1820 census of Kentucky.

1820:   It appears that Meshack and Nancy Llewellyn sold off their property in order to move west.   If they are the Llewellyns who appear in Posey Co IN (created kn 1814), the southwestern-most county of IN, in the 1820 census, then they lived briefly in the township of Mt. Vernon (the county seat after 1825), Posey Co IN, listed under “Ma-k LLewallen,” “Ma-k” being an abbreviation for Meshack, and the two capital Ls clearly intended as part of the surname.   In the household are two males under 16, one 26-45, three females under 16, one female 26-45;   two persons were engaged in agriculture.   This family, however, may not be our Llewellyns.

1825:   US General Land Office Records, doc. 5512, shows that a Meshack Luallen—probably not our man--bought 80 acres of land in Henry Co IN, issued at the Brookville land office, 10 Mar 1825. lists a person of this name, born in NC and died in IN in 1840.  

1828:   Abednego Lewallyn buys 170 acres from Samuel and Margaret Whitesides and John and Sarah Whitesides. Hopkins Co. Deed Book 7, p. 318.

1830:   Abednego Lewellin in Hopkins Co KY census, 50-60 category.

1830:   The IN census shows another (same as above?) Meshack Lewallen, who appears next to Isaac (still there in 1850) and Benjamin Lewallen in the Ward twp. of the Randolph Co IN census.   Meshack’s household has on male 60-70;   two males under 20;   one female under 15;   one female 50-60.   Isaac is in the 20-30 category, Benjamin in the 30-40 category.   Randolph Co is in the middle of the eastern border of IN.   (This group of Lewallens cannot be the same as the family of Meshack Lewallen of Henry Co IN, since the age of the oldest man is incompatible with that of the Henry Co head of family.)

1830:   Acc. to Mrs. Chawlik, our Meshack Llewellyn and Nancy are in Chariton Co MO by 1830.   The 1830 Census lists one male 50-60, one male 20-30, one female 40-50, 3 females under 20.   There is also a John Llewellyn (20-30), perhaps a son or relative.   This Meshack is not in the 1840 census and had probably already died.   Perhaps his wife was living with one of the older children by this time, also.
The town of Chariton, and later the county of the same name, attracted immigrants from the tobacco regions of Kentucky and Virginia.   Tobacco became the staple product.   The town was laid out in the Spring of 1817.   In January of 1819, a visitor wrote that the town contained about thirty families.   By the 1820s, Chariton had become a very promising city and at one time the town had a population of 1,200 people.   In 1825, the fortunes of the little town began to wane after the Chariton river overflowed its   banks.   By 1840 the town was entirely abandoned.   The earliest records of land sales (as well as others) were destroyed by fire in 1861.
The History of Howard and Chariton Counties, Missouri (1883) says that Chariton Co was organized in the fall of 1820.   Among the first three county justices was Meshach Llewellyn (p. 566);   so it would appear that the family arrived perhaps as early as 1820.   The Llewellyns were among the “old settlers” listed are M. Llewellyn and J[ohn?] Whiteside, a relative of Nancy Whiteside Llewellyn.   John L. Llewellyn, relationship unknown, was sheriff of one of the towns in the county in 1837.
1839:   Hopkins Co. Court loose files:   1 Nov Samuel Whitesides signs record regarding sale of land sold to him by William Whitesides, deceased, which mentions Nancy Whitesides Llewellyn, wife of Mashack   “L. Lewellyn” (for Llewellyn) and cousin of William Whitesides.
1840:   Census of Henry Co IN, Meshack Lewallen, 50-60, with one male, 20-30, and 4 males under 20;   one female 30-40, 1 in 10-15 category;   presumably not the same as the Chariton MO Meshack Llewellyn.

1840:   Hopkins Co. Order Book 1835-1846, p. 21, 11 May 1840, shows a deed from Meshack and Nancy Llewellyn and John Whitesides, heirs of William Whitesides. See also Hopkins Co. Deed Book 9, p. 326.

1841:   Hopkins Co. Will Book 4, pp. 324-5.   Abednego Llewellyn witness of the will of Samuel Whitesides, probated in October.

1844:   Hopkins Co. Deed Book 12,p. 63, November court session, shows Nancy Llewellyn, "unknown heirs of James Whitesides, dec'd," Samuel Whitesides [Jr.], John Whitesides, and others, as defendants in a suit over the bequests of Samuel Whitesides [Sr.].

1849:   Hopkins Co. Deed Book 18, p. 58, 2 April 1853, shows for the March l849 court term, as an heir of Samuel Whitesides, Nancy Llewellin as widow of Meshack Llewellin.   Consequently, Meshack had died between 1830 and 1849. Circuit Court index no. 4643.

1850:   No Meshack Llewellyn appears in   the 1850 census (under any form of spelling).

1852:   The suit over the legacy of Samuel Whitesides was continued until this year, when Gabriel Sisk was awarded the "Whitesides place."

Abednego Llewellyn continued to live in Kentucky.   He appears in the censuses for 1820, 1830, 1840.   In the 1860 census for Webster Co., formed from part of Hopkins Co. where Llewellyns lived, he appears as 70 yrs. old, born in Tennessee, living in the house of his daughter Jane A. Graham and her husband John R. Graham.   He prepared a will on 8 March l861; it was probated on 8 March l866 (Webster Co. Will Book 1, p. 20.   Abedengo's son Leroy had a large family which also remained in Kentucky.   There are no marriage records for Llewellyns before 1850;   Henderson records are lost before 1806, are incomplete for 1806-1810.   There are no Llewellyn wills or administrations for Hopkins Co.

Julia Freels Chwalik, 7231 SW 132 St., Miami FL 33156 provides the following information:   Meshack Llewellyn and his wife Nancy moved to Chariton Co. MO with Daniel Ashby and other members of Ashby family;   Daniel was married to a dau. of John and Nancy (formerly Llewellyn) Leeper;   James Leeper, also a son of John and Nancy Leeper, also married an Ashby.   A History of Howard and Chariton Counties, Missouri (St. Louis 1883), pp. 552 ff., gives a list of 205 settlers who arrived in the area between 1818 and 1833, among them, M[eshack] Llewellyn and J[ohn?] Whitesides. James Leeper does not appear in the Chariton history, but he shows up in a History of Caldwell and Livingston Co. MO in 1822 as a resident of Chariton Co.

Courtesy of Mrs. Chwalik:   a history of the Longfield [TN?] Baptist Church:   ”A Promise of Good things:   Longfield Baptist Church 1831-1981,” by Edith Wilson Hutton (n.d. or place).   This work contains a sketch of John Luallen, pp. 339-341, who was the first clerk of the church in 1834.   He was the second son of Richard Luallen and Gracey Stockly.   Richard had served in the Revolution (Cert. W26211, Nat'l Archives) in the army of Virginia in 1781, participating in the Battle of Yorktown.   Richard is said to have had two brothers, John and William [the same William who is the father of Abednego Sr. ?], who arrived with him in Pennsylvania and moved in different directions after the war.   Richard appears in the Anderson Co. census for 1830, as does his son John.

John Luallen (b. c. 1790, d. 6 Jan 1839) and his wife Nancy (d. Mar 1846), with their dau Elizabeth H., joined the church and were founding members in 1834.

The five children appear in Anderson Co TN deed records.   Elizabeth married Calvin M. Slover in 1843.

Sources for the article are Anderson Co. records, 1830 census, Richard's pension record, minutes from the Longfield Baptist Church, Bk. I, found in the East TN Historical Center at Knoxville, and Lillie Luallen Queener, Incidents and recollections of the Richard Lafayette Luallen Family (Pioneer Printers: Washington College, TN, 1965).

Mrs. Chwalik suggests that Richard may have been a brother to Abednego and the other two brothers.

Additions:   First Marriage Book, Hopkins Co., 1807-1869, has only two Llewellyns, Mary Lervallyn, 1835;   and Lersy Lewellyn, 1829.   Apparently no Llewellyns married in Hopkins Co.

KY Pioneer and Court Records (Lexington, 1929), lists and Elizabeth Lewallin in 1828 and a John Lewelling,   married to Nancy Bottom in 1804.

Abstracts of Early Ky Wills and Inventories (Baltimore 1969) lists William Lewallen, wife Miriam, unnamed children, in Warren Co., 1811 (p. 227);   Phillippi Lewellyn, dau of Susan Bate, in Jefferson Co., 1798 (p. 123);   J. Lewellyn, appraiser, Ohio Co., 1808.   No Leepers.   Whitesides, pp. 66, 122.

Yolanda G. Reid, Rt. 1, Box 423, White House TN 37188, supplied the following, mostly negative, information:   there is no Llewellyn (or any spelling thereof) in TN tax list for 1782;   in Cumberland Compact;   in land grant card file at TN State Library.   A Revoltionary Land Grant card file at TN State Library lists Thomas Lewillin, grant 405, NC military warrant.   Davidson Co. marriages, 1787--   Mary Lewallen to Marshall Owens, 17 Aug 1819.   Except for the deeds listed above regarding the Nashville property, there are no Llewellyn deeds in early Davidson or Robertson Co. records.  

Other contributors to this file besides those persons listed are Dean Doolen, Georgia Walker, Marian Hammers, whose addresses I no longer have.

Billie Harris - Aug 10, 2008

I still need to go through all your information yet, but in the meantime have extracted the following.   See if any of it might help:

“Virginia Quaker Records” shows
Lewellen, Mary (late Burson) of South Fork MM (near village of Unison in Loudoun Co., no P.O. now.) complained marriage out of unity disowned 27 Apr. 1807, she not being desirous of making satisfaction.   (See Meshach Llewellyn).   Meshach White Water MM, Ind. Recommends him and he sends a paper of acknowledgement, signed by himself; Bernard Taylor and Mahlon Taylor are appointed to look into his record 27 June 1811.   (Note:   The only reference to Goos Creek –  should be Goose Creek –  minutes to Lewellen is that of 27 Apr 1807 when Mary Burson was disowned for marriage out of unity to a man named Lewellen).   Goos Creek MM 29 Aug. 1811 Friends appointed to examine into the case of Meshach Lewellen report they have examined our records and those of Fairfax MM and do not find that Meshach was ever disowned by either meeting.   They are directed to so inform White Water MM, Ind. (Note:   White Water minutes, dated 28 Mar. 1812 shows ‘Meshach Lewellen received on request).   (Goos Creek Mtg. House was in Lincoln, Loudon County and Fairfax Mtg House was in Waterford, Loudon Co., Virginia.)
“Lewellen, Ann, daughter of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellin ‘who hath removed sometime ago over the Alleghany Mountains’ granted certificate to Hopewell MM, Frederick County, Va. 27 Aug. 1785, clear.   (Note:   This certificate was received by Westland MM, Pa.   This was in Washington County, Pa.)
“Lewellen, Deborah (formerly Burson) daughter of Joseph removed sometime past to Pennsylvania, where she married out of unity to Shadrach Lewallen (a non member) ‘appeared here and offered a paper under her own hand to acknowledge her marriage out of unity which was accepted 27 Oct. 1759, received on certificate from Richland MM (Bucks Co. Pa) her conduct has been orderly except her marriage out of unity.   (This is about of sojourn).   Shadrach (husband of Deborah) and children:   Isaac, Ann, Margaret, Meshek, Deborah, Mary, and Hannah received by request 31 Aug. 1776.   Deborah (Lewallen) (wife of Shadrack) and children, viz:   Ann, Margaret, Deborah, Mary, Hannah, Shadrach Jr and Sarah granted certificate to Westland MM Pa 24 Dec. 1785, the daughters Ann and Margaret being adults were granted certificates separately, also Isaac, same date.
“Isaac, son of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellen, granted certificate Westland MM, Pa. clear.
“Margaret, daughter of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellen ‘who hath removed sometime ago over the Alleghany Mountains’ granted certificate Hopewell MM, Frederick County, Va. 27 Aug. 1785, clear.   (Note:   Certificate was received Westland MM, Pa)
“Shadrach (husband of Deborah (Burson) Lewellin) and their children, viz:   Isaac, Anne, Margaret, Mesheck, Deborah, Mary and Hannah received by request 31 Mar. 1776.
“Lewellen, Rachel (not identified) received by request 27 June 1788, reported 25 Sept. 1779 as ‘guilty of fornication and bearing an illegitimate child.’   Disowned 27 Nov. 1779, reported herself married out of unity to Hatfield (Jonas) ---?) and made acknowledgement which was accepted on report from Westland MM, Pa. where she now resides and a certificate was issued for her to that meeting after reinstating her 25 Oct. 1788, her acknowledgement being dated 23 Sept. 1786.”

Quaker Records” show (see also Virginia Quaker Records)

Westland MM, Washington County, Pa. opened 12 Nov. 1785.   The verge of the meeting included Washington, Alleghany, Westmoreland, Fayette and Green Counties, Pa. and adjacent counties in Virginia (now west Virginia) and Ohio.
1786-6-22 Margaret (Lawallen) m. Isaac McNamee
1786-5-13 Isaac recf Fairfax MM dtd 1785, 12 24
1786 –  5-13   Deborah and ch. Deborah, Mary, Hanna, Shadrach and Sarah to cf Fairfax MM, dtd 1785, 12, 24
1787-1-15 Ann roc f Fairfax MM, dtd 1785-8-27
1787-5-12 Margaret McNamee (form Lewellin) rocf Fairfax MM, dtd 1785-8-27
1787-11-24 Ann dis.
1791-5-28 Deborah (Lewallen) Jr. dis
1792-5-26 Mary and Hannah dis.
1806-11-22 Saran Vantruse (form Lewellen) rpd. Mou.
(all the foregoing referenced people are Lewellens)

I found this and just wonder if Morris or Maurice Lewallen might have beena father of some of these because he was a Friend (Quaker).   He was born in Wales in the 1600's and there's info about him in the Llewellyn book.

Morris (Sr) died Nov. 19,1730 and was buried in the burial ground at Haverford Meeting House.   His Will is dated June 14, 1714.

Note from the following that both Shadrack and Thomas were in Loudoun:

Virginia Tax Payers 1782-87, Other Than Those Published by the United States Census Bureau” by Augusta B. Fothergill and John Mark Naugle shows:

Taxpayer, Poll, Slave, County
LEWELLEN, Alex McG.   1 poll, Buckingham
LEWELLIN, Francis, 2 slaves, Elizabeth City
LEWELLIN, Thomas 1 poll, Loudoun
LEWELLIN, Shadrack, 1 poll Loudoun
LEWELLING, Thomas, 1 poll, Botetourt
LEWELINGS, Alexander 1 poll, Elizabeth City

The following is an excerpt from a letter which was received from Mrs. Frank L. Shumway:

“Wells County, Indiana 1850 federal census.   Census taken Oct. 23, 1850, in Rock Creek Township, Wells County, Ind.   Microfilmed on reel 105, page 35; D.W. No. 14, Family No. 13:

John Lawellin, age 28, male, farmer, born in Virginia
Sarah Lawellin, age 22, female, born Pa, over 20 and unable to read or write
Moses Lawellin, age 3 male born Ind
Isabel Lawellin, age 2, female born Ind
Shadrach Lawellin, age 2 months, male, born Ind.

Listed on the same page, following the family of John Lawellin, we find:
Isaac Lawellin, age 48, male, farmer, real estate value $3,000 born Ky
Sarah Lawellin age 48, female born Tenn over 20 and unable to read or write.
Mashach Lawellin, age 23 male, farmer born Ind.
Shadrach Lawellin age 21, male born Ind
Elizabeth Lawellin age 17 female born Ind
Hanah Lawellin, age 14 female born Ind
Rachael Lawellin, age 12 female, born Ind
Martha Lawellin age 8 female born Ind
Jane Lawellin, age 6 female born Ind
George (last name crossed out) age 12, male, born Ohio

The family of Isaac was D. W. Fam. No. 14.   He perhaps was the older brother, or maybe even John’s father.
On pg 354, D. W 52 –  Family No. 52 Rockcreek Township, Wells County, Ind.

John Douglas, age 49, male, farmer, real estate value $1,000 born Pa
Elizabeth Douglas, 48 female, born Pa
Isabel Douglas, age 18, female born Pa
Margaret Douglas age 16 female, born Pa
John douglas age 13 male born Pa
Fidelia Douglas age 7 female born Ind.

The County Clerk of Wells County has the following records:   Marriage records from 1850, probate records from 1837, divorce records from 1850, civil court records from 1853…

…My grandfather (of Matilda Jane Lewallen-Shumway) was born in Virginia.   The following record was taken from my father’s bible:  
John Luelling born August 15, 1813.  
Sarah Ann Douglas born Jan. 5, 1828 (Penn.)   This couple were united in marriage:   March 25, 1846, by Benjamin Brown, Esquire.   Children:
Moses Luelling born march 20,1847
Isobel Luelling, born March 27, 1849
Shadrak Luelling, born August 31, 1850
William Luelling, born april 3, 1854
Benjamin Luelling, born December 25, 1856
Isiah Luelling, born February 26, 1859
Jacob Luelling, born Feb. 9, 1860 or 1861
Abraham Luelling, born Feb. 9, 1860
Rachel Luelling, born June 10, 1864
Edith Luelling, born March 22, 1866

Deaths;   Isobel died Nov. 14, 1852; Shadrak died Nov. 15, 1852; Jacob died Feb. 20, 1860 or ’61; Isiah died Sept. 3, 1862; Sarah Ann Luelling (Dad’s mother) died Mrch 3, 1891 (not from bible); John Luelling died March 31, 1910 –  burial in Prairie City, Oregon Cemetery (not in Bible)

The family came across the plains from Ind. In 1852.   Settled in Powell’s Valley (in Gresham area) near Portland, Oregon.   William was the first white child born in Powell’s Valley.   He died July 18, 1913 (from the Oregonian).

On a page in father’s bible:   Aunt Hannah Lewelling died coming across the plains.   An aunt of my father –  the wife of James Lewis Johnson.   Both died on June 19, 1852.

…About 60 miles from here is a small cattle ranch country called Paulina.   About 16 miles this way –  there is a cemetery.   I found on headstones D. Lewellen and Ollie H. Lewellen.   This cemetery is near the path of the last wagon train that was going to Willamette Valley.   I don’t know if this couple were a part of that wagon train or if they had been early residents of the area …”

“American EWING and EWIN Families” shows (sorry, no name of the compiler of this info)
“American EWING and EWIN families.   EWING-BIVENS.
JAMES SCOTT EWING (Jas) Farmer and merchant, Marshall Co., Tenn.; Presbyterian Elder; Confederate Officer, War of 1861, County Trustees and Magistrate –  Descendant of Samuel and Margaret (Ewing-son of Wm. Donnel and Rebecca (Ewing-Ewing)—B. in Maury Co. Tenn. 5 July 1824; M. Jan. 16 1845 at Bivens, Giles Co., Tenn.   ELIZA JANE BIVENS “Eliz” b. 1829, daughter of Nathaniel and Jemina (Llewellyn) Bivens.
“…Mrs. Jas. Scott Ewing was a grand-daughter of Jesse Llewellyn of Lanes Creek, N.C.   ‘At a very early date, Chadrac, Meshac and Abendego Llewellyn came to N.C. from Wales.   The last named d. without heirs, as I am informed.   Shadrac went to W.Va. or Pa. and the only representative of his family I have found is in the person of his great grandson Ex. Gov. Llewellyn of Kans.   Meshac’s sons were Jesse (my great grandfather) and Alfred.   Of Alfred’s family the only representative I can find are Thos. Llewellyn and family of Hillsboro, Tex.   My great grandfather, Jesse, died in N.C.   My grandmother, Jemina, was married in that state and came to Tenn in 1809 or thereabout.   The three brothers, above named, were direct descendants of Griffith Llewellyn, a prince of Wales, who succeeded his uncle David II.   He fought with the barons under Simon de Montfort in contest with Henry III.   He refused to do homage to Edward I, who made war on him and forced him to surrender Wales to the English.   He m. de Montefort’s daughter to whom he had been affianced, and was captured by the English.   He afterward renewed the war, and was killed in battle.”   G.W.E.
“Griffith Llewellyn, a prince of Wales who succeeded his uncle David II.   He fought with the barons under Simon de Montfort in their contest with Henry III.   Defeated Mortimer in 1264 and made peace with the king three years later.   He effused to do homage to Edward I, who made war on him and forced him to surrender Wales to the English.   He was allowed, however, to marry de Montfort’s daughter, to whom he had been affianced and who was captured by the English.   He renewed the war in 1282, and was killed in battle the same year.”

Could "Shady" in this be short for Shadrach?

Shelby County (Tennessee) 1850 Census shows:
Household 240 –  LEWELLEN, P.A. 33 Va., Eliz 36 Ky, Anne 5, Elizabeth Taylor 10
Household 314 –  LEWELLING, Johnathan, 45 S.C., Elizabeth 32 Tenn., William 15, Marion 12, Joseph 10, Shady 7, Jasper 3, Charity 1, mary 16
Household 1037 –  LEWELLING, S. W. 38 N.C., Ann 27 Ky

The following mentions this family as Quakers and it also mentions Pennsylvania:

History of Morgan County, Ohio, with Portraits and Biographical Sketches” by Charles Robertson, M.D., L.H. Watkins & Co publishers 1886, reads in part:
Page 383:
“William Llewellyn came from Delaware County, Pennsylvania to Muskingum County County, Ohio, and thence in 1830 to Penn Township, Morgan County.   His son, Thomas, one of the oldest residents of the township, now resides in Pennsville.
“Parry Llewellyn came a little later to this township where he died in 1879.   The Llewellyns were Friends.   Parry married Rebecca Sidwell, and was the father of Elizabeth (Coler), Baker, Sidwell (dead), Mary (Hopper), Caroline (Hooper), Melissa (Parsons0, Jesse and Maggie A. (Waterman.)”

Would any of this help?


(See Indiana for more on this)
THOMAS LEWELLEN, born 1787 Pennsylvania; died prior to 1853 in Indiana.   (See “Guardian Docket Book for Montgomery County, In.d”.   Elizabeth Patton was also listed as an heir of his.   Wife:   Mary (Polly) Crane.   Born 1798 Pennsylvania.   Married Jan. 16, 1816 Preble County, Ohio.   (See that section of this book).   The following was compiled partly on information sent to me by one of his descendants and partly from information contained in the Montgomery County, Indiana, section of this book.   Children:

1.   JOHN LEWELLEN, born 1818 Ohio.   Married Minerva Coons on Aug. 10, 1843.   She was born 1822 in Tennessee.   According to Montgomery County, Ind. Information they moved to that County in 1839, eight miles southwest of Crawfordsville.   Children:
A.   JOHN LEWELLEN, JR. born 1843 or 1844 Indiana.   Married Melinda Lewellen on 3/6/1869 at Montgomery County, Ind.   She was born 1852 in Ind.   Children:
a.   Linda (or Lida) Wright, born 1871.   Married William H. Wright 18 July 1885
b. Elizabeth Lewellen, born 1873.   (Montgomery County information shows that an Elizabeth married William F. Rogers 2 Sept 1895 and had a child born 1895.   This may or may not have been the same Elizabeth.)
c. John T. Lewellen, born 1875
d. Maggie Lewellen, born 1877.   (A Maggie Lewellen married a George Fischer, but whether or not this was the same Maggie has yet to be proven.)
e. Minetta Lewellen, born 1878.   (A Minnie E. Lewellen married Harry toney 27 April 1894 and had several children, including Catherine and John.   It has not been confirmed that this is the same individual
f. Mary J. Lewellen, born Feb. 1880.   (A Mary Jane Lewellen married Daniel Stephenson 19 May 1899 and had several children.   It is not known if they are one and the same.
B.   ANDREW LEWELLEN born 1849 Indiana (not shown in the 1860 census)
C. CANDISE LEWELLEN, born 1852 Indiana.   Married Fannie Titus on 7/17/1884.   Children:
a.   B. S. Lewellen
b. Theo. Lewellen
c. Others
D.   ELIZA ANN LEWELLEN, born 1855 (an Eliza married Jackson Harwood but it is not known if they are one and the same
E. THOMAS LEWELLEN, born 1856 (A Thomas Lewellen married Frances Moore 28 Sept. 1879 and had a daughter Stella and other children
F. ELIZABETH LEWELLEN born 1859.   (An Elizabeth Lewellen married John W. Grubbs 23 March 1874 and an Elizabeth married a William Rogers 9/2/1895 but it is not known if either of these are the same as Elizabeth above.
G. JAMES LEWELLEN born 1861 Indiana. (Marriage records for Montgomery County show a James to Ruth A. Hopkins 3 Oct. 1886 and had several children.   Whether or not they are the same James Lewellen is not known at this time.)
H. MINERVAL LEWELLEN born 1863   (A Minerva married a Robert A. Titus on 12/25/1884 and had at least one son, Willie.   Whether they are the same Minerva is not known but since Candise above married a Titus, more than likely this is the correct Minerva
I. HARVEY LEWELLEN, born 1867 Indiana (Indiana Marriage records for Montgomery County showa a Harvey to Betty Brown 23 June 1888 and a harve to Eliza Steele 4 May 1898.)

2.   ELIZABETH LEWELLEN, BORN 1819 Ohio; died 11/6/1866 Montgomery County, Indiana.   Married paul H. Charters 3/16/1842.   (Note that a Mary Charters, born about 1835 is shown with Mary Lewellen, Elizabeth’s mother, in the 1860 Montgomery County, Indiana census but she is not shown in the 1850 census.)
3. PHILIP LEWELLEN, born 1824 Ohio (Montgomery County, Indiana records show a Philip Lewellen married Melinda Stonebraker on 11/20/1851 and a Philip Lewellen married a Mary Lewellen on 5/20/1855.   The General Index of Probate Cases shows a Philip Lewellen estate in 1876.   It is not known if any of these are the same Philip as above.)
5. THOMAS LEWELLEN, born 1836 Ohio

Joseph R. Jones - Aug 11, 2008

Thanks for looking at the Quaker records and sending copies of the pertinenent ones.   I had seen only the indexes and had planned to locate a library copy.   It appears to me that there is no connection between any of these people and the Meshack Llewellyn born in KY in the late 18th c.   The Meshack who went to Indiana is well documented, so he and his family can be eliminated (though they may be relatives).   The Quakers in your excerpts are either too late, or not in KY, or are so early that there is at least one missing generation between them and the Meshack I'm trying to connect.   Joe

Billie Harris - Aug 11, 2008

Last night I went over everything you have and compared it to the William Lewelling who died 1799 in Randolph County, N.C.   Based on what we now have, I'll redo the list of the descendants of William Lewelling.   What I posted was was was in the book and there's much more that can be added now.   I'll edit the posting sometime in the next day or so.  

But from what I found in comparing the information, I have no doubt whatsoever but what William Lewelling of Randolph County, N.C. wasn't connected to your line of Llewellyns.   There's no doubt in my mind.  

William Lewelling was, from all indications, born about 1740 as was your Shadrach Llewellyn.   We have no idea where William was born or lived prior to being found in Randolph County in the 1790's but from what you have, Shadrach was born - also about 1740 - and was from Washington County, Pennsylvania.   Chances are the two were brothers and perhaps we should be researching Pennsylvania for the connection.  

Your Shadrach had a son, Meshach born ca 1784 and William had a son Meshach born 1787.   Your Shadrach had a son named Shadrach and William had a son named Shadrach.   Your Shadrach was Quaker.   William was Quaker.   There are many circumstances that would make one believe there's a close family   connection.   William's sons, Shadrach, remained in Randolph County until after 1810 so he probably wouldn't be the same as the one in Buncombe County 1810, especially since Shadrach of Buncombe sells his share of the lot in Nashville, TN as an heir of A. Lewellyn.   (Abednego's son? or a brother?)

What it looks like from the Virginia Quaker records is that Deborah Burson married Shadrach Lewallen prior to Oct. 27, 1759, and was probably living in Frederick County, Virginia, at the time.   This would probably be your Shadrach.   And after this, they moved to Pennsylvania, probably Bucks County.   Then in 1776 Shadrach (Deborah's husband) and the children (Isaac, Ann, Margaret, Meshek, Deborah, Mary and Hannah) joined the Quaker religion.   By 1785, Isaac, Ann and Margaret were adults and her daughters, Ann, Margaret, Deborah, Mary, Hannah, Shadrach Jr and Sarah were granted a certificate to the Pennsylvania Quaker meeting.     And their son, Meshach, must have married a cousin, Mary Burson, because of the Quaker records in Loudoun County, VA.   I've read those Quaker minutes over and over and still am not sure if White Water MM was in Indiana or not.   "...Meshach White Water MM, Ind. Recommends him..."

More to come later, but in the meantime, any comments will be appreciated.

They both could have been sons of Abednego showing in the 1780 records, or he could have been their brother and they all left their birth place about the same time, I don't know but I would think Abednego was perhaps a brother.  

Incidentally, the 1783 documentation mentioning a witness for Abednego being James Haggatt, the person may have been James Haggard - another of my lines.   James and John Haggard were killed by Indians in Davidson County, TN 1788.

Billie Harris - Aug 13, 2008

It's very possible that Thomas Lewellen of this site descends from this line, too.   He has that his earliest ancestor was John Lewellen born ca 1771 Virginia and died 1861 Preble County, Ohio.   John was possibly from Loudoun County, VA and his wife was a Mary Burson.   Noting the above Burson connections and the mention of Loudoun County is my reason for believing the possible connection.

Billie Harris - Jun 28, 2009

I want to bring this back to the front because Joseph Jones has put some great information here and it would be so good if we could bring this line down farther and get some Lewallen fellow from it to do a DNA for us.  

Somehow I would think the line would be connected to William Lewelling who died 1795 in North Carolina because of the same given names and the fact both Shadrach and William's families were all Quakers.   But how are they connected?   One of Shadrach and Deborah's children moved into North Carolina, but not Randolph County.  

We could use some help on this one.   Anyone want to help put this puzzle together?